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5 Glamping Spots in Malaysia!

xweienx   |   Jan 13, 2021, 17:45   |   50

With more movement control orders in effect and many people having stayed at home for almost a year now, we are dying to have our next getaway with our friends and family again. Longing for the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, put our phones down, have some drinks and a heartfelt conversation. Well, look no further for such environments as glamorous camping (glamping) have been taking over the country by storm in the past few years. 

Glamping allows people to experience being in contact with nature without sacrificing leisure and comfort. Some people even call it "lazy camping" as the equipment are usually completely prepared. Today, we'll look at 5 of the best glamping spots in Malaysia, so be sure to bookmark this page for after the pandemic!

1. Canopy Villa Glamping Park


Located in Bentong, Pahang, Canopy Villa Glamping Park is one of the best glamping areas in Malaysia for you and your friends and family. Its spacious 8 acres of campsite is equipped with multiple luxurious tent-style accommodation, allowing customers to comfortably embrace nature.


Besides barbecue pits, which are a crucial part of camping, Canopy Villa also has a series of outdoor activities to keep residents entertained. These include campfire making, hiking, biking, fishing, badminton, horseback riding and more! Another part of living well is eating well. Canopy Villa Glamping Park provides guests with a variety of buffet breakfasts to enjoy after waking up. If you want to showcase your cooking skills, the park also has a kitchen complete with utensils!

2. Gopeng Glamping Park

Imagine closing your eyes and not hearing crowds, cars honking or loud construction noises. Instead, you hear the sound of the running river water, leaves fluttering in the wind, and the call of birds and insects. This is exactly what Gopeng Glamping Park can give you. This "hidden camp in the woods" surrounded by nature is located in Kampung Chulek, Perak and is only a 30 minutes drive from Ipoh.

Like most glamping parks, Gopeng Glamping Park also has interesting tent-style accommodations. During the nights, a barbeque under a sky full of stars beats everything else. Imagine some games with your family and a long overdue conversation until the wee hours under the stars, that is the life! Aside from the other recreational activities available there, there's one adventure you ought to try - white water rafting!

White water rafting is an extremely challenging activity. A group of 3 to 5 passengers get on board an air raft and attempt to conquer the rapids down a river. Due to the quick and unforgiving rapids and the need to balance the raft at all times, white water rafting is very exciting and adrenaline-filled, making it so rewarding as you pass the finish line. Don't worry, this unique activity by Gopeng Glamping Park will always be accompanied by a coach so safety shouldn't be a huge concern. Just follow the instructions and enjoy the ride!

3. Casbana Retreat


Do you miss the sound of waves hitting the shore and the breeze of the sea hitting your face? Once everything settles down, buzz over to Casbana Retreat in Kota Belud, Sabah. Casbana Retreat is a seaside glamping area that is 1.5 hours away from Kota Kinabalu. It is a perfect combination of the unbeatable sea view and luxurious living. Breakfast can be accompanied by sunrise while dinner is paired with a star-filled sky. It is definitely the spot for those looking for a chill and relaxing vacation.

With a tent on the white sandy beach opening up to the vast sea, it makes you want to live there forever! Besides having a quick dip in the sea and a stroll by the beach, there are other water activities like snorkeling and even a chance to explore wild animals and fireflies! At night, you can dance around the campfire or lose yourself in a movie while relaxing in a bean bag. A unique experience all around.

4. GLAMZ at Genting

You've probably tried having a cup of Starbucks in the cool winds of Genting Highland, but did you know there's something even more special up in the mountains? 2000 meters above sea level, GLAMZ is indeed a glamping spot in Genting Highlands. The quiet surroundings is filled with nothing but fresh, cool air, making it a popular destination ever since its opening. Besides it being in a unique location, there is something else that became the primary attraction - it's dome rooms.

The romantic dome rooms is something you don't find anywhere else. It is picture perfect, attracting many influencers and enthusiasts alike. You can cuddle snuggly in your sheets and fall asleep while watching the stars, then wake up to a sea of clouds. This is what makes GLAMZ at Genting the ultimate glamping spot!

Besides the beautiful crystal-ball homes, GLAMZ at Genting also kept the "camping" element with simpler but still beautiful bell tents. Of course, you also cannot miss out of barbecuing amongst the cool weather.

5. Dusun Bonda

Dusun Bonda is located in Kampung Orang Asli Gurney in Selangor, about an hour's drive from our capital city of Kuala Lumpur. What sets it apart from other glamping spots is that Dusun Bonda is set up within a orchard and is a fusion of glamping and resort living. That is why you'll find children's playgrounds, swimming pools and man-made waterfalls in the area!


Accommodation in Dusun Bonda is divided into two types: small villas that are in line with the resort model and glamping bell tents. While on your holiday in this paradise, be sure to check out the nearby waterfalls and hot springs! The water is extremely clear as it is located in a sparsely populated orchard so cleanliness shouldn't be a worry. In addition, residents can visit the orchard and even taste the fruits for themselves!

The pandemic has kept so many people apart for so long, even to the point where we might not be able to gather for the Chinese New Year. Even so, we believe that we can conquer the pandemic and can see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon. Let this article be a beacon of hope so that we can look forward to the day when we can have spontaneous getaways and trips into nature!


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