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Want To Resign? 4 Tips To Make A Proper Resignation


I believe many of you have the experience of getting a job title that did not match the nature of the job after entering the job. 

Before resigning, it is better to think carefully. Everyone needs time to adapt to a new environment. You might give yourself some time to understand the scope of work, and it is not too late to decide.

After analyzing and you find that the current job is really inappropriate, then you may refer to the following 4 tips for you to make a proper resignation. 

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#1. Notify  superior and HR Early 

Working is about responsibility and credibility. 

You must also understand that the hiring process cannot be completed within a short period of time. 

Hence, notify your superior and HR as early as possible to avoid leaving a negative impression of irresponsibility.

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#2. Straight To The Point When You Were Asked About Reason For Resignation 

If you were asked about the reason for resignation, it is best to be skillful as much as you can and tell the real reason. 

This is what a mature adult should do.

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#3. Say Goodbye Face To Face

Resignation is not a shame, and there is no need to feel embarrassed. You must speak openly.

Face-to-face conversations can greatly reduce the misunderstanding between the two parties. 

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#4. Hand Over The Tasks Well

The benefits of a good handover greatly outweigh the disadvantages. 

For example, you can leave a good reputation in the workplace and pave the way for your future career development.


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There is always a chance to meet again your ex-employer, so try to be more tolerant because you would not know that there may be opportunities for cooperation with your ex-employer in the future.

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