【Beauty Care】HAZARDS Of Sleeping Without Removing Makeup! First Aid Methods After Waking Up
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HAZARDS Of Sleeping Without Removing Makeup! First Aid Methods After Waking Up


Sleeping without removing makeup is harmful to the skin. 

Sometimes, it’s really too tiring for the girls to remove makeup when they reach home and they will directly go to sleep. 

However, most of them will regret it when they wake up and they find out that their eyelashes fall off unusually. 

What are the other hazards of not removing makeup? Let's check it out below.

1. Loss Of Eyelashes

If you go to bed without removing the mascara, the mascara will become condense on the eyelashes, making it difficult to be emulsified by the makeup remover. 

Therefore, be sure to carefully remove the mascara and do not let the mascara remain on the eyelashes. 

Otherwise, it will cause the eyelashes to become fragile and easy to fall off.

2. Accelerated Skin Aging

Sleeping without removing makeup will lead to accelerated skin aging because the body and skin need to detoxify at night. 

If cosmetics remain on the face during this period, it will increase the burden on the skin and affect the body's metabolism. 

3. Enlarged Pores And Acne

This is because cosmetics on the face will enter the pores through the process of breathing. 

It will increase the chance of clogging the pores, and eventually forming the problem of large pores. 

Besides. it is easy to cause inflammation of the pores, which can cause acne.


First Aid Method After Waking Up

1. Remove Makeup After Opening The Pores. 

The "overnight" cosmetics will become very close to the skin, so it is important to open the pores before washing your face. 

You can put a warm towel on your face for 5 minutes to open the pores and then remove makeup. 

After that, carefully wash the skin with makeup remover and facial cleansing products to remove makeup thoroughly.


2. Double Moisturizing

After washing the face thoroughly, most of the facial oil will be washed off, so the skin will be drier than usual at this time. 

You can soak a cotton pad with lotion and then apply it to your face to enhance the moisturizing effect. 

Be careful not to apply it for too long; otherwise, it will dry your skin. Just apply it for 3 minutes. 


3. Replenish Vitamins And Water

You can eat more foods containing collagen and vitamin to help skin regeneration. 

Vitamin C helps prevents pigmentation while Vitamin B can promote cell growth and metabolism. 

The above nutrients can be taken from pork, eggs, natto, bananas, and green peppers.

4. Go To Bed Early The Next Day

Living habits are actually very important. If you can go to bed between 10 pm and 2 pm, it can help your skin grow healthily. 

If you go to bed without removing your makeup the day before, you need to go to bed early to help your skin recover. 


No matter how tired you are, the most important thing is to try to remove your makeup before going to bed. 

This is the best way to take good care of your skin.

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