【Western Celebrity】Sad News Girls : Zac Efron is taken! | Engaged with his love at first sight (Rumours)
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Sad News Girls : Zac Efron is taken! | Engaged with his love at first sight (Rumours)


Sorry to break this to you girls, but Zac Efron is no longer single and available!

According to Woman's Day, the High School Musical star has recently proposed to his rumoured Australian girlfriend, Venessa Valladres, on his 33rd birthday party in October. 

Both Efron and his said-fiancé has not comment anything yet, but according to the source, it was a very romantic moment when Efron "gave it to her after the party". 

The source also said that, "neither of them are saying much about it, but there's no doubt it was some kind of unofficial engagement."

The Greatest Showman star was reported to have permanently moved to Bryon Bay, Australia back in August, and were first reported to be daring in September. 


The girl, Valladres, is 8 years younger than Efron, and she was working in a café down in Byron Bay as a waitress, when they both first met. According to report, Efron was dining in that cafe and he immediately fell in love with Valladres at the first sight. How romantic and unreal this is. 

Anyway how, we do wishes the love birds all the best and stay sweet forever. And a big congratulations to both of them if the rumours were true. 

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