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Quick and easy DIY hairstyles for lazy people

Trissss   |   Dec 3, 2020, 16:47   |   160

When you have long hair, you miss short hair. So, you cut your hair short. Then, you started to miss the long hair again. Long hair has a lot to play with but it's so much hassle to do complicated hairstyle every day. For example, the braids hairstyles.

You got french braids, crown braids, mermaid braids, etc. But it takes so long to just do a hairstyle, not to mention you still need to do makeup afterwards.

So, here are some easy DIY tricks to do your hairstyle!

Only one hair tie is needed- Fold, fold fold

Having long beautiful hair might be certain people's dream. This tutorial is suitable for people who have long hair until the waist.

 The end look is classy and elegant.

A low ponytail with a 'twist'- Tuck your ponytail in!

Everyone could do a low ponytail but with this trick, it immediately elevates a dull low ponytail. 

It's indeed an eye-opening and quick step! 

Sometimes all you need to do is- Flip, flip, flip

Another low ponytail variation which all you need to do is flip. Get in spaces between every flip and create a special braid. 

It's really easy and quick to complete this look!

If you have a tail comb, try this! -Cross, cross, cross

An extra tool could help with the hairstyling process, such as a tail comb. In this technique, you could create a low ponytail with layering your hair. Complete your final look with a hair clip. 

It is so quick that you literally need less than 3 minutes to complete the look.

This hairstyle prevents migraine that causes by tying your hair under a long hour. 

Women or men that need to tie their hair up for the entire day may face this problem. 

The discomfort caused by long hour ponytail as people might want to look neat.

This quick and easy trick will prevent the migraine issue. 

*Or you could consider using a claw clip-'kiap' to prevent tying your hair for a long hour. Read here.

It's still easy even with two hair ties! The end look is GORGEOUS

It doesn't get harder even you need two hair ties. The extra hair tie definitely makes a difference on your hair. The end look is so feminine!

Try all these quick and easy DIY tricks and discover a new side of yourself! 

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