【Beauty Care】Causes Of Eye Wrinkles | 3 Techniques For Removing Eye Wrinkles
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Causes Of Eye Wrinkles | 3 Techniques For Removing Eye Wrinkles


Preventing and reducing eye wrinkles is the secret to reducing age. The skin of the eye area is relatively weak. 

Facing the electronic screen for a long time and lack of sleep cause the skin under great pressure, and it is prone to wrinkles. 

It is necessary to understand the causes of eye wrinkles and the techniques to remove them to make the eyes look more attractive.

Cause 1: Aging

After the age of 22 years old, hormones drop by an average of 15% every 10 years in women.

The secretion of sebaceous glands decreases and the support in the skin gradually weakens. The subcutaneous fat will also become thinner. 

The occurrence of elastic fiber damage and collagen loss also will cause the skin to become loose, leading to the formation of eye bags and wrinkles.

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Cause 2: Stress And Bad Habits

Bad habits, such as long-term lack of sleep, bad eating habits, and stress, are also the reasons for eye wrinkles. 

Also, if you have the habit of rubbing your eyes, the skin around the eyes will be pulled in the process. 

It subsequently causes the skin around the eyes to become loose and produce eye wrinkles.


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Cause 3: Dry Weather And Overexposure

The changes of seasons cause the skin to experience dehydration, leading to the formation of wrinkles. 

Besides, strong ultraviolet rays will also accelerate the skin oxidation rate as well as destroy skin collagen and elastin. It will finally cause the growth of wrinkles and stimulate skin aging.

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Unfortunately, once the eye wrinkles appear, it is difficult to completely remove them. 

Quickly refer to the following 3 eye wrinkle removal techniques to prevent and improve eye wrinkles as soon as possible.

Technique 1: Moisturization

Moisturizer must be done because the skin around the eyes is particularly fragile and its water storage capacity is lower than that of the facial skin. 

Moisturization can smooth the skin and protect the skin around the eyes from external aggressions.

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Technique 2: Use Eye Cream Correctly

The correct way is to apply the cream evenly on the eye area. 

Use the ring finger to gently press the inner corner of the eye from the bottom of the eye to the outer corner of the eye in a counterclockwise direction, and finally return to the upper corner through the brow bone. 

Massage the inner corners of the eyes to accelerate the blood circulation and allow the eye cream to penetrate the skin more effectively.


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Technique 3: Let Your Eyes Rest

If you need to use the computer for a long time, you should stop every 40 minutes. 

Use 10-15 minutes to look into the distance or close your eyes and rest for a while, so that the eyes and muscles around the eyes can rest. 

Besides, remember to wear sunglasses when you go out to block ultraviolet rays from direct exposure to the skin around your eyes.

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