【Music & Book】Bibliophiles, Rejoice! Taiwan‘s Well Known Chain - Eslite Spectrum《誠品生活》Will Be Coming Soon to Starhill, KL in 2022!
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Bibliophiles, Rejoice! Taiwan‘s Well Known Chain - Eslite Spectrum《誠品生活》Will Be Coming Soon to Starhill, KL in 2022!


Starhill KL has announced that they are honoured to welcome Eslite as their long term partner. It will be the first-ever store in Southeast Asia which located in Bukit Bintang business district of the "Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle" . Grand opening will be estimated in 2022. This 70,191 sq ft flagship outlet will be twice the size of Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi store in Tokyo, Japan.

Pretty sure lots of you are quite familiar with this renowned bookstore chain in Taiwan where it's a must visit places when you're there. Little did you know, it has named to be ‘Asia’s Best Bookstore’ by Time magazine and ‘The World’s Coolest Bookstore’ by CNN. Ever thought of the meaning behind by the name of《誠品》(chinese pronunciation: cheng pin)? It actually symbolize aspiration and individual contribution toward a great society. And "Eslite" quoted from an archaism, means elites act as a symbol of the essence and excellence of every individual’s life. 


Well, it's not just an ordinary bookstore Eslite Spectrum will be having broad selection of Chinese, English and Malay language books, as well as music, design and handmade goods, performing arts, themed restaurants and coffee shops, lifestyle brands, and diverse cutting-edge cultural and creative brands. Oh and not forget to mention it's world FIRST 24-hour bookstore all the way from Taiwan to Kuala Lumpur! Isn't that cool?


On top of a haven for book lovers, definitely it's going to be one of the best instagrammable spots! Ensure to share this great news with your friends and family as well as add in to your own list! Let's look forward to it!

Cover photo: Eslite Corp

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