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Be A Brand New YOU! 9 Things That You Have To Throw Away To Live A Better Life~

The busy life prevents us from tidying up our own rooms. Unknowingly, we accumulate a lot of useless things~ In fact, the living environment also has a significant impact on your mentality. If it is dense and messy, your mood will be affected and you will feel very depressed! Let’s learn to let go of these 10 things together today and learn to live a smoother life!#1 Used/Old Clothes SocksBasically, as long as you haven’t touched them for more than three months, you can throw away or donate them! If it’s seasonal clothing, you can think about whether you will wear this clothing last year. If not, let’s throw it away~ In addition to clothing, you also need to sort out those loose socks in the closet!#2 DollI believe girls would buy a lot of cute puppets or furry dolls as room decorations~ In fact, furry dolls accumulate a lot of dust, which can affect your respiratory system! #3 Useless DocumentsDo you realize that your wallet is occupied by a large number of useless receipts, movie ticket stubs, or coupons? It will be very troublesome and sometimes delay the people in the line when you want to find cash or card to pay. So, hurry up and clean up the useless documents!#4 Shopping BagNowadays, many people stay environmentally friendly and use paper bags instead of plastic bags when going shopping. They keep paper bags for a chance to be reused in the future. As a result, paper bags become more and more. It's better to keep a few good-looking ones, and then take the others to recycle~#5 Expired Cosmetics and Skincare Products Or Trial PackBeauty-loving girls always have many different brands of skincare products and cosmetics in their homes~ Some of these products or the trial sets are rarely opened for use.So, start checking out and throw away any expired cosmetics and skincare products or trial packs, to avoid accidentally applying them on your face!#6 Expired MedicineThis is very important to throw away expired medicine and buy new ones. Otherwise, you will find all of the medicine expire when you need to take medicine. #7 Childhood Sundries There is no problem with keeping commemorative items, but leaving all the childhood items will cause a hoard of ruins. So leave a few worthy items and throw away the others!#8 Broken Mobile Phone CableIf you don’t throw away the broken mobile phone cable immediately, those mobile phone cables are going to occupy a space in your room.#9 Books/ Magazines That You Haven't Read For A Long TimeIn the age when mobile phones are not yet popular, everyone likes to read physical books and magazines, and will keep them with the mentality that they will read them again one day~ If you haven’t read a book for a long time, why not put it on sale? So that the other people enjoy the fun of reading!Cover Photo: IG Of dUCk Cosmetics | IG Of HOOGA
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Too Lazy To Lose Weight! 4 Must-Have Items To Make You Lose 5KG Visually

Hey, girls. As long as you understand your personal figure, you can visually reduce 5KG by exposing the right parts of your body and using the right dressing techniques. TIP 1: Exposing CollarboneThe collarbone is one of the sexy parts of females. Exposing the collarbone could make ladies look sexy and thinner.TIP 2: Exposing ShouldersIf you are not too satisfied with your collarbone, you can expose your shoulders. This can cover up the fat on our hands and create the illusion of having beautiful shoulders.TIP 3: Exposed AnklesIn recent years, ankle exposure has always been a fashion standard because it would make a person appears to be thinner and taller.In addition to exposing the thinnest parts above, the following 4 indispensable items that can help you to look slimmer than you really are!ITEM 1: Boat Neck Strapless Top/ DressThe boat neck strapless top/ dress can be said to have saved thousands of girls. The reason why it is so popular is that it allows girls to look slightly sexy without showing so much. In addition, there is no need to worry about being outdated.ITEM 2: Translucent ShirtFor girls who are conservative but want to be sexy, a translucent shirt is the best choice to help girls hide their belly.ITEM 3: DressOne-piece dresses have always been a favorite of girls because it will give them a sense of confidence. A one-piece dress is the most suitable to modify the common pear-shaped figure. It is recommended that you choose a looser version if you are not in good shape.ITEM 4: High Waist PantsSitting for a long time at work causes a lot of fat to accumulate in the abdomen. So, you can just wear super-high waist pants to cover your belly. It will also make you look like having a pair of long legs.Cover Photo: IG Of Natalie Tong | IG Of Moon Lau
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6 Local Designer Face Mask | Get Protected and Patriotic

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, face mask has become an essential item for every individual, to stay safe and protected from the virus. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but we all starting to get used it. And as we starting to get familiar with face mask, many starts to seek for options and many big brands has started to launch out different designs of face mask, like Uniqlo, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Under Amour, etc. 6 of Malaysians talented designers has also come up with face masks that represent their aesthetic, and at the same time, spread patriotism!01 // Melinda Looi If you are a fan of local designers, then you must have heard this name before. Melinda has made and designed ranges of face mask since the beginning of the pandemic. She uses different kind of fabrics like batik, prints, and embroidery. She even printed state flags on the face mask and the national flag mask!>>Buy Melinda Looi Designer Face Mask HereBuy Maarimaia Designer Face Mask HereBuy Khoon Hooi Designer Face Mask HereDM Here to buy Celest Thoi Designer Face MaskDM Here to buy by Meichi Designer Face MaskVisit Carven Ong's boutique to buy
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3 Recommended Yoga Wear Brands | Tips To Choose Yoga Clothes

