【Horoscope Test】Which cup of tea do you prefer? Find out your personality and view of love
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Which cup of tea do you prefer? Find out your personality and view of love


We often have to make a lot of choices in our daily life such as what to wear today? What to have for breakfast? There are many choices in life which can reflect a person’s likes and dislikes. Today, we are going to choose our favorite cup of tea to find out our personality and view of love.

There are 5 cups of tea on the following, which one do you like best?

1. Green tea

2. Black tea

3. Orange tea

4. Chinese tea

5. Milk tea

1. Green tea - Devoted to love 

From the perspective of color psychology, you are a perfectionist and have very strict requirements for everything. You’re don't usually follow trends unless there is good reason to believe that following the trend is a good choice. You’re devoted to love but at the same time you might be old-fashioned and stubborn.

2. Black tea – Cold hands warm heart

Red color represents passion and love to make friends. You are enthusiastic and has the ability to find inner peace. In terms of relationship, you’re demanding and not easy to confess your true feeling at the initial stage. Once you have been in a relationship for some time, you will feel relaxed as well as become gentle and romantic towards your loved one.

3. Orange tea – Ordinary love life

The vivid yellow color represents that you have good financial management concept and is good at managing and planning one's own life. You can start many things with proper direction - if something is worth doing it, it should be done in the right way. You are a gentle person, very understanding and considerate, not picky about shortcomings of your loved one. You can be satisfied with an ordinary love for your lifetime.

4. Chinese tea - Calm and rational

Chinese tea is close to black color, it represents a sense of responsibility and good at career planning. You’re someone who values doing things in a different way. In a relationship, you are calm, rational and responsible but lacking of romantic ideas. Hence, we always call this type of person a rational lover.

5. Milk tea - Family comes first

White color means that you are very attentive at work but you try to avoid troubles and prefer not to worry about other stuffs besides your expertise. In addition, you’re a dedicated person and has a strong sense of family value.


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