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Manicure at Home | 8 Easy Steps to get Salon Quality Manicure at Home

EGHYJ   |   September 26, 2020, 11:11 pm   |   97

To get your nails nicely fix, we would of course go to a nail salon. It is not only to beautify your hands and nails, but also a sort of distress activity. However, our busy and sudden schedule may prevent us from getting our nails done. So what can we do in this case? Home Manicure!


Here are 8 easy steps to follow for a good nail manicure at home...but before we start, make sure you have the following items ready :-

Items to prepare :-

- Nail colour remover

- A manicure set : Nail cutter, Nail filer, Cuticle Pusher

- Warm water with liquid soap

- Brush

- Towel

- Hand lotion/moisturizer 

- Base Coat for nail polish

- Top Coat for nail polish

- Nail polish

Once you got all the items with you, then we can start our home manicure.

Step 1__Remove any existing nail polish

You may look for a nail polish that contains Vitamin E, which is important for the overall health for your nails. 

Step 2__Shape your nails

Using a nail clipper, trim your nails to desired length. Shape your nails with a nail filer. TIPS : Do not file your nails in a back and forth motion, as it might damage your nail bed. Follows only one swift motion using smooth strokes. And then, buff your nails to smooth out any ridges or rough patches. TIPS : 5 to 6 strokes of buffing is good enough. Do not over buff it, as it might damage your nails.


Step 3__Soak your hands

Dip your hands inside warm water with liquid soap. Use a brush to clean the dirt underneath your nails. This will also soften your cuticles and get it ready for the next step. Soak your hands for a few more minutes and then pat dry it with a towel.

Step 4__Push back cuticles

Push back your now-softened cuticles using a cuticle pusher until it appears as a thin line on your nails. Be sure you do it gently so that you won't hurt your nail bed. TIPS : Do not cut the cuticles, as it prevents gems and bacteria from getting into the nails. 


Step 5__Moisturize your hands

Apply moisturizer onto your hands and nails. Message it thoroughly. TIPS : Using a cotton pad, wipe off the moisturizer from your nails as nail polish could not stay on greasy nails. 

Step 6__Apply a Base Coat

It is important to apply a Base Coat before applying nail polish, as it prevents any damages that may caused from nail polish, like peeling and staining, and it helps hold nail polish in place. 

Step 7__Colour your nails!!

Apply nail polish. (Like finally, LOL) Make sure to get the brush all the way from the cuticles and into the corners of your nails. Apply the first coat and let it sit dry for a while, then apply the second coat when the first coat is semi-dried. Wait for a few minutes until it is fully dried off. 


Step 8__Finish off with a Top Coat

A top coat prevents your nails from chipping and it add shines to your nails. 

And that's how you get your nails done, like Manicure Salon. 

Below is the tutorial video of the above steps. 

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