【Beauty Care】How Much Do You Understand About Face Lotion? Types And Functions Of 4 Different Face Lotion
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How Much Do You Understand About Face Lotion? Types And Functions Of 4 Different Face Lotion


Many people will apply face lotion after washing their face, and then apply moisturizing essence and facial cream. 

This is the most basic maintenance sequence. 

Different lotion has different effects/usages. Do you really know their functions?

Have you ever questioned whether you really need lotion? 

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It's better to understand the efficacy and usage of the lotion first!

1. Toner 

It provides a refreshing sense. It is used to balance the pH of the skin and restore the acidity of the skin after you cleanse your face.  

Just soak a cotton pad with toner and then apply it on the face to remove the dirt on the face. 

This would make subsequent skincare products to be easier absorbed by the skin. 


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2. Softening Lotion

It softens the stratum corneum (dead cells). This step delivers significant effects because it quickly infuses moisture and nutrients into the skin when applying subsequent moisturizing products. 

It can be poured directly on the hand and then apply on the face. Or, you can soak the softening lotion with a cotton pad and then wipe on the face. 

It is moisturizing and sticky. It is suitable for normal to dry skin. 

People with combination skin can use a toner in the T position as needed, and use softening lotion in other positions.


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3. Treatment Lotion 

The emergence of treatment lotion makes this step more meaningful because it can bring more skincare effects to the skin. 

The price is higher than toner, but it is cheaper than the essence, and the ingredients are more exquisite. 

Different formulas provide different effects such as whitening, anti-aging, or repairing.


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4. Peeling Lotion 

It is inspired by fruit acid to exfoliate the skin. After washing the face, it further removes the old dead skin cells, so that the skin can effectively absorb the ingredients of the skincare products. 

The product has a water-like texture and is made of different plant ingredients. 

It is milder than real skin-renewing products. It is especially suitable for people with dull skin, uneven skin tone, and thicker keratin.


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Some of the toners we use contain alcohol. It is mainly suitable for oily skin and also has the effect of reducing pores.

When you put on your face, it will instantly evaporate together with the facial oil on your face. It would make you feel refreshed and not sticky! 

However, the alcohol content will also dry out the surface of the skin, making the skin produce a large amount of oil to protect itself.


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So, if you use lotion every day and think it’s pretty good, please continue using it. 

If you can’t see the effects after using it for a long time, you might look at the ingredients behind it because you might be using the wrong product!

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