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ONE simple step to have sparkly, adorable Eyes | Look good, Feels good!

You can put on all the make-ups in the world to make your lips, nose, cheeks looks like one of the model from The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But to make your eyes looks as stunning and approachable like those angels, you need a good pair of contact lenses. Most of the Asian girls has black or dark brown eye colours, which sometimes, it makes our eyes look overly serious or unfriendly. At time like this, you need the help from a pair of nice and comfy contact lens that could make your eyes charm like Gigi Hadid or Karlie Kloss.     Recommending you the Miacare™ lens, that comes in 13.0mm to 13.4mm diameter which is a perfect fit for all. Although there are other lenses that comes in bigger diameter that can visually enlarge your eye, but it may make your eyes looking way too odd out. What you need is a lens that is around 13.2mm diameter to naturally make your eyes pretty. And which is why Miacare™ lens is the best fit for everyone. Miacare™ uses Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology, a unique dot matrix pattern that can blends the lens colour with your eye colour super well, making you look like a mixed race beauty.Here are the 3 different series of Miacare™ lens, each with 2 different colour shades :- [ 1 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - GazeBoth Gray and Hazel colour gonna make you looks like you have a parent from European countries. Especially the Gray colour, which is unexpectedly making your eyes looks so naturally elegant.    [ 2 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - Allure If you like something that could brightened up your eyes further, this is the series that you are gonna go for. Same as the Gaze series, it has Gray and Hazel as well. But with the Allure series, the colours are lighter and brighter, which can makes your eyes shine and mesmerising.   [ 3 ] Miacare™ CONFiDENCE - ElusiveDon't like something too obvious? Try the Chocolate and Hazel colour lens from Elusive. Smoothly tone up and add a very natural shine to your eyes. It is best for everyday use.    For someone who has a busy schedule, Miacare™ lens can effortlessly sits in your eyes all day without making you feel uncomfortable! You can even wear it while working out in the gym! This absolute comfort comes from their incredibly high oxygen tranmissibility that prevents your eye from going dry. With that, you can easily remove it after use. Here is a quick summary of the greatness of Miacare™ lens :-- Their world-leading EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology II is the world's one and only solvent-free formula which suits even those who has sensitive eyes or dry eyes. - This innovative silicone hydrogel has 5 times higher oxygen transmissibility compare to other lens brands.-  It uses Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology, a unique pattern that naturally blends the lens colour with your eye without compromising the oxygen transmissibility- With their Unique Colour Blocking Technology, each of Miacare™ lens has 3 different layers, with the pigmented layer at the middle of all layers, so that it is isolated from the eye and give you the ultimate comfortIn short, Miacare™ lens is super safe, amazingly comfortable, and it makes your eyes look stunning!Thinking of giving it a try? Let me add another reason for you to try it NOW!!! Miacare™ is having a promotion now!!! Get 27% off when you purchase 4 boxes of Miacare™ lenses. It is only RM33 per box after discount!!! (Ori price : RM45).Grab yours now from any FOCUS POINT outlet or on their >> online store
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Yubiso Must Have Items for Girls!

