【Love】Are You The Lucky One? 18 Characteristics That A Girl Is Spoiled By Her Boyfriend
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Are You The Lucky One? 18 Characteristics That A Girl Is Spoiled By Her Boyfriend


People who truly love you will inadvertently do some caring actions. Some girls are just unknowingly spoiled by their boyfriend. 

Below are the 18 sweet behaviors of a boyfriend. Let’s see if you are a lucky girlfriend~

#1 Leave All Your Favorites To You

He will give you the food that you like to eat because he will be happy to see you happy and satisfied.

#2 Worry About Your Physical Condition/ Body

He will take special care of you during your menstrual period because he understands that you must be suffering during that period of time!

He will also concern about your health. For example, he might want you to wear more clothes or not to drink cold drinks during your menstrual period. 

It is just because he doesn't want to see you sick and suffering!

#3 Send You Home At Night

It's dangerous for a girl to go home alone! He will try to send you home at night. He will feel at ease when he sees you reach home. 

Even if he can't send you back, he will message you to make sure you get home safely!

#4 Carry Heavy Things For You 

Your boyfriend can’t bear to see you carry heavy items, and he always takes the initiative to help carry heavy objects.


#5 Actively Report Whereabouts And Introduce His Friends To You

The emotions of girls are inherently unstable. Hence, it is very important for the boyfriend to give his girlfriend enough sense of security.

It is a bonus point if your boyfriend is willing to take the initiative to tell you where he is and introduce his friends to you. 

These show that you are important in his heart.

#6 Remember All Anniversaries 

The boyfriend who loves you will always remember the anniversary or any special day of your dating.

He will also plan carefully, hoping to create more wonderful memories for both of you!

#7 Do Housework

He is not willing to let you do all the housework alone because he knows that doing housework is a shared responsibility among both of you. 

#8 Appreciate Your Hard Work And Often Praise You

He will compliment you when he sees you beautifully dressed or when you prepare a nice meal for him.

#9 Tolerate Your Emotions And Always Stay With You

No matter if you are angry, sad, or a little willful in front of him, he will try his best to tolerate you and calm you down.

Even if he is busy, he still will accompany you by your side and listen to your complaints because does not want you to face negative emotions alone. 

#11 Remind You Of All Kinds Of Things In Your Life

If you are always very careless, he will always remind you and work hard to help you get through big and small things.

#12 Remember What You Like And Care About Your Wishes

He will observe and listen to your needs, and remember what you want!

He always thinks of you and asks for your opinions when he makes important decisions because he wants to satisfy you as much as possible.


#14 Always Coax You Back After A Fight

The person who truly loves you will be willing to suppress his anger because he is unwilling to destroy the relationship. 

Hence, he will choose to apologize to you and coax you back.

#15 Always Be Grateful For You

He will feel that it is lucky to meet you, and he will often be grateful for what you have done for him!

#16 Maintain Polite Manner

Even after being together for a long time, he will still treat you like before, such as open the door for you and let you sit inside to avoid someone hitting you. 

These sweet actions can only be seen from the person who loves you from the heart.

#17 Always Support And Accompany You To Do What You Like

He is willing to accompany you to do the things that you like, such as going shopping with you or staying at home to watch a show.

He also will help you without hesitation in every difficult moment. He will let you know that you are not alone.

#18 Make You Smile

Every day, he will share interesting things with you or pretend to be foolish to make you laugh.

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