【Fitness】Stop Dieting Blindly! 7 Correct Weight Loss Concepts That You Need To Know
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Stop Dieting Blindly! 7 Correct Weight Loss Concepts That You Need To Know


Weight loss seems to have become one of the popular among the girls, and many of them often fall into the dilemma of losing weight after trying various extreme methods!

Unfortunately, there are too few people who can succeed. Not only is perseverance, but also the correct concept of weight loss.

1. Aware Of The Seemingly Healthy Food 

Some seemingly healthy foods are quite high in calories and fat, such as black chocolate, avocados, and others. 

Although these types of foods are good for health, you should eat in moderation, so that it will not affect your weight loss effect. 


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2. Avoid Consuming Sugary Drinks And Sauce

In fact, the calories of sugary drinks and sauce have no nutritional value but are high in calories.

When you eat a nutritious and low-calorie meal (with sauce) and drink a cup of sugary milk tea or cola, then the previous efforts will fall short.


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3. No Diet

Weight loss is not about diet, but diet control. 

A sudden reduction in food intake will make your weight drop drastically in a short period of time. However, it will have a counterproductive effect. 


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4. Regular And Adequate Sleep

A Japanese survey found that good sleep could help you lose 300 calories a night. 

Lack of adequate sleep will greatly affect the body's metabolism, skin condition, and mood.


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5. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly can reduce food intake and prevent intestinal diseases. 

In addition, chewing slowly can increase the glucose content in the blood, so that you will feel full in advance.

Jun Ji-Hyun also uses this method to control her weight, Click here to read more. 

6. Eat Breakfast

A study in the United States found that those who value breakfast have a healthier BMI index than those who do not eat breakfast. 

That is because breakfast helps increase satiety and reduce daily calorie intake.


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7. Don’t Rely On A Single Exercise

The most common aerobic exercise is running. However, the stimulation of a single exercise cannot keep the muscles growing but leaving the body in a state of fatigue. 

Therefore,  you can change different training modes regularly to give different stimulation to the body.

For example, if you choose to run today, you can try swimming tomorrow.

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