Yubiso products are definitely a bang for the buck! Not only is the pricing very much affordable, the quality is not compromised in any way, making it a great choice to get many household items or just window shopping. Besides that, Yubiso also has a couple of makeup and skincare products on its shelves, suitable for those who are on a tighter budget or students who are just starting out. Here are 15 items you should get the next time you come across a Yubiso store!01 | LipsticksYubiso's lipsticks have a smooth texture, rich color rendering, is long lasting, and reasonably priced. It might feel a little dry at first so we suggest applying some lip balm before the lipstick. Those starting their makeup journey can definitely consider Yubiso's lipsticks as you can get a wide variety of colours without breaking the bank.02 | Lip GlossIf your lips are too dry or dull, you can consider Yubiso's lip gloss. It's moisturising, provides shine, and is non-sticky, all the things that make up a good lip gloss. The brush is relatively thin and small, making it easier to stick to the outline of your lips even up to the corners of your mouth. Of course, it is very budget-friendly too!03 | BlushYubiso's powder blush comes with its own cute brush, making it easy to apply on the cheeks after some foundation. The powder is very fine and blends evenly on the face. Color rendering is fair and provides a light shimmering radiant. Suitable for those new to makeup as the price and color choices are both attractive.04 | Skin EssenceFor an entire 500 ml skin essence at a cheap price point, look no further than Yubiso's Nicotinamide Ampoule. This product keeps your skin hydrated and you feeling refreshed! For only RM9, the bottle lasts for quite some time, making it absolutely worth it. We like using it as a wet beauty mask too as there are no worries about using too much of it.05 | Compressed Facial MaskComing in 20 adorable individual capsules, Yubiso's compressed facial mask can be applied almost instantly. Just a few drops of toner and serum and you're good to go. Weekly usage of face masks help your skin stay hydrated and moist. Besides that, using it before applying makeup will help improve its lasting effects.06 | Aloe Vera Foam CleanserThe aloe vera foam cleanser is soft and gentle to the skin, avoiding dry skin effects. Just apply a reasonable amount onto the built in silicon brush and gently massage your face. This will help clean your pores, getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. The aloe vera component helps preserve the moisture in your skin, making it feel much smoother after your routine.07 | Cosmetic PuffYubiso's cosmetic puffs and sound and firm, making them not prone to splitting or breaking easily. At the same time, it is soft enough to feel good on the skin. Compared to applying foundation with your bare hands, using a cosmetic puff will make the foundation stay on better. To keep it clean, just use a little bit of soap and warm water before patting it dry.08 | EyelinerThe thin and delicate tip allows you to smoothly and easily outline your eyes with the Yubiso Liquid Eyeliner. This brand of eyeliner does not bleed easily, even on hotter days. If you are still worried, apply a little powder on the right places to improve the eyeliner's lasting effects. Those looking to get a new eyeliner should definitely take a look!09 | Aloe Vera CreamNot only is Yubiso's aloe vera cream cheap, it is very moisturising, perfect for those with dry skin. After applying toner, you may put on the aloe vera cream to trap the moisture in your skin. The composition is not oily, making it suitable for ladies with oily and combination skin.10 | Cleansing LotionYubiso's cleansing lotion is gentle to the skin as it doesn't contain irritating chemicals, suitable for sensitive and dry skins. This product provides excellent hydrating effects, making the skin feel smoother after every use. Girls having a pimple breakout or whiteheads can consider this cleansing lotion over other products that contain more chemicals.11 | BB CreamWant to cover up any acne, freckles, dark circles or other flaws? Why not try Yubiso's Makeup Foundation BB. It has a smooth texture that will prevent any lumping on your face with moderate lasting ability. It is suggested to apply it onto a loose powder setting to control oil levels and to keep the foundation better in place. For those going for a lighter and more basic makeup, Yubiso's BB cream is worth a try!12 | Makeup BaseBefore applying any foundation, it helps to first apply some makeup base. This will help even up skin tones and cover up your pores. Yubiso's Isolation Makeup Base is quite nourishing and easy to apply evenly. It also helps any foundation and makeup stay longer.13 | Mud Pores CleanserYubiso's Mud Pores Cleansing Facial Cleanser does a great job at thoroughly cleaning blackheads and whiteheads. At the same time, it has great oil control effects, perfect for those with oily skins. Due to its strong cleansing characteristics, it might leave your skin feeling a little dry after use, so some lotion or toner will help.14 | Eye CreamIf you have more noticable dark circles or wrinkles, you may consider Yubiso's eye cream to moisturise the areas around the eyes. This eye cream does not give off a sticky texture and is easy to apply evenly on the skin. The rice essense has anti-aging properties and help fight off