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You Are Too Attractive For The Guys To Stop By | 5 CHIC Style One Piece Dress

A one-piece dress is very suitable to use for dating, traveling, and coffee shops. Moreover, the one-piece dress can make look thinner and younger. The point is that you can directly wear it without matching anything.Let's take a look at the following designs of one-piece dresses that would make the guys fall in love with you. 1. Lace DressLace can add a graceful and classy touch to an outfit. Guys also perceive lace as a pretty sexy fabric because it exposes the skin.       2. Knitted DressThis is more suitable for girls with good body shape. The design that revealed body shape would make you look sexy and it would definitely make the boys stop by.    3. French Retro DressThis style makes you look cute and give the people a sense of refreshing.    4. V-Neck Cotton And Linen DressThis style is very simple and it will give you a sense of gentleness. A-line skirt design with a waistband will also make you look thinner.   5. Korean style suit V-neck dressThis jumpsuit is a little retro and Hong Kong style. It is more impressive and makes you look like a strong woman.      Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Style Like A Korean Girl | Different Attractive Combinations With Knitwear

Do you realize that many Koreans like to wear knitwear? Knitwear is comfortable and it also makes us look younger. Let’s take a look at how Korean girls wear knitwear!Knitwear + Jean Or Short PantGirls can choose oversize knitwear because it is comfortable to wear and it can also cover the arms and stomach. You can choose to wear a jean or short pant to show your long legs.         Knitwear + Short/ Long Skirtsit is very fashionable to match the knitwear with long or short skirts too.It would be better if you wear a pair of loafers or Martin shoes.               Knitwear + Collared ShirtIf you are afraid that you look too casual wearing knitwear alone,  you can match it with a collared shirt inside. This style can provide a layering feel and make you look younger like a college student!         Knitwear + White Round Neck Shirt InsideIf you don’t want to look so formal with a collared shirt, you can choose to match it with a white round neck shirt inside.But, remember not to choose tight knitwear because it will give the opposite effect and make you look fatter.             Which style do you prefer?Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Show Your Love | 4 Amazing OOTD Couple Outfit Styles

The most common couple outfits are couple T-shirts. Let's follow the following four marvelous OOTD couple outfit styles to show cast the love between you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend.1. Same Color Tones But Different Models         2. Same Style But Different Colors            3. Color/ Style Matching For Upper And Lower Part Of Body         4. 100% Identical Wear         It’s would be very nice to take photos with these OOTD couple outfits
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Too Lazy To Lose Weight! 4 Must-Have Items To Make You Lose 5KG Visually

Hey, girls. As long as you understand your personal figure, you can visually reduce 5KG by exposing the right parts of your body and using the right dressing techniques. TIP 1: Expose CollarboneThe collarbone is one of the sexy parts of females. Exposing the collarbone could make ladies look sexy and thinner.TIP 2: Expose ShouldersIf you are not too satisfied with your collarbone, you can expose your shoulders. This can cover up the fat on our hands and create the illusion of having beautiful shoulders.TIP 3: Expose AnklesIn recent years, ankle exposure has always been a fashion standard because it would make a person appears to be thinner and taller.In addition to exposing the thinnest parts above, the following 4 indispensable items that can help you to look slimmer than you really are!ITEM 1: Off The Shoulder Top/ DressThe reason why off the shoulder top/ dress is so popular is that it allows girls to look slightly sexy without showing so much. In addition, there is no need to worry about being outdated.ITEM 2: Translucent ShirtFor girls who are conservative but want to be sexy, a translucent shirt is the best choice to help girls hide their belly.ITEM 3: DressOne-piece dresses have always been a favorite of girls because it will give them a sense of confidence. A one-piece dress is the most suitable to modify the common pear-shaped figure. It is recommended that you choose a looser version if you are not in good shape.ITEM 4: High Waist PantsSitting for a long time at work causes a lot of fat to accumulate in the abdomen. So, you can just wear super-high waist pants to cover your belly. It will also make you look like having a pair of long legs.Cover Photo: IG Of Natalie Tong | IG Of Moon Lau
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Outfit Ideas For When You Don‘t Know What To Wear | Casual Day Lookbook

