【Beauty Care】Face Mask Made Your Lipstick Color Gone? Steps To Make Long Lasting Lip Makeup
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Face Mask Made Your Lipstick Color Gone? Steps To Make Long Lasting Lip Makeup


Amidst COVID-19, face masks have never hindered the women to buy and apply lipstick. 

In order to prevent lip makeup from being destroyed by face masks, you may refer to the following techniques (recommended by the makeup artists) to make your lip makeup last longer!

Step One: Moisturize Lips

If you want to wear lip makeup and lasting, you should use lip balm or vaseline before applying lipstick to enhance the durability of lip makeup!

Step 2: Use Concealer To Make A Primer

Apply a layer of concealer on lips to help lip color last longer.

Step 3: Use A Lip Liner To Outline the lip shape

Many girls would skip takes this step for a sake of convenience. 

In fact, this step is especially important in order to make the lip look more three-dimensional. 

You can choose to use a lip liner that has a similar color as your with your lipstick/lip gloss to draw your ideal lip shape!

Step 4: Apply Lip Liner

Since most lip liners contain "wax", applying it to the lips can give the lips a layer of wax protection and make the lipstick color last longer.

Step 5: Apply Lipstick/ Lip Gloss

Apply lipstick/lip gloss directly on the lips, then lightly print your lips with a tissue. 

Apply the lipstick/lip gloss again. For longer-lasting lip makeup, repeat this step 2-3 times.

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