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ONE simple step to have sparkly, adorable Eyes | Look good, Feels good!


You can put on all the make-ups in the world to make your lips, nose, cheeks looks like one of the model from The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But to make your eyes looks as stunning and approachable like those angels, you need a good pair of contact lenses. 

Most of the Asian girls has black or dark brown eye colours, which sometimes, it makes our eyes look overly serious or unfriendly. At time like this, you need the help from a pair of nice and comfy contact lens that could make your eyes charm like Gigi Hadid or Karlie Kloss.  


Recommending you the Miacare™ lens, that comes in 13.0mm to 13.4mm diameter which is a perfect fit for all. 

Although there are other lenses that comes in bigger diameter that can visually enlarge your eye, but it may make your eyes looking way too odd out. What you need is a lens that is around 13.2mm diameter to naturally make your eyes pretty. And which is why Miacare™ lens is the best fit for everyone. 

Miacare™ uses Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology, a unique dot matrix pattern that can blends the lens colour with your eye colour super well, making you look like a mixed race beauty.

Here are the 3 different series of Miacare™ lens, each with 2 different colour shades :- 

[ 1 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - Gaze

Both Gray and Hazel colour gonna make you looks like you have a parent from European countries. Especially the Gray colour, which is unexpectedly making your eyes looks so naturally elegant. 


[ 2 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - Allure 

If you like something that could brightened up your eyes further, this is the series that you are gonna go for. Same as the Gaze series, it has Gray and Hazel as well. But with the Allure series, the colours are lighter and brighter, which can makes your eyes shine and mesmerising.


[ 3 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - Elusive

Don't like something too obvious? Try the Chocolate and Hazel colour lens from Elusive. Smoothly tone up and add a very natural shine to your eyes. It is best for everyday use. 


For someone who has a busy schedule, Miacare™ lens can effortlessly sits in your eyes all day without making you feel uncomfortable! You can even wear it while working out in the gym! This absolute comfort comes from their incredibly high oxygen tranmissibility that prevents your eye from going dry. With that, you can easily remove it after use. 

Here is a quick summary of the greatness of Miacare™ lens :-

- Their world-leading EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology II is the world's one and only solvent-free formula which suits even those who has sensitive eyes or dry eyes. 

- This innovative silicone hydrogel has 5 times higher oxygen transmissibility compare to other lens brands.

-  It uses Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology, a unique pattern that naturally blends the lens colour with your eye without compromising the oxygen transmissibility

- With their Unique Colour Blocking Technology, each of Miacare™ lens has 3 different layers, with the pigmented layer at the middle of all layers, so that it is isolated from the eye and give you the ultimate comfort

In short, Miacare™ lens is super safe, amazingly comfortable, and it makes your eyes look stunning!

Thinking of giving it a try? Let me add another reason for you to try it NOW!!! 

Miacare™ is having a promotion now!!! Get 27% off when you purchase 4 boxes of Miacare™ lenses. It is only RM33 per box after discount!!! (Ori price : RM45).

Grab yours now from any FOCUS POINT outlet or on their >> online store<< !

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