【News】Flat, Condo Residents Can‘t Enter Without Covid-19 Test Proof?! Senior Minister Did It Again



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Flat, Condo Residents Can‘t Enter Without Covid-19 Test Proof?! Senior Minister Did It Again

A.   |   Jan 29, 2021, 11:39   |   40

Another day, another questionable statement by our government. 

When asked if it is permissible for residential building managements to impose a no-entry rule for tenants who fail to provide their Covid-19 test results during a press conference yesterday, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri answered the following: 


“Can. To protect the health of residents, therefore condominium or apartment managements anywhere can make such a rule. So we do not stop them,” (source: Malay Mail)

Needless to say, the public is furious. 


A local consultant neurologist @SherriniAhmad on Twitter couldn't hide her frustration over the statement, questioning its impracticality. 

Other Twitter users have also expressed their exasperation. 


(source: @imranshah___)

Points were made, brother. 

The statement made by the Senior Minister of the Ministry Of Defence is so severe that even a member of Parliament for Klang has voiced his concern. 


(source: @mpklang)

Quite absurd to drive people out of their own homes, don't you think? Such a rule will only add more burden to the people, and they are suffering enough as it is. 

let's hope the authorities could come up with a better solution than this.


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