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Brother Surprises Older Sister With iPhone 12


While most siblings argue over who gets the TV or who gets to play with the new toy and everything in between, some have a special (and expensive) way of showing their love. A few days ago, a Facebook post has gone viral when and older sister was surprised with a new iPhone 12 from her younger brother. 

"Today is not my birthday, or any special day", it said. Early in the morning, the brother had knocked on her door asking her to accompany him to pre-order an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apparently, she had done plenty of research with him to help him decide which color and model he should get.

After finding out it was out of stock, the brother asked some routine questions about the pre-order process. He then asked her to get a feel of the iPhone 12. "I'm not the one getting an iPhone, why should I feel how it feels like?", the sister thought to herself.

The brother confirmed with the staff member that iPhone 12s are still in stock, asked his sister which color and what storage size was suitable before asking the staff member to get a white iPhone 12. The staff member got the phone and asked her to have a look. At this point, she still thought she was getting fooled. "Pinch me, am I dreaming?"

Her brother said he was serious and took his card out. All she could think of at that time was that her brother was glowing with suave and charisma.

The author mentioned that her brother had always bought things she needed for her but it was the first time she had received such an expensive gift. She ended by saying "an older sister taken care by her younger brother is blessed!"

Netizens have since been frantically sharing and tagging their brothers. Meanwhile, brothers of the world are left protesting that he "ruined the market".


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Trade-in Your iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch! Get Up To RM 3450! (Without Leaving Your House)

Ever since the iPhone 12 was announced, there has been a non-stop debate on the Internet about whether to buy one. In Malaysia, it has been on sale in Switch, Machines, Thunder Match and any other authorized dealers from the 13th of November. For some, the new chips and functionalities, together with iOS 14, makes it a worthy buy. If you need help deciding whether to get your hands on one, or which model you should get, you can check out 3 Reasons You Should Buy or Skip The Latest iPhones.   Even though, some people are still put off by the price of the iPhone 12 series, or even attracted by iPhone 11 prices which have been reduced by about RM500. But if you have always taken care of your phone well and it is in great conditions, why not consider taking it to your nearest Switch store? That's right, Switch stores are offering trade-in services from the 1st of November to the 30th of November!    Compared to last years trade-in services, they have added a whole plethora of acceptable devices. Besides Apple iPhones and well-known Android Phones such as Samsung and Huawei, Switch also accepts Apple Watches, iPads, Oppo phones, Xiaomi phones and VIVO phones! As long as they're in the lists below, they're good to go!Not only that, you also have the choice to trade-in your devices at any branches or do it online! Online trade-ins utilize the InstaCash app. Here are some things to note, while the full terms and conditions and frequently asked questions can be found here: https://switch.com.my/trade-in/Online Trade-in:- Online trade-in is only available for selected smartphones.- Online trade-in requires Internet/Wi-Fi connection to complete diagnostics process.- Coupon code is valid 30 days after receiving email from Switch.- Coupon code can only be used at switch.com.my during checkout.In Store Trade-in:- Any cracks in screen will result in a lower trade-in price than listed.- The device should be able to turn on without trouble for it to be accepted.- Any SIM card, "Find My iPhone" services or Google ID should be removed from the device.- No multiple devices trade-in to purchase 1 new device.iPhone Series [Online / In-Store Trade-in]Any iPhones from the iPhone 6 up until this year's iPhone SE (2020) can be traded-in! Last year's iPhone 11 Pro Max can go for a whopping RM3450! That's more than half of this year's iPhone 12 Pro Max (RM5299 onwards) saved if you're planning to get one!      iPad Series [In-Store Trade-in]Switch is accepting all (yes, really, ALL) functioning iPads, but the ancient ones only get prices up till about RM300. If your iPad doesn't suit you or you think you need an even bigger screen, then go ahead and get it traded-in!   Apple Watch Series [In-Store Trade-in]Who would've expected that Switch is even accepting Apple Watch trade-ins this year! Of course, trade in prices will differ according to any damage to your watch surface and internals. According to the list, Apple Watch isn't trading for a mouthwatering price so perhaps it might be better to keep it or gifted away?   Android Series [Online / In-Store Trade-in]Aside from all that, newer releases of well-known Android smartphones [Samsung | vivo | Oppo | Xiaomi | Huawei] are also accepted! We can see from the list that Switch is opening its arms to quite a few Android smartphones, especially Samsung ones. Although prices are lower compared to iPhones, but it is definitely encouraging for those looking to switch (no pun intended!) from Androids to iPhones!        So, ready to switch it up yet? Head over to the nearest Switch store or their website to start the process now!*Cover images from Tim Cook's Weibo (Left) and CapitaLand (Right)
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3 Reasons You Should Buy or Skip The Latest iPhones

