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6 tips for learning a new language without spending money! The more you put in the more you get.

How it could be if you want to learn a new language. You don't want to take a classes but you just want to take it casual. These tips will help you a lot !1 Get a dedicated notebook     Get a notebook, write everything you learn in it. You can write down anythings that is related to the language that you learning. For example, I learn french on my own, I have a notebook where I will write down everything that i was learning in french. You can also keep it a diary or a journal where everything you feel like expressing has to be in that language that you're learning. At first, it'll be really hard because you find that there are some things that you want to express but you can't find the words to express them in that language. That's a really great time for you to go on a google translate or open a language dictionary, and learn new vocabulary for the new language that you want to express. Even it is just a common word but you can really feel the satisfy. 2 Listen to music     I also really like to listen to music in that language that i learning. You can listen the music on Youtube or wherever you can find. It really helps you to kind of comprehend what they're singing about. When I first started to listening a music, to be honest, I couldn't understand every word they're sing. But every time we kind of learned to grasp the different context of songs especially because there are a lot of love songs out there, some heart break songs. I will pick up some common words that they use in the song, and write it down on notes. I also really like to read the lyrics as I listen to the song, any words that I don't know, I'll translate them and try to remember them on that day. And if I really like the song and its really resonating with me, I will turn it into an artwork, like calligraphy. I think being able to write what you're listening to is a great way to kind of keep all those vocabulary and words and phrases in your mind, and that's really help. 3 Watch movie/show with subtitles     I will suggest that you find a really good TV series in that local languages. Watching TV show on that languages will kind of help you to learn the way that word are pronounced or the intonation of the voices when they speak out that language and that is really helpful. It's because it's easy to just read the words that you see and think that they are pronounced on mind but it's really hard to say it on daily. It makes sense but it lacks that intonation. You cannot surround yourself with people who actually speak it and listen to the way that the words are spoken, so you definitely check out foreign films in language that are choosing to learn. 4 Read children books    When you just started to learned a new language that you ever try. I suggest getting an easier book to read likes children book to start off with because it's gonna be hard if you just jump in straight into like an adult novel. I personally suggest you guys to read the books that you have read it on your native language, like Andersen's fairy tales. Children book is really great because you will learn how to say the basic things, basic vocabulary and as you build your confidence you can progress to higher levels. 5 Follow social media personalities    I also follow a lot of people online who speak the language that I'm learning. Finding youtubers who make videos in their native tongue and following them on instagram. You'll learn a lot from that too, usually there is like quite a tight-knit community of these youtubers who make videos in native tongue. So once you find one youtuber, it's really easy to find their community and start following people who make videos in that language.6 Take advantage on free apps     Don't forget to take advantage on free language apps. There are so many apps out there that lets you learn a language for free. I have used the Duolingo(多邻国)to study french. They have quite a lot of language that you can learn on it. It's great for grammar practices and great for expanding your vocabulary and it's kind of like a gamification process too. Those are some tips without taking any classes or really putting much effort. Hope you guys enjoy it!Cover's photo sourcesLeft : PinterestRight : Tumblr
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Kalimba Inspiration | Beginner-friendly African Traditional Music Instrument

