【Beauty Care】Save You From Aging | Innisfree's Day And Night Jeju Orchid Anti-Aging Care
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Save You From Aging | Innisfree's Day And Night Jeju Orchid Anti-Aging Care


Want to be forever young? We can't stop the clock, but Innisfree's Day And Night Jeju Orchid Anti-Aging Care can help you cheat the cameras and mirrors into thinking you’re more youthful thou. 

What are the benefits of using skincare products with the content of Jeju Orchid?

It can provide a 5-in-1 total anti-aging solution. Intensive firming cream gives a one-stop solution for elasticity, wrinkles, skin tone, dryness, and pores with the strong vitality of Jeju orchids.

Hyaluronic acid from Jeju green beans and peptide contribute moisture and make the skin looking smooth, supple, and dense.

The Jeju Orchid line is supplemented with Orchid Elixir 2.0™ which is high in antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin and leaves it with a luminous glow.

Below are the steps and the items to be used during morning and night. 


Photo Source: Innisfree Malaysia

Photo Source: Innisfree Malaysia

If you are interested, you can visit the Innisfree Malaysia online store to buy or to learn more about the product!

Cover Photo: IG Of Innisfree Malaysia | IG Of Innisfree Malaysia

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Beauty Care Women Daily Skill

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