Many girls choose to do yoga to reduce fat accumulation and maintain a perfect body. This time I would like to share 3 brands of yoga clothes and guide you on how to choose suitable yoga clothes!1. Breathable elasticityIf the clothes are too tight, it will cause general discomfort because you are sweating profusely when doing yoga. Hence, so it is important to choose highly breathable and elastic materials. Generally, yoga clothes are made of polyester fiber and elastic fiber. In addition to comfort and sweat absorption, it is recommended to choose a yoga suit, which will not affect movements!2. Low Light TransmittanceMany girls are afraid of heat and choose thinner yoga clothes. However, if the material of the yoga clothes is too thin, you may face the embarrassment when light transmission appears. Therefore, it is recommended to test the light penetration of the fabric. If you see a clear skin tone, it means it's inappropriate.3. Check That There Is Small Triangle Cloth At The Pants Many girls wear shorts outside the yoga pants, but shorts often affect the stretching of the lower body. It is not recommended to add a pair of shorts unless the shorts are very elastic or loose. When buying yoga pants, check whether there is an extra small triangle cloth in the pants because the small triangle cloth can help you to avoid the embarrassment of exposures.#LululemonLululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1988. It produces yoga pants with strong covering, durability and high air permeability. Even the supermodel Kendal Jenner loved wearing them when going out. It was comfortable and fashionable! Its Asia Fit series is very suitable for girls with thin skeletons. #NikeThe new Nike Yoga series uses Nike’s innovative surface fabric: Nike Infineon, which features high elasticity, lightness, breathability, and softness. Its design allows girls to stretch freely and comfortably. Besides, there is no need to worry about heat dissipation during exercise. It also has the function of self-cultivation and shaping without losing comfort. The series currently includes tops, leggings, and shorts for your choice.#Lorna JaneLorna Jane is an Australian brand. The founder of the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson has always loved fitness, yoga and health preservation. The yoga wears under this brand are very supportive fabric, and the special tailoring can set off a beautiful breast shape and prevent chest compression problems. The brand's flagship product is the yoga pants, that are designed with a high elastic fabric which can tighten the belly fat and make the lower abdomen flat.Cover Photo: IG Of Yoga | IG Of Yoga
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Yoga Mat | Make your workout LUXURIOUS

Fitness and home workouts has been one of the trendiest event ever since the pandemic happened. Many brands has launched out many different sporting goods and merchandise to keep up with the trend.    Including the forever lit brand, Louis Vuitton, whom has launched out a series of sporting goods like Dumbbells, Ping Pong Set James, Jump Rope Christopher, Andrews Golf Kit, etc. And now, LV is going to launch out a luxurious Yoga Mat with their famous Monogram print on it.    The LV Monogram Yoga Mat looks absolutely stunning and elegant. And it comes with a leather carrier straps, gold buckles and a long detachable handle. Also, as a bonus, it comes with an LV Monogram luggage tag attached that has 2 compartments, which you can fit in your cash and credit cards.     As many people are not as wealthy and they look for yoga mat that is priced reasonably and if possible, to compare to see if which has a better deal. But for LV, they are definitely aiming for the high end consumers for this yoga mat, which is luxuriously priced at USD $2400 (Approx. RM9900). Although LV have not officially announced it yet, but the main question that everyone have in mind is : "Worth meh?" 
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Top 7 Women‘s Bag Shop on LAZADA | Bag-Addict Heaven - From cute to matured style

Shopping online maybe convenient, but to find the perfect store to purchase a fashionable item is unexpectedly hard. Log in to any online shopping platform and try to find a dress or bag that you can label "in-trend", I bet that out of 10 items that you have browsed, you can find 1 that is actually "in-trend". So, to make things easier, here are a list of the Top 7 LAZ store that sells really nice looking bags for women. Disclaimer : Remember to check comments, ratings and everything before you make purchase ya. #1  |    TrendyIf you like a cozier looking bags, a bit off main stream kind of bags, this may be your favourite. Their minimal-designed tote bag is mix & match ready, where you can easily pair it with any style of dress.      #2  |   The Thing StoreThis store has varieties of bags and styles, from a more elegant lady-like to a urban girl style, they have it all.     #3  |   CXL Beauty MonopolyCheck out both [ Women's Tote Bag ] & [ Cross Body & Shoulder Bags ] category. They have really cute design bags like those with cartoon characters.      #4  |   pinfect Official StoreLooking for something more elegant and matured? This will be the store for you.      #5  | DragoncityIf you are a print lover, you gonna find your favourite bag here. But if you are not, no worries, they have very nice looking korean style minimalist bag.      #6  |   Little StarHere, they have colourful tote bags with plenty of different cartoon characters to choose from. And they even have it in bag pack style.     #7  |   liangmastoreThis is how I imagined Japanese-style girls would like their bags to be. Clean, compact and cute.      
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Charles & Keith New Collection | Sage Green Colour bag - Must Have Item This Fall