Looking for small, light, and cute musical instruments to play with after work or during weekends? Looking for something interesting to cure your boredom and kill time?Look no further, Kalimba is the perfect traditional musical instruments for you to explore and indulge in this weekend. The melody produces by this instrument is soft, quiet, and sophisticated. While some of the modern musical instruments are trendy and popular such as Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, and many others, Kalimba appears as an exceptional and unusual instrument that has captivated some fans all over the world.Also known as Mbira or thumb piano, Kalimba is not a mainstream instrument. Thus, a lot of people are not aware of its existence.It is originated from Africa with a deep musical cultural history of Africans. This traditional music box has 3000 years of history and it is a popular musical instrument in Africa. Original Kalimba is made with African hardwood, “kiaat”, which is a protected tree in some nation of the world.Some other popular materials are Mahogany bamboo, acacia koa, and sandalwood. Different types of wood material will produce different sounds.Kalimba consists of several metal blades or keys, which are mounted in a soundboard. There are 3 main types of Kalimba, 17 keys, 15 keys, and 11 keys. The keys are different in terms of their length and are typically struck by thumbs to produce different notes.Normally there is a hole located in front of the Kalimba or at the back. We can cover the holes with our fingers as we pluck the keys with our thumb to create a melody as we like.What Is So Special With Kalimba?We can't deny the fact that it is small, light, and cute. It is also a portable musical instrument that is easy to carry around the world. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other instruments. Thus, there is no harm trying out this instrument during our free time!Kalimba is an interesting musical instrument that is fun, simple, straightforward, and most importantly, it is perfect for beginners who have no background or experience in reading musical notes.It is inexpensive to buy a basic Kalimba and it will serve the purpose of entertaining ourselves!Most importantly, Kalimba helps you see music from a different perspective from any other instrument. Kalimba is unique and simple that anyone can learn it easily! You will practice with thumb dancing on the keys at different speeds to play a song. This requires concentration and it will help you to focus and take you to a different world where only Kalimba and you exist. The simplicity behind guides you to enter a state of the simplicity of mind that is peaceful, soft, open, receptive. Over time, you will begin to feel the secrets of the melody and the connection between the traditional instruments with your heart. It is another form of mediation that helps us to connect to ourselves and inspires us to become the person we want to be.Check out the videos below to experience the peaceful notes brought to you by Kalimba.Cover Photo: kalimba_lover
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Namewee Latest MV | 1 like = 1 Ringgit Donation for Charity

Malaysia artist, Namewee held an event to donate RM 1 from each like he gains on his latest music video, 【Keep Going】 for charity!Namewee, a filmmaker/singer manages to organize his concert in KL back in December 2019, after being banned for 9 years. Despite the conflict with the original concert organizer, Namewee had decided to donate all the concert profits for charity.Starting from March, Namewee had kept his promise and donate about 2 million Ringgit Malaysia of the profits to more than 20 charity organization. The goods including money and daily essentials. Namewee and his team had traveled all around Malaysia to help the needy.On June 6th, Namewee had released a new song, 【Keep Going】 as a gift for everyone he met during his charity journey. The song is mainly to motivate people to keep going and be optimistic throughout their life difficulties. The warm lyric and rhythm are really catchy to listen to. Now, an event is sponsored to accumulate the number of likes in the YouTube Music Video and convert to cash for charity. Each like will be equivalent to 1 Ringgit Malaysia donation for the charity. The event is valid until June 11, 8 pm (GMT+8). 【Keep Going】 music video now had reached more than 19k likes.What are you waiting for? Enjoy the music and hit the like button now! Together we help the community to keep going!Photo source: Namewee Facebook || Namewee InstagramVideo Source: YouTube MV 【Keep Going】
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The Little Prince | Wisdom From A 77 Years Old Book for Those Who Are Lost

The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is published on 6th April 1943. Undeniably, this book has touched and connected so many people to the story that it has sold millions of copies worldwide.It has been translated to over 300 hundred languages in the world. In this era, many millennials are struggling to find their place in this society, be it in studies, friends, family, relationships, financially, or health. Many of us are trying to figure out what is our role, our responsibility, and our purpose in our life but to no avail.Check out some of the wisdom quotes from The Little Prince, which is 77 years old this year, a book that is timeless and versatile of all times.1. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” - by FoxOne of the most famous quotes of all times.Our heart is meant to feel the emotions- happy, excited, angry, frustrated, sad, or sorrow. Our eyes are just our senses we used to see the world, but our heart is the one who knows what is “essential” and is “invisible” to the eyes.Always remember, our eyes can be fooled, but our hearts never messed up.2. “Only the children know what they are looking for.” – by The Little PrinceWe are often so busy in our life that we forgot the purpose behind our busy schedule. It is time for us to slow down and think from the perspective of the child in our hearts, think of what are the things that make us happy, excited, contented, and look forward to.Never forget and leave behind the inner child within us.   Photo Source: NBC News3. “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” – by FoxYes, we are responsible for everything we allow to come into our lives and the way we deal with it.Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, and with endurance and perseverance, you will make it.   Photo Source: The Little Prince, The Blog4. “It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom.” – by The King How many times did we make judgments and assumptions about other people before we really know the truth behind it?Judging others is an easy thing to do but judging oneself without seld-deprecating requires wisdom and courage to achieve it.   Photo Source: The Little Prince, The blog5. “It’s all a great mystery...Look up at the sky and you’ll see how everything changes.”Last quote of the day for you. When you have tried your best in everything you do, just leave the outcome to God. Things change all the time but let us have faith. Look up to the sky and universe, there is an amazing world out there, awaiting us to discover. May the quotes enlighten your soul to be confident, happy, and ready to embrace everything that you encounter in your life.    Cover Photo: #thelittleprince
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Miss your office? This website allows you feel the sounds of being in the office again!

