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Easy ways to curl your hair with a straightener | Styling hacks

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Straightener is a hair tool that used fo straighten your hair. It is also known as a flat iron. However, it actually has a lot to play with.

Such as you could curl your hair using it or style your bangs (front hair/fringe).

So, do not use it for only straighten your hair. 

Let's check out how else you could use it!

Use it to style your bangs 

After cutting airy bangs, you have no idea how to style. Use a straightener to curl your bangs like below.

Sometimes, your bangs get at a certain awkward length.

 You could also use it curl your bangs shorter to maintain the length.

Short hair hacks- Don't always curl it inward. Try something new!

The only hack that people know is to curl your hair inward like a 'C'. 

But, it's boring to always curl your hair the same way.

Try to curl it outward and see the magic happen!

The easy beachy wave or mermaid wave

This is another rather easy hack to curl your hair. 

It not only increase the volume of your hair and create a completely new look.

Tip: Go slower when curling in and out. 

Long hair hack- Wrap it around 

This hack is suitable for people who have long hair.

No difficult skill needed, just wrap it around and pull it down slowly.

3 different waves- 3 different hacks

A straightener also could recreate the same effect as a curling wand.

So, if you have a straightener you don't have to get another curling wand.

Tip: Do not on the heat of the straightener until you are familiar with the movement. 

Retro vibe curl- Challenge this if you are a pro

This amazing Hollywood curl is phenomenal and is created by a straightener!

But, only challenge this after you succeeded the above.

Ultimate tip: Do not practise with the heat on. It will damage your hair tremendously! *unless you have a great straightener like GHD Practise the movement first while looking at the mirror. 

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