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Henna Art- A Versatile & Sophisticated Art | Origin | Process | Meanings

#The OriginHenna Art, also known as Mendhi, is said to be originated as far as from ancient Egypt. Every culture and religion has different ways of incorporating Henna art in their tradition exclusively.In Henna Art, the designs are drawn on a person’s body using a coloring agent derived from the leaves of Henna plant. The leaves are dried and turned into powdered form before it is mashed into a paste.#The Process of Applying Henna ArtThere are diverse ways of applying Henna Art, depending on the culture, religion, and technique of the artist. Some artists use a plastic cone, a paintbrush, or a stick as the drawing tool. After the drawing, the paste should be left on the skin for 4 to 6 hours. After that, the paste will dry up and crack. After the removal of the paste, a pale to the dark orange color pattern will reveal itself on the skin. Don’t worry, the patterns will darken through oxidation over time in a few days to a deep reddish-brown color and will last around 2 to 3 weeks based on the quality of the Henna paste.To extend the lifetime of the design, try to moisturize the skin with olive oils and coconut oils. Avoid exfoliating scrubs to the area as it will remove the dead skin causing the stain to fade.   Photo Source: SARAHENNA#Symbols and Meanings of DesignsHenna arts can be drawn in any part of the body although it is usually drawn on to the palms and feet. Don’t be surprised that it can be drawn on the scalps too! It is known as “Henna Crown” for those who lost their hair during chemotherapy and it could be meaningful and empowered them to continue their journey in fighting cancer. Some of the favorite colors for Henna Arts are white, red, black, and gold.Traditionally, Henna art is a must in Hindu Weddings and festivals. Henna arts bring beauty, joy, and happiness in Hindu weddings, blessing the couple with a long-lasting and lovely marriage.Some couple chooses to draw their love story using symbols and patterns in their big day. Henna arts drawn on the palm indicated blessings while drawn on top of the hands are symbolic of protection. Some Indians prefer to draw on their feet as it is a spiritual place according to their tradition.If you are looking forward to getting a henna art today, there are different illustrations and patterns available in the market depending on the country where you are getting the Henna art. For example, Indian cultures have more fine lines and floral decorations, Arabic Henna art usually have larger patterns and African Henna arts feature bold and geometric designs. Check out some of the prominent designs for Henna Arts with their meanings:Sahasrara: It is a lotus with hundred of petals arranged in many layers, which represents purity and unity.Peacock: As the most beautiful and colorful bird in the world, the peacock represents beauty and prosperity. Dragonflies and butterflies: The little insects represent transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings.Paisley designs: The versatile design symbolizes luck with fertility. It has evolved and has now become a universal symbol in Indian fashion.Floral Designs: Pretty flowers represent beauty, happiness, joy, and new beginnings while vines and leaves represent strength and longevity.Henna art has been popularized as a tourist attraction in some countries where Henna art is part of their culture, such as India, and Morocco. We can bring the art home as a form of souvenir which will stick to us for a few weeks. Besides, if you are looking for a contemporary design or a simple design for a more personal, sophisticated look, try to do Henna art on yourself and customize to your own liking!Cover Photo: thehennagrove || hennainspo.x
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Tattoo Art | The 10 Amazing Places on Your Body to Get a Tattoo

A tattoo is no longer a sign of being a criminal or deviant. It is a form of art and a way of self-expression.With society becoming more accepting of tattoos, it is a trend now for young people to get a tattoo on one or many parts of their bodies. If you are one of these young people who are ready to have a tattoo that reflects your personality inked on you for the next 10 (or maybe more) years, here are 10 areas on your body which you can consider.1. WRISTThe wrist is a very common area for girls to place a tattoo. If you prefer small and delicate designs like symbols or a few small words, the side of your inner wrist is a perfect place for the tattoos. Small tattoos are highly recommended for girls. You can hide it, and you can show it. It also enhances your visual appeal.When you get a tattoo on your wrist, the pain level is very low, so low that even a first-timer can cope with it easily. Another plus side is that that area heals quickly too!2. INNER FOREARMHaving a tattoo on your arm means it will not be as easy to hide. But at the same time, the tattoo here will also enhance your features as well as your personality. Inner forearm is a classic area for tattoos like words, lines or geometric designs. You can have your tattoo placed in black and white or with colors. 3. EARA small or long tattoo at the inner ear or behind the ear has been quite popular for a while now and why not? The tattoos could look like a piece of art here! And when you do not want people to see your tattoo, you can just hide it with your hair. Some said that it is likely to be less painful here as the area has fewer nerve endings. However, it may be tickle when the tattooing is going down.4. FINGERSWearing a tattoo on your finger makes you look really cool! Yet inking your tattoo here could be quite painful, and the colors would fade more easily. If you are getting your first tattoo, think twice before placing it at this area. The tattoos in between your fingers should be simple in style. So, consider designs like a ring, the initials of your name or just some simple lines.5. BACKYour back is a great place for wearing a tattoo if you need to cover it up for work, making it a favourite tattoo area for OLs.You can have small or big simple designs that can beautifully accentuate feminine features in this area, but the pain can be quite bad. You might need a certain amount of courage to do that. Anyway, a tattoo at your back makes you look more fashionable when you tie your hair up.6. UNDER THE COLLARBONETattooing under your collarbone can be quite painful, yet it is still an admirable area for many girls as it reveals the sexiness. It is totally worth the pain.A collarbone tattoo looks very nice when it is dainty and delicate. A flower design makes you look cute and refreshing while a long design can enhance your overall appearance.7. SHOULDERShoulder tattoos are perfect for those who love to wear strapless or crop tops. It is a place where you can show off your tattoo while looking stylish. Small and long patterns will look beautiful on the shoulder.The downside is that it hurts a lot getting inked at this area, especially the front shoulder as it is less meaty.8. ANKLEThe ankle is a very feminine area to wear tattoos. Many girls like to have a tattoo here as it looks classy and stylish. You can choose a subtle and feminine design but large designs are not recommended because it can be very painful if you have a low tolerance for pain.9. FEETTattoo on your feet is trendy and eye-catching. It may feel painful, but not as much as the ankle. For this area, you can have a large design. Floral designs, words or designs related to travel can fit nicely as they will be very attractive when you are bare-feet.10. THIGHIf you do not have the desire to show your tattoo to everybody, consider getting one done at your thigh. It does not hurt much and can be concealed easily.The tattoo designs that will do well on thighs are words and large totem tattoos. Inking a long line of words circling around your thigh can be beautiful too.So, think carefully about the spot that you want to get a tattoo on before actually getting one because tattoos is a lifetime ink on your body.
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Tattoos to get