Working from home is cozy and relax but sometimes it can be terribly silent and lonely as well. Sometimes I really miss my office, not the workload, not the annoying colleagues, but the interaction with my colleagues and the atmosphere in the office. Don't worry! Now you can immerse yourself in the noises of the office and imagine you are working in the office.  "I Miss The Office" is an office noise generator site created by the Kids Creative Agency to replicate the sounds of being in the office since you are not able to touch and feel your office at home. With this irritating and familiar "noise", it can help people focus and feel not so lonely anymore while working from home. The website design is minimal features the isometric design, and the interface and simple to use.  Just click the play bottom and it'll start to play a lot of sounds which you can hear almost at every office, the sound of colleagues talking, fans blowing, photocopy machine, keyboard typing, etc.    Photo source: imissthepffice.euYou can also click on the items and turn the sound on, for example, click on the water cooler and you'll hear the sound of water, click on the computer and you'll hear the mouse clicking voice, click on the chair to get the sound of somebody sitting down, and even the sound of telephone ringing when you clicking the telephone icon.   Photo source: imisstheoffice.euYou can even select the number of colleagues in the "office" (up to 10 colleagues) and imagine you are working with the variable number of colleagues at home.    Photo source: imisstheoffice.euMiss your office already?  Close your eyes, and imagine you're in the office. Click here to try it out now! https://imisstheoffice.eu/Don't forget to share with your colleague and let them immerse in the noise of the office.
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Frozen’s Olaf is back with his own short series | 【At Home With Olaf 】

Disney Animation has released a series of short videos (At Home With Olaf) featuring our beloved Frozen's character, Olaf. The first series of At Home With Olaf was released on 6 April, and the series will be released every day for a whole week.    These series were created by Olaf animator Hyrum Osmond and voiced by the Olaf himself, Josh Gad. Just like the video title, Hyrum Osmond and Josh Gad will be are work on this animation and voice the character at home.Here’s a behind the scenes look at me recording new Olaf dialogue from home for #AtHomeWithOlaf in conjunction with @DisneyAnimation led by @mrhyrum and the geniuses all working from homes to bring these new shorts to life. Also, guys, I’m now a sound engineer too!! pic.twitter.com/9Yl6rsx1m3— Josh Gad (@joshgad) April 6, 2020 The first episode of At Home With Olaf is called Fun With Snow, where Olaf is playing with the tiny snow creature. It's just too cute!!The second episode- Alone in the ForestThe third episode-  Fishin Inspired by Hyrum Osmond son’s love of fishingThe fourth episode- Leaves where Olaf is doing the Maple leaves fall counting, such an observant snowman. There’s no information about how many episodes will be released, so let's hope more Olaf moments will be released in the future.  All four episodes are now released on the Walt Disney Animation Studios YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_976xMxPgzIa290Hqtk-9g
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Best Spotify Playlist to help you get through this #stayathome