wrinkling. It is definitely a buy for those looking for an eye cream that fits their budget.15 | Electric Facial Cleaning BrushYubiso's silicon electrical face cleaner provides deep cleaning of the pores. It removes the basic blackheads and acne, while going a step further to clean off dead skin and dirt from your skin. The tool does a better job at cleaning than without it and this is exceptionally true for those who frequently apply makeup, as this will remove any excess makeup particles from the face.Bonus! | Makeup BrushThe brushes on Yubiso's makeup brushes are soft, delicate and do not cause any prickly feelings on the face, making it a comfortable pick! While some prefer to use different types and sizes of brushes, Yubiso's collection allows you to do that without putting a whole in your purse.The 15 (and of course, plus 1 bonus) items from Yubiso are highly recommended for the next time you visit a Yubiso store near you. Most of the products in there are a bang for the buck, making it a popular choice for people of all ages.*Cover photo source: Sunway Pyramid (Left), Yubiso Malaysia Instagram (4 On Right)
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Support Local And Feel The Warmth | Exquisite Works By 4 Malaysian DIY Makers

In this highly industrialized society, customized and hand-made objects are extremely precious and beautiful. Here are the Instagram accounts of the 5 Malaysian DIY makers who have integrated their enthusiasm with their work. 1. IG: @shirleenjewelicioussExquisite accessories will definitely make OOTD more outstanding! And, Shirleen Jeweliciouss' hand-made jewelry is definitely your choice. The bright colors and unique materials will surely make you become the spot of the public. 2. IG: @earthcaresoapsIn addition to making exquisite natural soaps, Earth Care Soaps also has developed body care products. Using breast milk to make soap is also one of the unique selling points of this store.3. IG: @takos.storeOne of the selling points of this store is the distinctive little embroidery. You could find it on the canvas bag and shirts produced by the DIY makers from this store. There are also hand-knitted hats or bags, which can make you feel youth after you wear it!4. IG: @haveasweetdreammyThis store is opened by a lovely lady who enjoys teaching people about the Shibori (tie-dye), plant embroidery work, and graphic notes. Let's come together and support the Malaysian DIY makers! Cover Photo: IG of @haveasweetdreammy | IG of @shirleenjeweliciouss 
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This 14 Days (Lazy-People-Friendly) Japanese Skin Fasting Will Make Your Skin Glow Brighter Than Ever!

These days, there has been a renewed focus on skincare and it is becoming an essential part of our lives, especially for those who put on makeup on a daily basis. Adding on to that, to prevent aging, wrinkles, spots or just to have our skin look younger, the amount of beauty and skincare products begin to stack up. More than ever, we are worried that not using a certain product or skipping a certain step will cause our faces to breakout into a wreck of wrinkles, acne and gigantic pores. However, our skin, just like any other part of our bodies, require sufficient rest. That's where Japanese doctor Ryuichi Utsuki's [Skin Fasting] idea comes in, promoting a skincare routine that minimizes the products we use. This concept is also perfect for those with a sensitive skin, those who stick to a strict routine everyday, and those who insist on applying layers upon layers of product on their faces.Note: The skin fasting routine primarily reduces the amount of external skincare products used and does not call for a complete avoidance of products. During the fasting period, it is essential to wash your face every day and night with just water. This of course is to keep the face cleansed while also allowing the face to restore its natural abilities to balance your skin's oil-water levels. Besides that, put a stop to using toners so as to reduce the skin's dependance on external producst to control and balance oil and pH levels. No other skincare products should be needed. For those with drier skin, the lack of products such as moisturisers and lotions might leave you feeling a little rough and tight. As such, a thin layer of Vaseline might do the trick. Vaseline contains natural minerals that help to reduce water evaporation, keeping your skin's moisture intact. During this time, it is also important to drink plenty of liquids and stay hydrated in order to improve the skin's metabolism and maintain it's glow. That's all it takes: simple steps without layers and layers of products to bring your skin back to its glory days.Another thing you might notice while skin fasting is that due to the lack of skincare products, your face might glow unnaturally. To overcome this, just use oil blotting paper or oil control films to remove the excess oil on your face. Not long after, you should start to notice a reduction in breakouts, acne, whiteheads, rashes and just enhanaced skin quality in general. After the 14 day regime, your skin's absorption abilities will have improved greatly for you to return to your normal skincare routine and products.   *Cover image source: (Left) (Right) (Center)
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Dark Circles Even After Getting Enough Sleep? Here's Why They Happen and How To Treat Them!