It's Autumn now! Fashion brands are pushing out a whole new collection of apparels and accessories hoping to catch consumer's eyes. One that does stand out in my eye is the Sage Green Colour bag from Charles & Keith. One word to describe it - Stunning! That colour might look a little subtle, but speaks volume, from fashion perspective, to personal views and style, to the entire feeling, this masterpiece says it all. Together with the Charles & Keith's signature minimal yet forward design, I would say that this is THE BAG for this summer. There are several bags that are available in Sage Green Colour : | Front Flap Crossbody Bag | Available in 3 colours : Black, Chalk, Sage Green   | Leather Embellished Push-Lock Crossbody Bag |Available in 3 colours : Black, Chalk, Sage Green   | Ruched Handle Sculptural Bag |Available in 3 colours : Sage Green, Brick, Dark Brown   Above are all the 3 clutches design with Sage Green colour. Personally, I like Front Flap Crossbody Bag. While for Ruched Handle Sculptural Bag, I would suggest another colour - Brick, which I think the colour compliments with the design most. Few more amazing clutches design from Charles & Keith that I personally would recommend are as follows :-| Croc-Effect Semi-Circle Clutch |Available in 4 colours : Yellow, Teal, Green, Black   | Ring Push-Lock Saddle Bag |Available in 3 colours : Ivory, Teal, Black   | Elongated Front Flap Bag |Available in 2 colours : Chalk, Black   If I were to choose among these 3 designs, Croc-Effect Semi-Circle Clutch would definitely comes in the top of my list, and I would either go with Yellow, or Teal, or Green. Second in place would be Elongated Front Flap Bag.To find out more or make your purchase, visit : Charles & Keith
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Disney Tsum Tsum Mid-Autumn Pop-Up Store 2020 From NOW Until 27 September!

To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, there is a Disney Tsum Tsum Mid-Autumn Pop-Up Store at Gurney Plaza from now until 27 September !   The pop-up store featuring a lot of Disney exclusive merchandise from kids range to teenagers and adults including body wash, baby wipes, thermos flasks, toys, apparels, stationary and many more!         Among the many characters that will be decorated into the festive season are Disney Princesses, Monsters Inc., Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland.      【Disney Tsum Tsum Mid-Autumn Pop-Up Store 2020】Date:  14-27 September 2020Time: 10am-10pmVenue: Extension Wing Atrium, Gurney Plaza   Don't miss out! Mark your calendar and be sure to head over before it's too late!Cover Photo: Gurney Plaza
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【NEW】UNIQLO x DISNEY | Disney Princess Songs UT T-shirt

Disney Princess lovers! Heads up!UNIQLO is launching out a new UT collection together with Disney. Although UNIQLO has been working with DISNEY quite closely before, but this time round they are taking "A Whole New" way. Meet Disney Princess Songs UT collection!Wooohoo! Now you get not only your favourite princess, but also, the lyrics of your favourite songs!Women T-Shirts# The Little Mermaid       # Beauty and the Beast       # Aladdin     # Tangled      Girls T-Shirts# Aladdin   # Tangled   # Beauty and the Beast   # The Little Mermaid   They also have girl's dress collection :# Aladdin   # Tangled   # Ariel   
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Friends Of Women | 4 Major Lingerie Brands That Want You To Accept Flaws

In recent years, more and more people admire the natural beauty of women, and this has also allowed the lingerie brands to change its previous style and start using large-size and transgender models to cater to the trend of female autonomy.The following underwear brands also actively advocate women to show natural beauty without concealing their imperfections.1. AerieAerie has been actively showing various real imperfect figures in advertisements since 2014. The previously launched Aerie REAL series also specially selected some special volunteers, including those with crutches, vitiligo, scars, stretch marks, etc., so as to reflect the physical condition of girls in real life, and encourage them to love and be themselves!2. Savage X FentyDiversified size of the lingerie, from 32A to 44DD super large size could be found in Rihanna's underwear brand, Savage X Fenty! This brand also hires many models of different skin tones, figures, and body types to take promotional photos and catwalks.3. SKIMSA brand created by Kim Kardashian, in which it focuses on shaping women's lingerie. There is a lot of color and size options (from XXS to 4XL) so as to suit women of different skin colors and body types. In addition, the brand's body tape and chest stickers will not harm the skin. It aims to help women to show their charm comfortably.4. ThirdLoveThirdLove broke the "sexy" practice in the underwear industry. In addition to using amateurs, black women, and older women as models, it also published an open letter to Victoria's Secret in newspapers, which mainly explains that women should not be blindly sexy when wearing lingerie. In reality, women have to go to work, breastfeeding, exercise and take care of family members. Therefore, ThirdLove designs comfortable and beautiful lingerie for all women, regardless of her size, age, race, skin color, etc.In fact, imperfection is a kind of beauty! Many new lingerie brands are advocating the natural beauty of women. I believe that this will make female friends more confident. Cover Photo: TechCrunch | SG Yahoo News | What to Pack
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