【KPOP News】This JYP K-idol loves bah kut teh, nasi goreng and mangosteen in Malaysia!

This JYP K-idol loves bah kut teh, nasi goreng and mangosteen in Malaysia!


Who could imagine a Korean idol would love Malaysia so much? This idol is signed under JYP entertainment the top three entertainment companies in South Korea. Over many programs or live stream that had been broadcasted, you could hear this idol talked about Malaysia not once but multiple times. Anddd... his name is HAN! From the Korean male idol group which is called 'Stray Kids'! Stray Kids was a South Korea survival shows that broadcast by Mnet. A group of trainees are required to pass all kinds of the mission to test their talent and survive till the end of the show. So who exactly is Han?

Han Ji Sung 

Han, aka Han Ji Sung, is a rapper in his group and has a sub-unit known as '3RACHA' with another two members in Stray Kidz. I first notice Han was from this 12million views video clip from Youtube. Han teamed up with his teammate, Chanbin to have a friendly competition with YG trainees at the time was prepared to be debuted as 'Treasure'. Even the YG CEO, Yang Hyun Suk was so impressed by both of them. 

The above clip was before Han was debuted. At the time, he was only 17 years old! 

Han the freestyle GENIUS

In a different kind of entertainment program, Han has flaunted his freestyle talent. When he was having his own month evaluation as a trainee, he decided to freestyle as well. Watch 0.22 in the video to find out what his teammate said about him.

Not only that, he sings so well as a rapper. Last year, he attended Masked Singer and covered Dean's song- Half-moon. 

He too sang an extremely difficult Korean Trot song, hit all those insanely high note! 

He called himself- Malaysia Han!

In a live stream with his members, they were playing this game about combining their hometown with their name. Han called himself, Malaysia Han! He was born in Korea and moved to Malaysia due to his father's business. He lived in Malaysia when he was 12 years old. It's fascinating that see Han claimed Malaysia as his hometown instead of his home country Korea. (Watch 0.54 in the video)

He really enjoyed eating mangosteen and talked about the fruits from Malaysia such as the banana was in different size or rambutan. As these fruits were tropical in nature, it must be difficult to get it in Korea. (Watch 2.12 for 'Malaysia Han' and 2.17 for Mangosteen mentioned)

Also, he expressed his love for Bah Kut Teh! He was trying to explain it to his group member, how wonderful it is to eat Bah Kut Teh in Malaysia. (Watch 0.27 in the video)

Han's love about Malaysia is so heartwarming. Hopefully, he gets to visit Malaysia again after the pandemic. So, he could eat Bah Kut Teh, nasi lemak and mangosteen again! 

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There are infinite things that we need to learn but we have only one brain. Ever since we have existed in this world, learning is one of the constant duty that we have to fulfil whether consciously or subconsciously. While things that we learned are definite and certain, there are things that we should unlearn to remove our unconscious bias. So, what are things that we should unlearn?Respond instead of reacting.We often reacting instead of responding. Reaction is something that could happen in a split second. The problem is if you didn't stop and process any information that you received, you would end up giving reaction for the sake of reacting. It might not be what you meant to say yet your subconscious took over of you and ended up saying things that you didn't mean to.For example, your friend is acting extra sensitive today and he or she just gets angry with everything. Then, he or she said some insensitive things to you. Such as, you are making my life extremely difficult and I don't like to hang out with difficult people. You felt extremely offended of your friend's comment and shouted, 'you are not the easiest person as well!'. This is considered as a reaction, you reacted to what your friend said and got hostile immediately. So, how do we respond?Be curious, but not furious.If you could take an extra second to delay your reaction, start pondering why is he or she being so sensitive today? Then, you are being curious about his or her words. Doing this, you will start a different thinking mode than being furious on their hurtful words. For example, is he or she having a bad day? Was he or she sad because of something happened earlier? Does he or she need any help? This is nothing like them, they must be going through some difficult things in their life.Now, you are curious about what have they went through to act like this. When you started to be curious, you became empathetic towards your friends. You switch your anger to empathy and care for them by asking them the right question to unravel their story behind. This can be used in many occasions, whenever you are in a stressful encounter with your boss, friends, family or friends. We need to unlearn the immediate reaction and relearn how to handle these situations.Befriend with people who disagree with youIt may sound like a bizarre idea as the usual end goal is to find people who think similarly. Yet, I agree to disagree. We all should have some friends that disagree with us. That's because it is healthy for our brain to learn and train to receive all kinds of information. One of the perks of having friends disagree with you is to not be ignorant to people. Listen to different opinions could train us to think critically so that we are not easily biased. Also, we could unlearn our biased perception and relearn how to respect people who share a different opinion with us. Unlearning process is vital for every one of us. Unlearn the vices and relearn the meaningful and useful thing. Our brain is akin to IOS or Android system, occasionally we should update our brain system so that our life value can be updated. Learn, unlearn and relearn.
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