Let's face it: dark circles are annoying! Besides giving us an unwanted fragile outlook, it is much more difficult to have the perfect makeup with them around. The usual suspect for having dark circles would of course be a lack of sleep, but there are also a few other causes. What's more, differing colors of dark circles happen for different reasons and each asks for specific remedies. So, which kind do you have?Blueish Dark CirclesBlueish dark circles, also known as vascular dark circles, happen due to the slow microcirculation of blood and lymphatic fluid around the eyes. Lack of sleep is usually the cause of the blood being less oxygenated and accumulated underneath the eyes. However, this is the least worrying type as it is easiest to overcome. People with blueish dark eye circles can apply warm and cold towels alternately around the eyes to promote blood flow. Repeat this for 10 minutes, exchanging between the two about 5 times every minute. Besides that, massaging around the eyes such as in the corners, the temples and the center of the eyebrows also helps improve blood circulation.Brownish Dark CirclesBrownish dark circles happen due to excess pigmentation, hence it is also known as pigmented dark circles. This can happen for a number of reasons, from sun damage, to improper or incomplete makeup removal, to just rubbing your eyes too often. All these causes an overproduction of melanin which results in a dark brown coloring around the eyes. To treat and prevent this, be sure to pay attention to sun exposure and practice sun protection such as applying sunblock more often. Taking in more Vitamin C or using skincare products that contain such active ingredients also help fight pigmented dark circles.Blackish Dark CirclesBlackish dark circles or structured dark circles comes with old age, weakened muscles or fatigue. This affects the elasticity of the skin, causing it to thin and sag. The thinning of skin around the eyes causes blood vessels to be more visible while the sagging forms grooves and shadows, completing the dark eye circles. Those suffering from this form of dark circles can try doing facial exercises, especially around the eyes to prevent continued degradation of the muscles. Some massaging of the scalp also improves facial blood circulation and helps repair muscle elasticity. Although structured dark circles are generally found in older men and women, young people should also work to prevent or delay its effects.One last do you tell which type you have?Blueish Dark Circles: Pull down on your bottom eyelids, the dark circles will look faded.Blackish Dark Circles: Put your head up towards light, the dark circles will look faded.Brownish Dark Circles: Neither of the above methods causes dark circles to look faded.Remember, it's not just about skincare products, keeping the right diet with vegetables and fruits full of vitamins is equally important to keep your skin bright and glowing!*Cover image source: Left, Right, Center
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The best hairdryer - Dyson Supersonic has a NEW Copper edition!

If you haven't heard of Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, it is considerably the BEST hairdryer by far. It has 3 big really stunning benefits :-1. It dries your hair extremely fast (the fastest yet)2. It protects your hair from damage and reduces hair fall3. It decrease frizz and increase shine in your hair This is why girls are crazy over this RM1,799.00 hair dryer. It comes in 4 different colours, until the gift edition came... ...Introducing the new Copper/Silver coloured Dyson Supersonic™ Gift Edition Hair Dryer. Classy to say the least. The colour is so flattering! No matter if you are a minimalist, or someone who enjoys majestic designs, or even someone who is always following the trend, this colour fits you all round!   Same as the default versions, the new gift edition comes with Smoothing nozzle, Styling Concentrator, Diffuser, Gentle air attachment, Non-slip heat-resistant mat, Storage bag and a Copper presentation case.   So if haven't get one yet, this is the one you should get! 
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Top 5 Men‘s Perfume: What Men Want to Smell Like and What Women Want to Smell on Men.

