【Healthy Diet】11.11 Recommendations - The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Machine! Blender? Brewer? Why Not Both?!
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11.11 Recommendations - The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Machine! Blender? Brewer? Why Not Both?!


Rather than spending your money on another addition to the mountain of clothes and makeup products this 11/11, why not spend some of that money on something that will help you step up your health and lifestyle? What if there was a device, where the more you used it, the healthier and prettier you'll get? Lately, many bloggers have been raving about a blender + health teapot device from well-known Korean brand, DAEWOO. So, let's see what it's all about!


Lesser Price, More Functions

The main reason for its commendations is that you are essentially getting two devices for the price of one! Retailing at a little above RM300, it primarily functions as a blender and at the same time has the ability to brew teas and soups.


Function #1: Blender

The Daewoo device comes with a blender bottle, perfect for making your own smoothies. Be it a homemade soy milk, sesame paste, or with walnuts, a healthy smoothie breakfast will not only fill your tummy, but keep your skin beautiful and your body rejuvenized. Meanwhile, a veggie or fruits based smoothie in the afternoon helps detox your body and improves your metabolism and digestion. Who needs troublesome meal plans when you can have an instant tummy-filler?


Function #2: Healthy Brewer

Those who have more severe cramps during that time of the month will definitely need a healthy brewer. Some brown sugar ginger water can help with pain relieve, while some longan red date ginger tea before and after those days would be nice. This device from Daewoo also comes with a brewer that can brew anything from soups to scented teas, perfect for a relaxing evening.


Easy to Carry, Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

This multifunction device is extremely user-friendly, having many commonly used settings such as timers, cover detection and self-cleaning function. It is lightweight and portable, making it easier to move around and clean. The compact design doesn't take up too much space, perfect for student dorms or smaller living spaces. Furthermore, this amazing device also comes with a noise reduction mechanism so you don't have to worry about waking up the entire neighborhood while using the blender.


Besides coming in a milky purple, the Daewoo blender also comes in clean white colour, cute pink, and fresh green shades. You can get this ultimate healthy lifestyle machine from the Taobao link now!

*Cover photos from Taobao.

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October has Halloween and December has Christmas, but what does November have? To all shopaholics, 11/11 (also historically known as "Single's Day") is one of, if not the most awaited day of the year! Every year, many major brands also put up their biggest sales on various online shopping platforms. So far, we have gathered 8 of the biggest smartphone brands and their promotions on this long anticipated day. Anyone who has been looking to switch up from an older phone or just wanting to grab a brand new gadget for this upcoming CMCO should definitely have a look!*Note: ORP = Original Retail Price1. Apple- iPhone XR (128GB) : RM2199 (ORP RM2599)- iPhone SE (128GB) : RM2079 (ORP RM2199)- iPhone SE (64GB) : RM1949 (ORP RM1999)- iPhone SE (256GB) : RM2579 (ORP RM2699)   2. HUAWEI- HUAWEI Mate 30 (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM1499 (ORP RM2499)- HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM):RM2499 (ORP RM4199)- HUAWEI Mate 20 (6GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM110 [Limited Units] (ORP RM2099)- HUAWEI P40 (8GB + 128GB):RM2599 (ORP RM2799)- HUAWEI P40 Pro (8GB + 256GB):RM3699 (ORP RM3899)- HUAWEI Nova 5T (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM999 (ORP RM1399)   3. Samsung- Samsung Galaxy A01 (A015) (2GB RAM + 16GB ROM): RM399 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Smartphone (12GB RAM + 256GB ROM): RM2499 (ORP RM4199)- Samsung Galaxy A31 Smartphone (6GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM739 (ORP RM1099)- Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM2699 (ORP RM3699) 4. Oppo- OPPO A12e Smartphone (3GB RAM + 64GB ROM): RM399 (ORP RM499)- OPPO A92 Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM699 (ORP RM1199)- OPPO A31 Smartphone (6GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM599 (ORP RM899)- OPPO Reno 3 pro Smartphone (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM):RM1299 (ORP RM2399)   5. OnePlus- OnePlus 8T Pop up Bundle (12GB RAM + 256GB ROM):RM2999 (ORP RM9999)   6. vivo- vivo Y91C 2020 (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM):RM349 (ORP RM499)- vivo v17 Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB/256GB ROM):RM899 (ORP RM1299)- vivo NEX 3 Smartphone (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM):RM2399 (ORP RM3499)   7. XiaoMi- Xiaomi Redmi 9A (2GB RAM + 32GB ROM):RM319 (ORP RM359)- POCO X3 NFC (6GB RAM + 64GB ROM / 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM799 (ORP RM899)   8. realme- realme C11 Smartphone (2GB RAM + 32GB ROM):RM399 (ORP RM429)- realme Narzo 20 Pro Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM899 (ORP RM1199)- realme 7i Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM999- realme X3 SuperZoom Smartphone (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM):RM1399 (ORP RM1999)- realme 7 Pro Smartphone(8GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM1499- realme 7 Smartphone(8GB RAM + 128GB ROM): RM1299   There you have it! 8 major smartphone brands with tons of deals. You can start getting the phones at these prices on the 11th of November starting from 12am to 2am. And we believe that's not all! Remember to click on the link these few days to see if there are more smartphones on sale as we get closer and closer to the date. Don't miss out on the biggest shopping day of the year!*Cover image from Pinterest: (Left) (Right)
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Xiaomi has always been in a class of its own, managing to find the perfect balance between aesthetics, usability and price. It provides a bang for a buck for those with a tighter budget yet still want to upgrade their cozy homes and dorms with a variety of household electronics.   In the spirit of the greatest shopping season of the year - 11/11, Xiaomi has another surprise in store for us! The latest product getting introduced into Malaysia is non other than the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mini. It will be available on their official Lazada store from 11/11 onwards.   This adorable vacuum cleaner is no larger than a thermos flask and is cordless! It is the definition of "portable" as it is tiny, lightweight and can be used anytime, anywhere. Even at only 0.5 kg and a 100 ml dust collector, this vacuum packs a whopping 13000 Pa suction and a 88000 rpm motor speed! On the highest settings, the vacuum can last for 9 minutes, perfect for a quick clean of your room or dorm. Dropped some chips while snacking on your bed? Too hard to clean your keyboard? Car seats a little dusty? Just bring in the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini!   Charging the vacuum cleaner is also a breeze as it uses a type-C cable which is widely used. The vacuum cleaner retails at RM199, but on it's 11/11 release day, Xiaomi will hold a one day promotion, bringing the price down to just RM169! So, be sure to grab this amazing tool at this amazing price on the 11th of November, only on Xiaomi's official Lazada store!*Cover images from Lazada.
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Language Barriers? Shipping Problems? Get These Taobao Household Items Straight from Shopee and Lazada!