Believe me when girls have a full closet of clothes but still say "I have nothing to wear." Cuz I've been there myself, haha. But above all kinds of clothes, girls will never lack simple outfit pieces. Sometimes, less can always be more when it comes to outfit ideas. Simple pieces put together can also look flattering for a casual day out. Here is a set of outfit lookbook for when you have nothing to wear.   Photo source: Pinterest [ 01 | T-Shirts ]There are two types of bottoms to pair with a simple T-shirt. Pairing a simple T-shirt with a mini skirt looks flattering and elegant. It also complements our feminine physique by showing off our legs to look taller in photos.    Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest In addition to mini skirts, T-shirts can also be paired with shorts. The most classic way to style this is by pairing a plain T-shirt with denim shorts. Denim shorts are timeless when it comes to fashion. Be it going to the mall, the beach or just staying at home, this outfit idea will certainly keep us feeling pretty and comfortable.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest [ 02 | Embossed Tops ]Embossed tops usually come as button-ups. This makes the top neat and formal looking. Pair it with a pair of shorts and you'll get a simple and laidback casual outfit. On top of that, embossed tops look more elegant compared to simple T-shirts, which brings out a taste of femininity. To take the elegance of the outfit up a notch, try pairing an embossed top with a skirt. This makes the outfit perfect for a girls' day out or a shopping date. This outfit is also very suitable for office workers as it looks formal and ladylike. [ 03 | Knitted Tops ] Similar to T-shirts, knitted tops can also be paired with shorts. In addition, add on a pair of white sneakers and a cute bag, you're ready to hang out with your friends.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest Furthermore, knitted tops also pair well with skirts. This gives off an energetic and girly vibe.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest [ 04 | Short-Sleeved Blouse ]If you are going for a more matured look, a short-sleeved blouse will be suitable for the vibe. By pairing it with a pair of shorts, it'll give a care-free and laidback atmosphere. It is also suitable for office workers to wear after work. With a quick change of bottoms, you are ready to enjoy your after-work life.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest Another way to style a short-sleeved blouse is to pair it with a skirt. This outfit is very suitable for office ladies as well. The blouse gives you a formal look while the skirt flatters the outfit altogether. It is also a nice feminine outfit to wear on a day out with your friends.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest "The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear." - Ines de la Fraessange Cover Photo Source: Left | Right 
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#BFF Forever | Matching Outfit Ideas for You and Your BFF That Make People Think You're Twins

No idea what to wear while hanging out with your BFF? Wanna look super cute together? Here are a series of BFF matching outfits that will leave girls wide-eyed with awe.   Photo source: Pinterest 01 // GO MONOCHROME When it comes to colours, going monochrome is a super nice way to express that you guys are inseparable. Dress up in a favourite colour that both of you like and show the world that your friendship is as strong as a sister's bond.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 02 // CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE No matter what, nothing can go wrong with the classic black and white. Both of these colours are at both extremes of the colour spectrum which make them very suitable and classy.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 03 // FLOWER GIRLS If you guys are going for a feminine look, floral patterns are an ideal choice. Not only do floral patterns look cute, but they also give off a sweet and welcoming vibe.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 04 // LET'S GET STRIPEY Stripes are also a good pattern to wear as a pair. They are cute and give out a youthful look.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 05 // PINK & BLUE COMBO Girls are often associated with colours of pink and baby blue. Thus, it is only fitting that a pair of BFFs wear these colours as a pair.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 06 // SWEATER WEATHER Weather getting cold or going to a cold place to hangout? No worries when you have sweaters to keep you warm.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 07 // TWIN JACKETS Twin jackets are also very cute to pair yourself with your BFF. Not only they are cute, but they also give a sense of oneness to an outfit.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest ~~~~~ END ~~~~~"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said 'I'm here for you' and proved it." - Unknown Cover Photo Source: Left | Right 
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Friends Of Women | 4 Major Lingerie Brands That Want You To Accept Flaws

In recent years, more and more people admire the natural beauty of women, and this has also allowed the lingerie brands to change its previous style and start using large-size and transgender models to cater to the trend of female autonomy.The following underwear brands also actively advocate women to show natural beauty without concealing their imperfections.1. AerieAerie has been actively showing various real imperfect figures in advertisements since 2014. The previously launched Aerie REAL series also specially selected some special volunteers, including those with crutches, vitiligo, scars, stretch marks, etc., so as to reflect the physical condition of girls in real life, and encourage them to love and be themselves!2. Savage X FentyDiversified size of the lingerie, from 32A to 44DD super large size could be found in Rihanna's underwear brand, Savage X Fenty! This brand also hires many models of different skin tones, figures, and body types to take promotional photos and catwalks.3. SKIMSA brand created by Kim Kardashian, in which it focuses on shaping women's lingerie. There is a lot of color and size options (from XXS to 4XL) so as to suit women of different skin colors and body types. In addition, the brand's body tape and chest stickers will not harm the skin. It aims to help women to show their charm comfortably.4. ThirdLoveThirdLove broke the "sexy" practice in the underwear industry. In addition to using amateurs, black women, and older women as models, it also published an open letter to Victoria's Secret in newspapers, which mainly explains that women should not be blindly sexy when wearing lingerie. In reality, women have to go to work, breastfeeding, exercise and take care of family members. Therefore, ThirdLove designs comfortable and beautiful lingerie for all women, regardless of her size, age, race, skin color, etc.In fact, imperfection is a kind of beauty! Many new lingerie brands are advocating the natural beauty of women. I believe that this will make female friends more confident. Cover Photo: TechCrunch | SG Yahoo News | What to Pack
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Japanese Men Voted Favorite Color Of Women's Lingerie

