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Yubiso Must Have Items for Girls!


Yubiso products are definitely a bang for the buck! Not only is the pricing very much affordable, the quality is not compromised in any way, making it a great choice to get many household items or just window shopping. Besides that, Yubiso also has a couple of makeup and skincare products on its shelves, suitable for those who are on a tighter budget or students who are just starting out. Here are 15 items you should get the next time you come across a Yubiso store!

01 | Lipsticks

Yubiso's lipsticks have a smooth texture, rich color rendering, is long lasting, and reasonably priced. It might feel a little dry at first so we suggest applying some lip balm before the lipstick. Those starting their makeup journey can definitely consider Yubiso's lipsticks as you can get a wide variety of colours without breaking the bank.

02 | Lip Gloss

If your lips are too dry or dull, you can consider Yubiso's lip gloss. It's moisturising, provides shine, and is non-sticky, all the things that make up a good lip gloss. The brush is relatively thin and small, making it easier to stick to the outline of your lips even up to the corners of your mouth. Of course, it is very budget-friendly too!

03 | Blush

Yubiso's powder blush comes with its own cute brush, making it easy to apply on the cheeks after some foundation. The powder is very fine and blends evenly on the face. Color rendering is fair and provides a light shimmering radiant. Suitable for those new to makeup as the price and color choices are both attractive.

04 | Skin Essence

For an entire 500 ml skin essence at a cheap price point, look no further than Yubiso's Nicotinamide Ampoule. This product keeps your skin hydrated and you feeling refreshed! For only RM9, the bottle lasts for quite some time, making it absolutely worth it. We like using it as a wet beauty mask too as there are no worries about using too much of it.

05 | Compressed Facial Mask

Coming in 20 adorable individual capsules, Yubiso's compressed facial mask can be applied almost instantly. Just a few drops of toner and serum and you're good to go. Weekly usage of face masks help your skin stay hydrated and moist. Besides that, using it before applying makeup will help improve its lasting effects.

06 | Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser

The aloe vera foam cleanser is soft and gentle to the skin, avoiding dry skin effects. Just apply a reasonable amount onto the built in silicon brush and gently massage your face. This will help clean your pores, getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. The aloe vera component helps preserve the moisture in your skin, making it feel much smoother after your routine.

07 | Cosmetic Puff

Yubiso's cosmetic puffs and sound and firm, making them not prone to splitting or breaking easily. At the same time, it is soft enough to feel good on the skin. Compared to applying foundation with your bare hands, using a cosmetic puff will make the foundation stay on better. To keep it clean, just use a little bit of soap and warm water before patting it dry.

08 | Eyeliner

The thin and delicate tip allows you to smoothly and easily outline your eyes with the Yubiso Liquid Eyeliner. This brand of eyeliner does not bleed easily, even on hotter days. If you are still worried, apply a little powder on the right places to improve the eyeliner's lasting effects. Those looking to get a new eyeliner should definitely take a look!

09 | Aloe Vera Cream

Not only is Yubiso's aloe vera cream cheap, it is very moisturising, perfect for those with dry skin. After applying toner, you may put on the aloe vera cream to trap the moisture in your skin. The composition is not oily, making it suitable for ladies with oily and combination skin.

10 | Cleansing Lotion

Yubiso's cleansing lotion is gentle to the skin as it doesn't contain irritating chemicals, suitable for sensitive and dry skins. This product provides excellent hydrating effects, making the skin feel smoother after every use. Girls having a pimple breakout or whiteheads can consider this cleansing lotion over other products that contain more chemicals.

11 | BB Cream

Want to cover up any acne, freckles, dark circles or other flaws? Why not try Yubiso's Makeup Foundation BB. It has a smooth texture that will prevent any lumping on your face with moderate lasting ability. It is suggested to apply it onto a loose powder setting to control oil levels and to keep the foundation better in place. For those going for a lighter and more basic makeup, Yubiso's BB cream is worth a try!

12 | Makeup Base

Before applying any foundation, it helps to first apply some makeup base. This will help even up skin tones and cover up your pores. Yubiso's Isolation Makeup Base is quite nourishing and easy to apply evenly. It also helps any foundation and makeup stay longer.

13 | Mud Pores Cleanser

Yubiso's Mud Pores Cleansing Facial Cleanser does a great job at thoroughly cleaning blackheads and whiteheads. At the same time, it has great oil control effects, perfect for those with oily skins. Due to its strong cleansing characteristics, it might leave your skin feeling a little dry after use, so some lotion or toner will help.

14 | Eye Cream

If you have more noticable dark circles or wrinkles, you may consider Yubiso's eye cream to moisturise the areas around the eyes. This eye cream does not give off a sticky texture and is easy to apply evenly on the skin. The rice essense has anti-aging properties and help fight off wrinkling. It is definitely a buy for those looking for an eye cream that fits their budget.

15 | Electric Facial Cleaning Brush

Yubiso's silicon electrical face cleaner provides deep cleaning of the pores. It removes the basic blackheads and acne, while going a step further to clean off dead skin and dirt from your skin. The tool does a better job at cleaning than without it and this is exceptionally true for those who frequently apply makeup, as this will remove any excess makeup particles from the face.

Bonus! | Makeup Brush

The brushes on Yubiso's makeup brushes are soft, delicate and do not cause any prickly feelings on the face, making it a comfortable pick! While some prefer to use different types and sizes of brushes, Yubiso's collection allows you to do that without putting a whole in your purse.

The 15 (and of course, plus 1 bonus) items from Yubiso are highly recommended for the next time you visit a Yubiso store near you. Most of the products in there are a bang for the buck, making it a popular choice for people of all ages.

*Cover photo source: Sunway Pyramid (Left), Yubiso Malaysia Instagram (4 On Right)

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