【Promotion】Here‘s a Santa Claus certified gift list for Malaysian foodies from local bakery!
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Here‘s a Santa Claus certified gift list for Malaysian foodies from local bakery!


November has come to an end this year.  But... December is only one or two weeks away! Christmas is around the corner indeed and a lot of stores has started to launch their Christmas care package or gift set.

The process of choosing a gift is always tough and tends to be repetitive. The fear of getting the wrong gift is terrifying. But, food will never disappoint people especially Malaysian! Let's check out what could you buy for Christmas gifting purpose!

Firstly, we have COOKIES 

Let's be real, you can't have too many cookies. Thank god there is no legal limit of how much we could consume cookies. @Kamidesignerco is a Malaysian based company that thrive to design beautiful things. 

Be it a candle, wedding card, bridesmaid box, etc. They want to make sure that whoever receives it could feel the love from the sender. This time, they have launched a Christmas collection which is an assorted cookies box.

From the baking till the packaging, everything is aesthetically designed. Editor especially loves the blue packaging paper which is known as 'Palm'.

Make sure to check them out and get free customised gold calligraphy on a card with the personalised typewritten message at the back.


@UniversalBakeHouse formerly occupied as a laundry shop, they believe in heritage and legacy. This explains why they have such a special vibe. From outside, it looks like a vintage stationery shop in disguise because of that old school signboard. 

But, if you look closely it is a bakery that aims to provide daily baked goods. They sell a wide range of pastries, from sourdough to scone. They too launched their Christmas Cookies Box on 11.11

Contents: Cocoa Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Meringue Swirls, Earl Grey Shortbread, Raspberry Thumbprint, Meringue Kisses.

Make sure you order it before 30/11/2020 to enjoy early bird price which is RM50! After the promotion, the price is RM59 for a box.

Every purchase of this Cookie Box, 10% will be contributed to aid SHELTER who provide a safe space for neglected and underprivileged children. It is important to help each other during this pandemic and UniversalBakeHouse indeed is kind enough to contribute part of their profit to society.

Next, not cookies again but we have BROOKIES

What exactly is a brookie? It's actually a combination of brownie and cookies. This is a great option for people who have a dilemma to choose whether to get brownies or cookies. Just choose this, brookies will solve your sweet craving dilemma perfectly. 

@SeptemberBakes's forte is making brookie. The texture is absolutely satisfying, you get slight crisp like cookies when you bite into it. But you too will get a good chewy texture out it. 

@SeptemberBakes joins the Christmas season train as well to launch the Christmas Gift Box. The content is 5pc of brookies, 1 box of butter cookies and mocha cookies.


A basket of wonder is what you need next!

@MadamGlutton has the best looking gift box ever! They use a basket as a container to fill up with their delicious cookies and cakes. *You will know what I mean when you see it.

Their packaging is indeed one of the kind and the receiver would definitely be so thrilled to open this box of wonder. This timeless packaging is good for any festival, that included Christmas as well.

They offer different budget of gift boxes and the content range from cookies to madeleine. The good news about this gift box is all year round, unlike the above shops, their Christmas collection is only seasonal. Do check them out whenever your special day is near.

Not a fan of cakes or cookies? Check this out!

@Thelastbite has launched XMAS spiced nuts just for people like you! The content is a mix of Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds and pretzels, baked with cinnamon, cayenne pepper and fresh rosemary. 

It claimed that these nuts are fragrant, warm and hearty, just like an embrace on Christmas. In other words, it will make you go nuts after having these nuts! *pun intended

However, this will only available to purchase on 1/12/2020, so stay tune to purchase! 

Also, they are going to reveal their own version of Christmas box as well! Make sure you follow their Instagram to keep up with the update!

Merry Christmas in advanced! Enjoy your shopping and make people around you happy!

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Who could imagine a Korean idol would love Malaysia so much? This idol is signed under JYP entertainment the top three entertainment companies in South Korea. Over many programs or live stream that had been broadcasted, you could hear this idol talked about Malaysia not once but multiple times. Anddd... his name is HAN! From the Korean male idol group which is called 'Stray Kids'! Stray Kids was a South Korea survival shows that broadcast by Mnet. A group of trainees are required to pass all kinds of the mission to test their talent and survive till the end of the show. So who exactly is Han?Han Ji Sung Han, aka Han Ji Sung, is a rapper in his group and has a sub-unit known as '3RACHA' with another two members in Stray Kidz. I first notice Han was from this 12million views video clip from Youtube. Han teamed up with his teammate, Chanbin to have a friendly competition with YG trainees at the time was prepared to be debuted as 'Treasure'. Even the YG CEO, Yang Hyun Suk was so impressed by both of them. The above clip was before Han was debuted. At the time, he was only 17 years old! Han the freestyle GENIUSIn a different kind of entertainment program, Han has flaunted his freestyle talent. When he was having his own month evaluation as a trainee, he decided to freestyle as well. Watch 0.22 in the video to find out what his teammate said about him.Not only that, he sings so well as a rapper. Last year, he attended Masked Singer and covered Dean's song- Half-moon. He too sang an extremely difficult Korean Trot song, hit all those insanely high note! He called himself- Malaysia Han!In a live stream with his members, they were playing this game about combining their hometown with their name. Han called himself, Malaysia Han! He was born in Korea and moved to Malaysia due to his father's business. He lived in Malaysia when he was 12 years old. It's fascinating that see Han claimed Malaysia as his hometown instead of his home country Korea. (Watch 0.54 in the video)He really enjoyed eating mangosteen and talked about the fruits from Malaysia such as the banana was in different size or rambutan. As these fruits were tropical in nature, it must be difficult to get it in Korea. (Watch 2.12 for 'Malaysia Han' and 2.17 for Mangosteen mentioned)Also, he expressed his love for Bah Kut Teh! He was trying to explain it to his group member, how wonderful it is to eat Bah Kut Teh in Malaysia. (Watch 0.27 in the video)Han's love about Malaysia is so heartwarming. Hopefully, he gets to visit Malaysia again after the pandemic. So, he could eat Bah Kut Teh, nasi lemak and mangosteen again! Photo source: Cover image 1 | Cover image 2 | Cover image 3
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4 unpopular apps that you need to know | These apps remind you to drink water and focus.