The 2020 lineup of iPhones is nothing short of choices. Whether you are an avid iPhone user, or is considering switching over from another operating system, there is bound to be something for you. But as we all know, buying an iPhone is anything but cheap and for most of us, spending an entire month's salary on an electronic rectangle is a big decision. So, here are 3 reasons why you should buy one of the latest iPhones, and 3 reasons why you should not even think about it.   BUY if you want a small but powerful phone. | Suggested: iPhone 12 MiniThese days, phone makers are busy competing on who can make the biggest piece of screen that can fit into your pockets (we do not need a folding phone!). There are definitely some people out there who prefer to have something that can be easily handled with one hand, but most smaller devices are either not produced by the big boys (Mr. Fruit and Mr. Korea) or they compromise too much on performance. Well, the iPhone 12 mini is a tiny 5.4 inch phone that packs the same punch as it's bigger counterpart, and when I say the same punch, I mean it is literally the exact same phone as the iPhone 12 in a smaller body with a (relatively) smaller price. It's perfectly suitable for one hand usage, can fit into your tiny handbags and still gives you the same iPhone experience.  BUY if you play plenty of mobile games. | Suggested: iPhone 12The A14 bionic chip in all the new iPhones are one of the first 5nm chips ever to be placed in a smartphone. Translation: it's super super fast. iPhones have always been known to be smooth for general usage as most apps are fine tuned for iOS before hitting the app store, and while other phone makers are still catching up to iPhones' benchmark speeds, Apple just made another leap forward. A14 also includes a 4-core GPU which is specifically meant for heavier computing loads such as advanced gaming and machine learning.    Also, for most of you gamers out there, League of Legends: Wild Rift - a mobile version of the most popular game in the world plays perfectly on the iPhone as demonstrated during the Apple event.   BUY if you are an aspiring or professional videographer. | Suggested: iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone cameras have always been top tier, being the choice of many photographers, videographers, filmmakers, vloggers and YouTubers. While picture and video quality has always been good, the latest and greatest iPhones now has a few more tricks to compete with full on cameras. First up for photographers, Apple ProRAW now allows you to capture Raw format images, allowing for greater manipulation and editing after. As for videographers and filmmakers, you can now capture HDR videos at 60 fps with Dolby Vision. It might seem like a lot of mumble-jumble for most people, but those who are into photography and videography must be feeling quite excited. On top of all that, the LiDAR scanner allows for night mode portraits and better nighttime capture in general. All these are available in both Pro versions of the phone but the final icing on the cake is reserved for the most prestigious Pro Max - sensor-shift stabilization. This means that the stabilization system is done by the sensor in the body rather than digitally or through the lens, providing much more stabilized videos than ever.       DONT BUY if you are looking for a cheap phone.It goes without saying that iPhones are expensive. That is a price that some are willing to pay while others are not. The smallest iPhone 12 Mini starts at a whopping RM 3399 for 64GB, and the regular iPhone 12 starts at RM 3899 for the same storage size. If you are looking for a larger screen, then prepare to fork out at least RM 4899 for the 12 Pro and RM 5299 for the 12 Pro Max, but a small consolation would be that they start at 128GB. Do keep in mind also that the wired earphones and charging brick are not included in the box so if you need those, you would have to budget for a little more.      DONT BUY if you are using a recent iPhone model.This might be just my personal opinion, but there is not enough of a breakthrough in technology to justify an upgrade from the iPhone 11 lineup, maybe even the iPhone X lineup. Sure, it's a new boxier design so people can easily recognize your new phone, but that's no upgrade. Sure, it has MagSafe to magnetically clip on a wireless charger, casing, and/or wallet, but how often do you wirelessly charge your phone? Sure, it's a new and faster chip, but the A13 Bionic won't have much of a problem handling a few more iOS updates too. Unless you're coming from an older iPhone 8, 7 or even 6 (it's about time), I don't see why you shouldn't wait for the iPhone 13 which is rumored to have an in-display fingerprint reader.   DONT BUY if you want 5G.If you make a toddler watch the entire Apple iPhone Event, they will most definitely learn to speak a new word. "5G" was mentioned more than 70 times (yes I counted) within the span of 1 hours and 10 minutes, that's an average of more than once a minute. Even if this were the future, I can assure you that we still have a long, long way to go before popular adaptation. Even in the United States, 5G networks are only available in major cities in certain hotspots and you would have to be in a close range to fully utilize the network. Plus, the practical applications aside from multiplayer gaming and high bandwidth streaming are still quite limited. So, it's not to say you should not be excited for the technology, but I would wait for a few years before buying any electronic device with 5G as their main selling point.   So, depending on who you are and what you're looking for, the iPhone 12 lineup might or might not be the perfect phone for you. For those of you that were on the fence or leaning towards one side but needed a little more convincing, we hope this has helped you make a better decision. After all, it's only a device that most of us spend the entire day on!Cover image from YouTube: Apple.
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The Dark Side of Facebook? Facebook‘s Dark Mode Is (Almost) Here!

