【3C Technology】【Mobile Plan below RM50】Unlimited Data + Calls for only RM48! Download the Tune Talk APP and switch now!
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【Mobile Plan below RM50】Unlimited Data + Calls for only RM48! Download the Tune Talk APP and switch now!


The mobile phone has become essential to the current lifestyle, from communication, to entertainment, to work and study. With the on-going pandemic situation, data has become more important than ever! Especially when you are working or studying from home. 

Tons of mobile plans have been introduced, but only one caught our eye - the Tune Talk's Tune Unlimited. Why? Because all you need is only RM48 for unlimited data and calls! 


Here's a quick review of the perks of the Tune Unlimited Plan :-

| Tune Unlimited - 6Mbps Unlimited Data |

One of the key focus in selecting a mobile plan is definitely the data. With Tune Unlimited, you get 6Mbps of unlimited data! You don't have to worry about running out of data while binge watching your favourite drama series, or scrolling through social media. Just surf as you like and worry about nothing! 


| Tune Unlimited - 5GB Data for Hotspot |

Having data only on your phone sometimes is not enough, as you might need to share it with other devices (your laptops) or your friends too. You know, the times when your housemates need just a little more data to get their food deliveries, this 5GB Hotspot data will surely come in handy.


| Tune Unlimited - Unlimited Calls |

Make calls like nobody's business! Throw all your money worries behind, and just call up boyfriend/girlfriend to chat all night, or talk business with your clients for hours. You are in good hands.


Excited? Feel like making the change? 

The common thing which you have to do is to head over to the nearest Tune Talk dealer. That’s the thing of the past. Today all you have to do is just download the Tune Talk App and subscribe to the Tune Unlimited plan. So easy and convenient! No travel needed, no worries of virus infections. 

Oh, and with this Tune Talk App, you can: 

| Subscribe to new mobile plans |

Subscribe to the Tune Unlimited or any other plans that suit your lifestyle needs, just a few clicks and you are all set.

| Manage your account |

With the Tune Talk App, you are able to check your balances, top up and do much more. Everything at your fingertips. You can also check and redeem your BIG points through the app too!

| Online Customer Service & Store Locator |

There are times when you will have questions or queries that you need to resolve. The Tune Talk App makes it convenient with an online customer service, where you can chat directly with their personnel online. Or if you prefer a face-to-face conversation, the app has a store locator, which makes your store search way more easier.


So, what are you waiting for? The time to switch for more value is NOW! Download the Tune Talk App and subscribe to Tune Unlimited today!

For more info : https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/coolplan/cunvaluepack/data-plan

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