A smartphone is such an essential item for most people in the world. You could basically complete a lot of daily task via your phone. To be able to cater to people's demand or make our life easier. There is a lot of phone application made for the convenience of people. Such as banking app, food delivery app, reminder app, social media app, etc. But, did you know that there are a lot of bizarre phone apps that serve a unique function? Let's find out!Forest This app is about planting trees by using the time that you spend on this app. In other words, this is an app designed for users to focus. You know sometimes we get too addicted to our phone and we forgot about how time passed so quickly. Because of that, we fail to focus on what we should do instead of scrolling our phone for too long. You could set the timing for how long you want to be in the zone. Such as, 20 minutes for focus and the tree will grow as the time pass. If you try to leave the app to check on your texts or Instagram. The tree that is growing will die and there will be a wilted plant appear in your forest. As your level increases, you could have more species of plant to choose to be planted in your forest. And if you save enough coins, you could plant an actual tree on the earth. Hence, by focusing to do your task to prevent procrastination, you might be able to plant an actual tree as a good deed. Download the app here.Plant NannyBasically, Plant Nanny is an app that encourages people to drink water regularly. It might sound useless to use an app to remind people to drink water. But, surprisingly, people don't really drink water if they were too busy. On certain timing, it will notify you to drink water by giving notification in your phone, like a text.  Based on different types of body, the water consumption for each person would be different. After downloading the app, you will need to fill in your information such as height and weight. The app will calculate how much water do you need for a day.  The concept of this app is drinking water is as if you are replenishing yourself and at the same time watering the plant in the app to grow a plant. So, get yourself a cup of water if you are reading this. It's important to stay hydrated to keep our body healthy and functional. Download the app here.mi:nu:ti:ae This app is a rather meaningful application to encourage you to capture the rawest and authentic moments in your life. Without the glamour or edit before capturing a moment, this app aka the "anti-social media app". Most people want to look good and forgot about their authentic self. Some touch-up, edit, the filter will always be incorporated before posting a photo. It is just a photo and it's meant to capture the moment but social media has glorified it in a bad way.   Once a day, at a random minute, all minutiae participants around the globe receive an alert simultaneously. You have exactly one minute to respond to the alert and open the app. Then, you take a photo in front of you regardless of what it is. Whether you are reading a book, walking along the streets, capture the exact moment that you are going through.    You will also get a glimpse of a stranger's moment if both of you share the same timing. Then, you will get 60 seconds to explore your previous moments. After doing it for 1440 days, you will have the option to choose to make your archive into a physical book. *A reminder to go to setting to off the sound of the notification as it happened randomly which means it could be during your sleeping hours. Download the app here.The AndThis is the editor's favourite app between these apps because it is such a great app to have in your phone. Have you encountered a situation where you don't know what else to say in a conversation? This app comes in handy to keep the conversation alive regardless of who are you with. This app provides different sets of questions for you to use depending who are you meeting. Such as first date, lovers, siblings, friends and ex-couple. It has a lot of open-ended such as, 'what do you love about our relationship?', 'when do you feel closest to me?', 'when was the last time you cried?'. It is designed for users to have a deep conversation by using their app.  However, you do need to pay for this app. The Goodymy editor was convinced to purchase this app after watching their documentary. In their documentary, you could see people open up and connected in such a deeper level. It is worth to sacrifice RM7.90 which is a cup of bubble tea to buy this app at the time. Currently, you could download the app for free yet if you want to play the game you need a diamond credit to play. You have 3 free credits at first but afterwards, you need to top up the credit to play. *The Goodymy editor actually bought two decks of their game cards, shipping from the US, because it's so much fun to play with.Download the app here.Have fun when exploring these apps! *Most of the images here are from editor's phone (screenshots)Other image sources: Image | Image | Cover image 
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These magic lines brings great comfort to people. Make sure you learn how to say it.

Pandemic has forced people to change their life routine. Some people were isolated from their family members; some people lost their jobs. Many students had to stop their education until further notice. This is the time where all of us should stand together and support each other. Here is what you could say if anyone is sharing their worry to you.Did you have a bad day? Do you want to talk about it?Angry people are usually sad people. Most of the time they were actually sad but it’s difficult for them to embrace their sadness. As being sad is often equate to showing weakness which that is not true. So, they disguise their sadness into anger yet deep down they were upset. Is there anything I could do to make you feel better?Knowing what’s the right word to say could break the barrier between people. Saying this line is telling them that you are ready to help. It’s important to ask them more than once, they might need some time to sort out their thought. Despite, in the end, they didn’t utter any words. That’s okay, at least they know that there are people like you care deeply about them.I am sure you are doing the best you could.Anyone that approached you to talk about their problems it’s because they are worried, self-doubting, clueless, not sure whether they are doing the right things or just lost. It’s important to give them affirmation or assurance. Regardless of what they did, saying this line could be their great comfort. It’s not in our position tell them how well they did, as they are the exact person who went through their life process. Be attentive when talking to your friends or your family. Hold a safe space and judgmental free zone for them. If you don’t have something nice to say, just listen. If you know someone who is struggling, please ask them to seek professional advice. *The Mindfacultykl is offering to pay it forward session where you could claim a free therapy session. Follow them to keep up with the news. 
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