【Beauty Care】Breaking Skin Myth : Pores Do Not Open and Close
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Breaking Skin Myth : Pores Do Not Open and Close

"Close up your pores" or "Open your pores" these are very common lines that we find everywhere. Many of us thought that these pores are like a hole, which you need or you can to close it up to get the perfect skin. But this is just a beauty MYTH! It is NOT true!

Pores are basically holes in skin, which is connected to the hair follicles that allows your sweat and oil to reach the surface. We have pores all over our faces, and it is common to have higher concentration of pores in our T-zones. Any sizes of pores are actually normal, and you CAN'T close it up entirely or open it up. 

With that being said, pores can still grow in size, due to the loosening of collagen around our pores. There are various reasons causing the collagen to be weak and damaged, such as genetics, sun damage, congestions, etc. 
- If your pores suddenly seems larger because of the loss of collagen, cold water will never works/helps in closing up your pores. What you can do is look for retinol, which is rich in vitamin A derivative that helps to increase our cell turnover and boosts collagen production. 
- To prevent your skin from sun damages, a sun screen is crucial. Just a simple SPF 30 or greater daily works magic. 
- Clogged pores will make your skin pores looks bigger as well. Therefore, it is important to clean it with products that has AHA and BHA. These acids will help with cellular turnover to keep your skin pores clean. 

All in all, hot water and steam won't open your pores, but simply loosen up the sebum (oil) in your face for it to slide out of the pore more easily which promotes better cleansing process. The same goes to cold water, which they can't close up your pores as well, but proper face care will. 
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