【Beauty Care】Find Your "Destined Lip Color" In 1 Minute | Choose Lipstick Based On Skin Tone
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Find Your "Destined Lip Color" In 1 Minute | Choose Lipstick Based On Skin Tone


Girls certainly hope for more lipstick colors. Sometimes, girls buy lipstick without much consideration when they see the model in the advertisement put on the lipstick color. As a result, they might felt a little wrong when they put the lipstick on this own lips. 

In fact, the skin tone determines the suitability of lipstick color. The appropriate lipstick color not only shows your unique taste but also improves your overall look. 

1. Fair Skin Tone

Girls with fair skin can choose different lipstick colors for different occasions. 

They can easily control it no matter it is a pink lipstick, a more eye-catching red lipstick, or a sweet enough orange lipstick,

PS. Try not to choose nude pink lipsticks or lipsticks that will make lips look pale because it will make people look weak and bloodless.

2. Oriental Yellow Skin Tone

Girls with yellow skin are recommended to choose warm tones colors, such as coral and grapefruit colors. These colors are not too high-key and they can coordinate with yellow skin as well as to brighten the skin tone. 

PS. Try not to choose bright colors (eg. bright red, peach color, etc) and colors that contain too many yellow elements (eg. light brown, light orange, etc) because these colors will increase the exposure of the shortcomings of dull skin.

3. Wheat Skin Tone

Girls with wheat skin are recommended to use natural colors such as brick red or rose red, or warm apricot lipstick. 

The orange lipstick that emphasizes high saturation can brighten the skin tone and also neutralizes the yellowish wheat skin tone! 

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