TattoosGenerally tattoos doesn’t come off as the best impression to people. That is understandable.. Yes, some beings tattoo for the same reasons: the need to feel unique, fit in, or stand out. However tattoos can mean a lot more than just for the look of cool and fun or even for the hell why not? To some people the tattoos they planted on them has its own unique meaning. As a symbol and a behavior, the tattoo has power.Sometimes by having a permanent ink on their body that symbolizes something would most likely help them in their worse time. Whatever meaning they have behind it will help remind them why they got it the first time.You don’t have to get a huge tattoo for it. You can always have those tiny ones just to remind you of what’s good. Here are some examples of little tattoos:1. PhrasesHaving phrases as tattoos can really show the meaning of why you got them the first place or just to remind you of hope. 2. SymbolsIf you can’t speak, show it. Having symbols as tattoos also holds meaning. Some symbols don’t even have to explain for themselves and you can already see what the person is going through.3. AnimalsSome animals can define who we are.4. NatureNature is all around you.5. SpaceIf you’re into space and sometimes you just want to escape the ground you’re on.
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Small and Simple Tattoo Ideas. 简单和小型的纹身。

Getting a tattoo is not something you do just because it looks “cool” or it is “fun.” Tattoos to many people meant something important to them. Perhaps it is something that represents them or signs to show they’ve become a better person than they were tomorrow. For people who want to get a simple and small tattoo, here are some ideas to give you some idea.1, Short phrases.一,短语。Having short phrases, between one and four words, can mean something powerful. Sure, they can seem cheesy and straightforward, but sometimes less is more. The less complex your tattoo is, the more meaningful they are. Find words or phrases that inspire you or has changed you into a better person in general.2, Plants.二,植物。Getting plants as tattoos are simply adorable to many people, but they can bring a strong meaning as well. Having a flower or tree tattoo usually means strength, as plants are seen to be so strong they can survive even through harsh weather. They also mean hope, just like how plants behave when it comes to their needs to survive.3, Punctuation.三,标点符号。Punctuation might look like a small part not just in sentences, even as a tattoo, but a lot of them brings a strong meaning. One of the most popular punctuation tattoos would be a semicolon, which symbolizes perseverance, semicolon means that it is not the end yet, and something else is yet to come. Some other common ones include the plus sign, an exclamation sign, or even ellipsis. 4, Shapes and geometry.四,形状和几何。Tattoo shaped in geometrical shapes can look cool as they look complex and simple at the same time. A lot of times geometric tattoos are associated with religion and spiritual practices, so make sure you are getting the right shape before getting it on your skin. Getting a small cube, or 3D shapes can be nice. However, if you prefer a simpler style, going with 2D ones works great as well.5, Animals.五,动物。Having animals shaped tattoos can be pretty common, such as dragonflies and birds. If you want something that is less harsh and more to the simple side, opt for a small tattoo of an elephant, or about cats or dogs would be adorable as well. Tattoos are not necessarily complex and scary looking, you can choose to make yours look cute too.6, Planets.六,行星。Planets tattoos are the best for people who want a small, simple and feminine tattoo. One of the most common would be the sun, as it is a strong sign that symbolizes life. For a slightly longer tattoo, the phases of the moon are both elegant and meaningful. It basically symbolizes how life comes and go, which can mean a lot to many people. Having a small sun and moon can be cute as well.7, Arrows.七,箭头。Many girls would opt for arrow tattoos because they do not look too harsh and more to the feminine side. They also come in many designs and sizes, but all of them still remain the elegant look. As different designs of arrow do come with different meanings, so make sure you know what the meaning of your chosen arrow is. Having a tattoo is something that you have to think in the long run, as it is permanent unless you went to laser remove it. Make sure that you choose something that means a lot to you and that you wouldn’t regret in the future. Also, make sure you protect it well after having it done. Treasure the tattoo and use it as a tool in your life. “Today marks the day I return home to myself. That I begin the long journey that will be learning to trust in my own power again. To engage life, be light, and stand confidently in my own skin. And when I arrive, I will move gently through each dark, narrow room. And proudly draw back the curtains.” 
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