【Beauty Care】Utilise The Golden 10 Minutes In The Morning | 5 Small Steps To Promote Beauty And Anti-Aging!
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Utilise The Golden 10 Minutes In The Morning | 5 Small Steps To Promote Beauty And Anti-Aging!


Morning is the best time to lay a good foundation for health. Below are 10-minutes actions that encourage health maintenance. 

These are suitable for those who want to keep their beauty and save their time,

#1 Drink Warm Water

The water content in our body drops dramatically after a night of sleep, so drinking water can improve vitality. 

In addition, drinking water in the morning can promote detoxification and prevent constipation!

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#2 Ear Massage

Massage the ears gently for 3 minutes can help the healthiness of your kidneys and promote blood circulation.

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#3 Close Your Eyes And Rest Your Mind

Before brushing your teeth and washing your face, you can try to close your eyes and calm your mind. 

Let your nervous system and body's physiological abilities adjust itself to the best state so that you can focus more on your work.

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#4 Head Massage

The principle is the same as that of washing hair. Use two hands to comb the back of the forehead and massage the scalp. 

The blood circulation is slow when we get up early in the morning, so we can use more massage to achieve the function of promoting blood circulation. 

For some people with hair loss problems, head massage can nourish their hair follicles and sebaceous glands and make the hair more black and shiny.

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#5 Stretching

Stretching can relieve the waist and leg pain of office workers, and adjust their ligaments. These would have a slight effect on heightening.


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You can WIN your BEAUTY by doing all these in 10 minutes. Do it NOW!

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