What color of lingerie do men find the most attractive? Previously, a Japanese website conducted a survey on men, whereby they need to rank for the color of the women’s lingerie. The result was surprising because pure white and fiery red did not even make the top three. What will the men's favorite color of women’s lingerie be?According to the survey, 70% of the respondents said they will be interested in the color of their partner's lingerie, and only 3.6% said it doesn't matter. Let’s take a look at the colors voted by them!From 4th to 10th, the order is pure white, quiet blue, sexy red, seductive purple, pure beige, and a few other colors. These are almost all colors that are highly accepted by women, but perhaps they are less exciting for men! Among the favorite underwear colors of Japanese men who participated in the voting this time, the first place accounted for 38.4%, and the second place only accounted for 12.5%. The difference is quite large. So, can you guess what color the Top 3 actually is?No. 3 is the pink lingerie in which 11.6% of men love it because it has always been dreamy pink, with a pure girlish feel. Very suitable for little women! As for the second place, 12.5% ​​of men love dark blue underwear; they also revealed that they think that this fashionable color also has a sense of mystery, sexy, and elegance, which is easy to fascinate people.It was black underwear that won the championship with an overwhelming posture. For men, compared to dark blue, the mysterious and sexy image of black produced a kind of attractive and powerful charm. Black basically is suitable for people with any skin color. Girls, what color and style do you generally like when choosing lingerie? Will you choose a style based on the preference of your partner? Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Pastel Series | Cute & Comfortable Stay-At-Home OOTD

Tired of the same old boring colours? Or you are not up for bold and bright ones? Worry no more while pastel colours are here for the perfect fix! These soft and gentle colours let out a casual and welcoming vibe that people love. Here are a few ideas for a touch of colour to your daily stay-at-home OOTDs. #1 Pastel Pink / Baby Pink  I know most of you are already rolling your eyes at this. But pastel pink or baby pink is arguably one of the go-to colours when all else fails. The pink gives off a naturally youthful and girly look with a touch of cuteness.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest  Photo source: Pinterest#2 Pastel Blue / Baby BlueFor those thinking that pastel pink is too girly for your liking, pastel blue or baby blue can be a suitable alternative colour. It gives off a cool and calm feeling.   Photo source: PinterestPhoto source: Pinterest  Photo source: Pinterest #3 Pastel YellowLooking for a brighter colour but afraid of hurting your eyes? Pastel yellow is an excellent shade for a burst of colour while giving off feelings of joy and happiness.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest  Photo source: Pinterest#4 Avocado Green With green shades gaining popularity in fashion, how would the series be complete without avocado green? This colour gives out a refreshing feeling while also being a toning colour for the eyes.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest#5 Beige/Brown TonesSuitable for those looking for a plain and simple look. Earthy tones like beige or brown gives a sense of comfort and a cozy feeling.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest#6 Lavender PurpleFor purple lovers out there lavander purple has a soft feminine edge compared to deeper purple shades. This colour feels like spring time and makes people relaxed.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest  Photo source: PinterestAll the outfit ideas above are suitable for stay-at-home working women who prefer casual working attire or college and university girls to have a fresh look for class. Happy dressing up girls! 
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Go to work in SNEAKERS! 3 easy tips for chic work outfits with sneakers

If you haven't noticed, sneakers are getting more popular among girls! Why? Cause they look great, and they are way more comfortable than a pair of heels!So if you like sneakers as much as I do, and you are looking for ways on how to pair it with your outfit for a work day look, here's 3 simple tips for you to easily pick the look up!--- Tips 1 - The basic ---Top : A simple shirt or blouse is a good place to start, best for all sorts of work occasion. Try tuck in your shirt, just the front part, it will makes your legs looks longer and taller. Fold up your sleeves, either to half or three quarters, to look less formal. If you want something simpler, try a basic tee. Bottom : Long black pants or jeans. A tight fitted pants has better versatility when pairing with sneakers, it goes well with chunky sneakers and even canva sneakers. However, a loose fitted pants like a baggy jeans, fits well with chunky sneakers, but not a canva sneakers. Hair-do : Any hair-do goes well with the look, high bun, pony tail, simple braid, or just letting the hair down naturally. Best is to keep the hairdo simple and clean. Accessories : Keep the accessories as simple as possible. A clutch or purse plus a simple watch is just nice.  --- Tips 2 - Suit Up ---If you are going for some really formal occasion, add a on suit will make you look just fine. But remember, keep your top and bottom simple and formal, like in black or white colour. For those who are smaller in size, you may want to try an oversize coat. You can also just hang the suit around your shoulder, instead of putting it on entirely. Leave the button loosened, so that you look more relaxed. --- Tips 3 : Make it fancy --- A sneakers work day look can be fancy as well with the right mix and match. Here's how you can do it :-Top : To spice things up, try a crop top. If you find it too over, you can put on a suit to tone it down a bit, but still looks cool and sexy. Sweater would be another amazing option, for a more comfy feel.Bottom : Skirts with the right length can go very well with sneakers. A shorter skirt (slightly above knee level) or longer skirt (around ankle or slightly higher) fits perfectly with sneakers. Keep an eye on the proportion, so that you won't look stout. Other option : One piece dress or jumpsuits are both amazing as well. However, make sure the length of the dress is slightly above knee level or around ankle height.  Cover Photo Source : Left | Middle | Right
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