If there is one place that is the most well known shopping grounds for each year's 11/11 sales, it is ecommerce giant Taobao! However, many are still confused about its shipping systems. Do the items get delivered straight to your house? Do you collect everything and pay the shipping fee separately? There's a lot of confusion and little time! Fret not as there's a better solution (in fact, there are 2). Lazada and Shopee allows us to buy the most popular and best selling items on Taobao without the hassle of handing shipping. Here are a few household electronics and appliances that you might just love:Mini Washing Machine(Link)Many of you ladies would've seen this or something similar on social media and probably have always wanted one to ease their burdens of cleaning their delicates. Although it does not come with a built in dryer, it does a great job at cleaning undergarments or a few pieces of clothes.      Mini Beauty Makeup Fridge(Link)One of the hottest items on the internet right now (rightfully so because it is ADORABLE!), this mini makeup fridge completes your skincare collection. It can coolly store your lipsticks, perfumes, masks, and moisturizers. Nothing says self-love like placing a cool mask after a long day's work!      Retro Blender Cup(Link)If you were to prepare a cup of juice with a regular blender, you would have to blend the fruits, pour it into a cup, wash the blender, then wash the cup. Why not skip a few steps with this elegant retro blender that turns into a cup after making your juice or smoothie. The moderate size is suitable for small kitchens while the elegant design fits into most settings.   Retro Multi-Function Double Oven(Link)If you would like to show off your baking skills without having to break the bank (and your kitchen cabinet) to install a huge permanent oven, look no further than this retro double oven. It might be small, but it does not lack even an ounce of function!   Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine(Link)Since we're all working and studying from home now, there's no excuse to skip breakfast. Sandwiches, waffles or egg puffs, this breakfast machine can prepare whatever you are craving for easily.   Handheld Steamer Iron(Link)There's a reason why this is a bestseller on Taobao. It can act as a regular iron and also a handheld steamer! Its stylish purple color is a plus too.   Stylish Instagrammable Tableware(Link)Instagram foodies and café owners will definitely want to have a look! These stylish plates and bowls come in different sizes. The pink and grey hues will surely bring in a couple more likes!   Stylish Non-Stick Pot(Link)Spending more time in the kitchen these days? Then you cannot go without a great pot! This stylish non-stick pot is a cool ivory color and its uses are only limited by your imagination. Cooking? Brewing? Frying? You name it!   Whether it's 11/11 or not, if you would like to have beautiful yet practical household appliances and tools found on Taobao, but dread the shipping and delivery process, why not make a quick search on Shopee and Lazada first!*Cover image from Lazada and Shopee: (Left) (Right) (Center)
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