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5 Unique, Underrated Local Fashion Brands That Deserve Your Attention

A.   |   Feb 25, 2021, 16:20   |   675

Long were the days when the phrase local brands used to be an instant repellant, as many equated the word “local” with “below average quality”. Today, local brands wear a brand new face, uphold a brand new value that we can’t help but be drawn into.

If you‘re just starting to dip your toes in the hidden pool of local brand goodness, you need to check out these incredibly one-of-a-kind brands. 

|1| Whimsigirl 

If you're tired of impulse buying statement pieces only for them to be left unworn in your closet then you need to train yourself to purchase go-to basic pieces instead that you'll reach for over and over again, and timeless classic happens to be Whimsigirl's love language when it comes to designing versatile pieces that never goes out of trend. 

Inspired by the multi-facets that come with being a true, authentic woman, Whimsigirl aspires to be a safe space for them to express themselves through fashion. 

|2| Hanya

An advocate for self-love and all things self-preservation, The brand Hanya is far from typical. 

Hanya is what happens when intention meets fashion, and when confidence meets comfort. Their Dear Self and Tiny Wins collections for instance, are a direct reflection of what the brand stands for— finding the beauty in survival. 

|3| Sayang 

Sustainable fashion is growing to be more and more accessible these days, thanks to the exposure of fast fashion and its dire effects on the environment. A local brand, Sayang has also hopped on to contribute further to the movement by creating environmentally conscious clothing while maintaining a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from every other brand. 

|4| Oh Sebenar 

It's candidly refreshing to come across a local brand that celebrates individuality without the subtle discrimination, and Oh Sebenar delivers it quite brilliantly well. Their latest plus-size collection, Lebar encourages their wearers to be "free of labels, free of stereotypes, free to be the best version of yourself."

A brand that lifts you up while ensuring you look good in their clothing, is a brand worthy of recognition. 

|5| Kulet

Kulet is a cruelty-free local footwear brand that identifies itself as a versatile powerhouse that promotes inclusivity, regardless of skin tone. Their footwear is intricately designed to match all the different hues of natural skin. Hence, the name (which translates to skin in Malay). 

Much like the diverse multi-cultures in Malaysia, Kulet's designs reflect exactly that and more. Many wearers of Kulet swear by their comfort and the way they effortlessly blend into any outfit. 


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