For the most parts, men prefer comfort over style, choosing to rock shorts and sandals or whatever they find in their wardrobe. However, there are still occasions when men need to dress up. It is during these times when a little perfume goes a long way at one-upping their peers. As ladies, wouldn't it be nice if your man carries an aroma that tickles your senses when you're out on a date? Here, we will look at 5 fragrances that men love to put on themselves and also equally adored by women, each catered for a different personality and style.Before we dive right into it, here's a quick guide to the different types of men's fragrances you might see while shopping for one. These types differ primarily in the oil concentration level and roughly translates to how long a scent lingers, so be sure to keep an eye out for these terms:Eau Fraiche (EF): lightweight, 1-3% oil concentration, stays for 1-2 hours.Eau de Cologne (EDC): lightweight, 2-4% oil concentration, stays for 2-4 hours.Eau de Toilette (EDT): moderate, 5-15% oil concentration, stays for around half a day.Eau de Parfum (EDP): strong, 15-20% oil concentration, stays for 4-5 hours.Parfum (P): strong, 20-30% oil concentration, stays for around the entire day.1. Chanel Bleu De | EDP | Woody, Aromatic The Chanel Bleu De carries a fresh woody aroma reaped from New Caledonian Sandalwood. A deeper appreciation reveals notes of cedar and Tonka bean, making it a fragrance that represents masculine charms and hormones. The simple yet elegant bottle with a suction cap design is also tailor-made for men. This fragrance by Chanel is suitable for those that are warm yet assertive, mature yet young-spirited, particularly of men between ages of 20-30 years old. 2. CK One | EDT | Citrus, Woody     CK One primarily carries a tangerine scent as its top note, giving off a fresh and bright feeling. With more flowery midnotes such as jasmine and rose, and woody base notes such as sandalwood and cedar, this fragrance is suitable for men who carry a sturdy and energetic aura. Students should consider having a look as CK One rocks an affordable price and humble bottle design. Not only that, as an EDT fragrance, it is more than suitable to be an introductory perfume for young adults.3. Bvlgari Pour Homme | EDT | Floral, Musk The Bvlgari name needs no introduction and neither does its fragrance. A thing to note is that there are 3 different fragrances under the Pour Homme category, namely the original Pour Homme, the sharper Pour Homme Extreme, and the more subtle Pour Homme Soir. Here, we are recommending the original Pour Homme. With an acceptable longevity of about half a day, it gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling. Clean and comfortable also describes this Darjeeling tea based scent and is recommended to those who would like to exude a calm and capable air.4. Terre d'Hermès | EDT | Earthy, Woody Hermès Terre d'Hermès series (which translates to earth) also contains multiple different fragrances. The one recommended here is the most original one (black cap). This fragrance carries mainly classic wood scents with a hint of spicy flint, giving you the feeling of "lying on the ground" as described by world-famous perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Down-to-earth, trustworthy, mature men is the perfect carrier of the scent, and thus is more recommended to adults above the age of 30. This is the perfect touch to evenings that require a well ironed suit.5. Dior Sauvage | EDT or EDP | Citrus, Woody A fragrance packed with intense masculinity, showcasing the intense and unrestrained side of men. Its top note of mandarin, bergamot and pepper, paired with a warmer cedar and sandalwood base note instantly refreshes the those in close proximity, thanks to the ambergris component and its dense composition. Compared to the more reserved scent of Chanel Beu De, the Dior Sauvage is not afraid to demonstrate a masculine charm and bring out a certain animalistic attraction. Hence, this fragrance is perfect for bold individuals with a strong charisma, worthy of a try for men above the age of 25.Alas, the best way to understand which scent is the most suitable for whom is to enquire at sales counters or purchase smaller volumes to test out. There is no one size fits all, as the perfect fragrance differs for everyone. Paired with the right personality and character, a seemingly simple bottle of perfume can be exceptional. Thus, there is no wrong in taking your time to try out different fragrances to find the perfect scent. Adding on to that, a perfume is NOT a replacement for showering or a means to cover up body odor. Never overuse a perfume. As a handy guide, spray the perfume on the neck or near the abdomen, 2 to 3 sprays at a distance of around 10 - 15 cm away is enough. This prevents any unwanted reactions from skin friction and still exudes a respectable aroma. For a longer lasting scent, put on perfume before your clothes to couple the perfume with your body temperature. "Buying a perfume is like buying the best first impression." - Mssimo Ferragamo*Cover image source (left) (right).
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Stocking up on masks when in Korea? Here are the 4 bestsellers (and the only 4) that you should get!

