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4 Foam Color Hair Dye [Available at WATSONS!!!]

yiyingxx   |   Feb 10, 2021, 11:45   |   112

Due to MCO, we are not allowed to dye our hair in the salon. Fret not, we're here to save your hair! There is another alternative for you to dye your hair at home and with ease using these Foam Color Hair Dye recommended below!

1. MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble x Blackpink Foam Color Hair Dye

There are various colors available but the buyer should note that for some colors like Mermaid, Ballet, Twinkle Blue and Whale Blue, you must BLEACH your hair before coloring. Otherwise, the colour might not came out as we expect. The colors that doesn't require hair bleaching are Dark Choco, Choco Brown and Mystic Black.

Shopee: Purchase link

Watsons: Purchase link


2. Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color 

One of the Japan's top brand Liese’s has launched their NEWLY improved with foam that guarantee in 4X better result. The results are in fact pretty good with the colours actually lasts longer! It should be noted that one box is only enough to color shoulder length hair. We recommend two boxes for sufficient usage if you have thicker and longer hair.

Shopee: Purchase link

Watsons: Purchase link


3. BEAUTYLABO Whip Hair Color 

The texture of this is really good as it is much smoother and the non-dripping mixture really helps as it makes the application a lot easier from roots to ends with bare hands. It is definitely easy to use even for beginners and there is no extra special equipment needed.

Shopee: Purchase link

Watsons: Purchase link


4. Garnier Color Naturals Cream Hair Color

Garnier's version are enriched with Natural Olive Oil and they promise you with 100% Grey Coverage. You may purchase this product from Garnier Shopee Mall in a worry-free manner as they guarantee 100% authenticity.

Shopee: Purchase link

Watsons: Purchase link


Let's hope we can get our fabulous colours we wanted when the MCO ends. But for now, lets DIY our hair colour at home and stay safe! 


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