Looking for music to help you pass your time? Here're some amazing playlists on Spotify that you could listen to.1. COVID-19 Quarantine partyA good mix of Pop-music from the past decade and the latest releases, just to name a few:- U Can't Touch This (MC Hammer), Physical (Dua Lipa), Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), Smack That (Akon, Eminem), It Ain't Me (Kygo, Selena Gomez), and more.  2. COVID-19: WORK FROM HOMETo those WFH, we've got you covered. Whether you are feeling dramatic  "All by myself"  OR  motivated "I Will Survive"  OR  nostalgic "Take My Breath Away"  OR  hype "Lose My Breath", this playlist has it all.  3. KPOP: Dance - 400+ songsI know this is not a COVID-19 focused playlist, but I just gonna include this for all the K-pop lovers. This is hands down the ultimate Kpop playlist.Jam after jam. From Gee, Fake Love to the latest release, Wannabe, you name it. 4. Gay Quarantine Party (COVID-19 Playlist)Now if you are homophobic, kindly look away. But if you are not, let me tell you something, gays make the best playlist.From Toxic, Bye Bye Bye, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), to Into The Unknown, this playlist will keep you sass-up for the whole day.  So no more blues during this Restricted Movement Order period, keep rocking and stay alive!
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Study Smart | 7 Tips To Study More Effectively

Studying is part of our lives and is essential in the process of learning. But today, many people ignore the point of studying, it's not about the good grades but how much knowledge do you have. Only knowledge can improve ourselves and improve our world.Study smarter, not harder. Use these tips to get the right way of effective studying.1. Make it a habitFirst of all, make studying daily a habit is not that easy. Discipline is the key, force yourself to study or read an hour per day to develop the habit slowly. Read anything that you like. When it becomes a habit, you'll love to read at any time.2. Find your zoneI do agree that a quiet and comfort zone is important for studying. The ideal zone prepares you to calm your brain and study properly. Besides, a quiet place makes you more focused and without distraction.3. Organize notes visuallyIf you are studying for the exam and trying to memorize something, you must organize your notes visually as our brains naturally remember visual cues better.Writing notes is a good habit as our brains store information better when we wrote something down after we read it.     Photo source: mustsharenews.com4. Understand it instead of cramming your brainMany students try to memorize without understanding, this is a wrong idea. Get the idea and understand the concept and application clearly so that you won't feel hard while you trying to remember it. 5. Focus and don't multitaskDon't try to study while doing other stuff at the same time. Multitasking reduces efficiency because our brains work better when we only focus on one thing. Put your phone aside and stay away from the screen, stay focus on your study.6. Test yourselfSelf-testing is crucial if you are studying for academic performance. Study smart by assessing and quizzing yourself.Practicing test is a good way to see whether you completely understand.7. Aim to teachTeaching someone else is a win-win. The teacher and learner could learn from each other when discussing difficult concepts. While teaching, you'll learn how to analyze and explain to others and deepen your understanding at the same time.   Photo source: femininebuzz.comThere is no success without hardship, study hard is not the way to success, study smart is!Cover photo: [email protected] || [email protected]
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Coronavirus Was Predicted 40 Years Ago? | Coronavirus was mentioned in 1981 US Novel