Due to the pandemic, we are unable to visit skincare specialists in person or even pamper ourselves with that long overdue facial. Not only that, our skin is getting more and more sensitive after every mask that we put on (yes, mask acne or MASKNE is real!). Therefore, applying face masks while at home is more important than ever. Here are the best-selling face masks in pharmacies around Korea:1. BARULAB 7 in 1 Total Solution Black Clay Mask | 10 pcs for 36,000 KRW (around RM 128.20)One of the hottest pharmacies in Korea – OLIVE YOUNG is having these BARULAB masks flying off their shelves. There is a total of 5 sheets in each pack and using 1 sheet a week is sufficient. What are the 7 you ask? Deep cleaning, moisturising, exfoliating, tightening, improving skin elasticity, shrinking your pores, and brightening, all packed into one mask!   What’s special about this black clay mask is that they are sheet masks, which makes them extremely easy to use. All you have to do is apply it for 30 – 40 minutes, gently take them off, and rinse with lukewarm water. You can easily compare the skin brightening and improved skin texture before and after use. Also, the natural absorption characteristics of clay masks promises truly deep cleaning.   Besides removing dead cells and absorbing waste material inside pores, the mask also removes blackheads and whiteheads. More importantly, you’ll still be able to feel the nourishment and moisture in your skin even after 6 hours of application! After using the masks, all other face care products have an even greater effect on your skin. You’ll even get longer wear times when you apply your foundation or primer right after.2. CHICOR Hey Mask Set | 10 pcs for 27,000 KRW (around RM 96.20)   Korea’s Shinsegae (New World) Store has come up not just 1, not just 2, but 4 of their private-label masks, each directed at brightening, moisturising, cleansing, and calming, respectively. Not only are the functions attractive, even the price is enticing, giving it a high cost-performance ratio and making it a top choice for your daily mask session!3. lalavla CHALLANS de PARIS MASQUE de LUNAR PREMIUM | 10 pcs for 49,800 KRW (around RM177.30)   The best-selling mask in lalavla is none other than this face mask! Using 100% organic cotton material, the CHALLANS de PARIS masks is gentle and soft to the touch yet packed with essence. Besides having your face feel much more comfortable after application, its calming effects are also exceptional, helping you overcome any skin redness, dry blemishes, and irritated skin. Not only that, your skin tone will appear more even and rejuvenated.4. MEDIHEAL Teetree Care Solution Essential Mask | 1 pc for 2,000 KRW (around RM 7.20)   For LOHB, their bestseller would be the MEDIHEAL Teetree Care Solution face mask. Made from environmentally friendly material, their face masks have great aromatic effects for irritated skins, helps improve skin glow, and keeps your skin moisturized for longer periods of time. Not only that, their face masks are known to be exceptionally well at soothing irritations, suitable for those with more sensitive skin. The addition of herb oil made from tea tree leaves and twigs also make it good for overcoming acne.Not all masks are created the same, so stop buying any and every face mask you see when in Korea. Now that you have read this, the next time you are in Korea with your friends and family, be the mask expert and bring home the masks that Koreans are using the most!Cover Photo Source : Pinterest | IG | IG
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You Are Too Attractive For The Guys To Stop By | 5 CHIC Style One Piece Dress

A one-piece dress is very suitable to use for dating, traveling, and coffee shops. Moreover, the one-piece dress can make look thinner and younger. The point is that you can directly wear it without matching anything.Let's take a look at the following designs of one-piece dresses that would make the guys fall in love with you. 1. Lace DressLace can add a graceful and classy touch to an outfit. Guys also perceive lace as a pretty sexy fabric because it exposes the skin.       2. Knitted DressThis is more suitable for girls with good body shape. The design that revealed body shape would make you look sexy and it would definitely make the boys stop by.    3. French Retro DressThis style makes you look cute and give the people a sense of refreshing.    4. V-Neck Cotton And Linen DressThis style is very simple and it will give you a sense of gentleness. A-line skirt design with a waistband will also make you look thinner.   5. Korean style suit V-neck dressThis jumpsuit is a little retro and Hong Kong style. It is more impressive and makes you look like a strong woman.      Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Style Like A Korean Girl | Different Attractive Combinations With Knitwear

Do you realize that many Koreans like to wear knitwear? Knitwear is comfortable and it also makes us look younger. Let’s take a look at how Korean girls wear knitwear!Knitwear + Jean Or Short PantGirls can choose oversize knitwear because it is comfortable to wear and it can also cover the arms and stomach. You can choose to wear a jean or short pant to show your long legs.         Knitwear + Short/ Long Skirtsit is very fashionable to match the knitwear with long or short skirts too.It would be better if you wear a pair of loafers or Martin shoes.               Knitwear + Collared ShirtIf you are afraid that you look too casual wearing knitwear alone,  you can match it with a collared shirt inside. This style can provide a layering feel and make you look younger like a college student!         Knitwear + White Round Neck Shirt InsideIf you don’t want to look so formal with a collared shirt, you can choose to match it with a white round neck shirt inside.But, remember not to choose tight knitwear because it will give the opposite effect and make you look fatter.             Which style do you prefer?Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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