There are always two camps of people in the world: iPhone vs Samsung, pineapples on pizza (ew) vs no pineapples, and then there's light mode vs dark mode. For those in the latter camp, it has been a long wait for many apps and software to include the function. That said, we can finally welcome Facebook into the camp!   Although not extensively proven, dark mode is said to have multiple benefits. Some say it cuts down blue light which is supposedly better for sleep, some say it improves battery life, especially in OLED screens where black pixels are completely turned off. Even without the benefits, some just prefer a darker, cooler, and fresher interface.   It is worth noting that dark mode on desktop and mobile might not be available for everyone. With that in mind, let's look at how to activate Facebook dark mode if you're one of the lucky ones!Facebook Dark Mode for DesktopEarlier this year, Facebook refreshed its interface to provide a sleeker design for icons and most pages. Together with it, they provided an optional toggle for dark mode. If for some reason you haven't been switch yet, do switch to the new interface first by click the menu button (down arrow icon at the top right), and select "Switch to New Facebook". Once done, in the same menu, select display preferences and you should see the option to turn dark mode on or off.        Facebook Dark Mode for iPhoneIn the Facebook app, the menu button is a hamburger icon on the bottom right corner. Tap on that, scroll down to "Settings and Privacy" and you should see "Dark Mode" within the settings. Toggle it on, and you're done!   Facebook Dark Mode for AndroidFor Androids, the steps should be similar, but you would find your hamburger icon on the top right corner instead. Scroll down to "Settings and Privacy" from the hamburger menu, select "Dark Mode" and toggle it on.   There you have it! Now you can have a complete collection of dark mode apps (including Instagram and WhatsApp)! If you don't have the option to turn "Dark Mode" on yet, don't be discouraged as it'll eventually roll out to all users just like the new interface!*Cover images from NoteBookCheck (Left) and MacRumors (Right)
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