The new coronavirus pandemic which arose from Wuhan, China had caused 1,874 deaths as of 18th February 2020. While medical experts are investigating how to deal with this virus, the public is already in deep fear.This pandemic has somewhat changed the life of the public, be it a matter of their emotion or regular habits. As you are shopping in the mall, you might have noticed that some of the shoppers are wearing protective masks. Besides, those who do not use hand sanitizer started to use hand sanitizer as well. Also, the emotion of the public was affected when they are informed of the rising death cases. Recently, Twitter users found out that there was a disease, called "Wuhan-400" in a novel called "The Eyes of the Darkness" (1981). It was written by an American author, Dean Koontz. He is a famous writer where most of his suspense thrillers have appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list. Although the book was launched as fiction, it is very similar to the new pandemic happening now.One of the settings of the story is in a special laboratory of the Chinese administration during the war.  In this laboratory, a special study, called the Wuhan-400 is being carried out to develop an artificial virus for the use of war. One more interesting correlation is that the lab in question is located in Wuhan. The only big contrast is that the Wuhan-400 has a 100% kill-rate, while the Wuhan Coronavirus does not.Disregard of the difference, Twitter users struggled to understand the doubtful similarities. The public started to turn their eyes into Koontz as he was said to be a prophet. Some people were suspicious about Koontz's prediction and pointed out that earlier editions of the book refer to the virus as Gorki-400, a production of the Soviet Union. The name of the virus was changed, probably due to the end of the Cold War in 1991. However, the truth was not as it was thought. Koontz was just a knowledgable and hardworking writer. A bookstore operator called Albert Wan explained that many important scientific studies can be identified when Wuhan’s history is researched. In other words, Koontz, who was claimed to be a prophet, knew Wuhan’s history well, and his aim was to write a fictional novel blended with the facts.So, what do you think? Not matter what is the truth, the fact is we need to protect ourselves in this critical period.
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Loud Speaker finally landed on Penang! Promotion Annual Pass to sing karaoke free whole year!

The well known for cheap price family Karaoke franchise, Loud Speaker finally landed on Georgetown, Penang. The family Karaoke launch their soft opening on 30 December 2019. It is located at the heart of the Penang island, New World Park near Georgetown. New World Park is just a stone throw away from the famous boba tea street, Nagore Square. Loud Speaker also launched promotion for Penang friends, which is "Bao Ka Liao" Annual Pass. "Bao Ka Liao" is hokkien dialect, while commonly used in Penang. "Bao Ka Liao" means for include everything. "Bao Ka Liao" Annual Pass can only be used in Georgetown outlet. "Bao Ka Liao" Annual Pass offers 4 different categories: Signature, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Let's check them out!#1 SignatureOriginal Price:RM188Promotion:RM 128You can sing Karaoke free of charge whole year 365 days, includes all weekends and public holidays. You can also enjoy free refill of drinks and 20% discount on selected food menu. You can also enjoy buy 1 free 1 promotion during your birthday.#2 PlatinumOriginal Price:RM158Promotion:RM 98You can sing Karaoke free of charge whole year 300 days. You can also enjoy free refill of drinks and 15% discount on selected food menu. You can also enjoy buy 2 free 1 promotion during your birthday.#3 GoldOriginal Price:RM128 Promotion:RM 68You can sing Karaoke free of charge whole year 250 days. You can also enjoy free refill of drinks and 10% discount on selected food menu. You can also enjoy buy 3 free 1 promotion during your birthday.#4 SilverOriginal Price:RM98 Promotion:RM 38You can sing Karaoke free of charge whole year 200 days, only on weekdays and selected weekends. You can also enjoy free refill of drinks and 5% discount on selected food menu. You can also enjoy buy 3 free 1 promotion during your birthday.Terms and conditions apply to this Bao Ka Liao Annual Pass. Please contact Loud Speaker for purchase.Aside Annual Pass, you also can join their member loyalty program. Member privileges offered by Loud Speaker is free 1 head charge coupon for new member, flat rate price for Karaoke (RM 7 before 6pm, RM10 after 6pm), 21 days free Karaoke during birthday. You can enjoy the member benefits at any Loud Speaker outlets in Malaysia. The member fee is only RM88, RM68 for renewal and RM48 for membership upgrade.If you not interested buying annual pass or joining as member, you can also visit Loud Speaker by paying non member price. The price list for Georgetown outlet is attached below:Loud Speaker Georgetown outlet already launched their soft opening starting since 30 December 2019. Anyone who like for a Karaoke session, you may visit to Loud Speaker.Address:New World Park, Lot No. 102-E-2, 102-E-3, 102-E-4, 102-E-5, 102-E-6, (Ground Floor & First Floor), Jalan Burma, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.Contact:011-3539 8888Operating Hour:11am till lateWebsite:https://www.loudspeakerktv.my*Photos credit to the owner*
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