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Some wallpaper ideas just for you | iPhone wallpapers | iOS14

Hey, October is ending soon and the month of November is just around the corner now! Wanna change your mood and get ready for it? As an iPhone user, the frequent for me to change my wallpaper on my phone is really high! I will always scroll to those nice aesthetic websites and looking at their nice design. And sometimes, you just can't stop yourself from changing the wallpaper so many times. /laughs/ If you are an iPhone user, I believe you did update your iOS to the latest iOS 14 version already! So I would like to suggest some of my favorite wallpapers for you~ Le' go!!Category 1: Morandi Style WallpaperDo you know: This Morandi style is recognized by many people now, do you know that this style is actually by a famous Italian artist name Giorgio Morandi? He uses calming colors instead of bright colors. He mainly uses simple sketch on kitchen utilities such as plates and cups and creating the most calming vibes in his painting.1. Inspiration with beautiful colorsThe title of this picture is 'inspiration with beautiful colors'. It includes some irregular strokes which beautify the whole art piece with some touch of brown stains kinda paint on it.2. Window ViewThe Moranda style filter window view photography piece.3. The flowersThis is also a similar painting in the Moranda style.4. The sunset with rosesCategory 2: Only wordsSometimes words could give us strong power on the beliefs.1. Motivation for everydayThe quote from Walt Disney. Every ladies' dream. This quote also encourages us to dare to dream and we can do it in one day! A motivational kinda quote wallpaper.2. Never give up3. EXO song lyricsIf you are in the fandom, you could also find something similar which could make your day~Category 3: Street views1. Rainy City View Outside Window Glass Street View2. New York Bridge City Building Architecture StreetCategory 4: The iPhone default wallpapersSo the last category that I will be sharing with you will be the iPhone default wallpapers. Sometimes, classic is always the best. It will never go wrong. ---That's all from me! hope you like all the wallpapers shared by me! ---All credits to the ownerImage/wallpaper source:1. Inspiration with beautiful colors from archzine.net2. Window View from medium.com3. The flowers from medium.com4. The sunset with roses from archzine.net5. Motivation for every day from archzine.net6. Never Give Up from archzine.net7. EXO song lyrics wallpaper from tumblr.com8. Rainy City View Outside Window Glass Street View from ilikewallpaper.net9. New York Bridge City Building Architecture Street from ilikewallpaper.netCover picture designed by Canva. Some sources are the same as above.
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Nikon offering free online photography classes for April!

Nikon is offering free access to all the classes for the entire month of April. You can now stream every class for free. (These classes are normally range from $15 to $50 each).    There will be 10 classes available at Nikon School, conducted by profession photographers or Nikon ambassadors. And each course ranges from 15 minutes to an hour.    The online classes cover a range of topics ,including how to easily shoot video with Nikon cameras, getting started with Nikon DSLR, tips & techniques for children & pets photography , learn the fundamentals of photography,  how to create environmental portraits using available and Speedlight flash,  tips and techniques for video productions with DSLR camera, tips and techniques for landscape photograph etc.      Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you'll be to learn different techniques and experiences sharing from these amazing photographers through these stream classes.    To join the online classes, just go to Nikon School website, and sign up for an account.  Click here to learn more about the classes. Cover photo: Photo by FRANKYDEE from Pexels || Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels
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Polaroid launched new auto-focus instant analog camera- Polaroid Now! Capture your moment with it now!

Polaroid has unveiled a new look in celebration of the brand’s 82nd anniversary. Polaroid Now is an auto-focus instant analog camera features auto-focus lens, longer lasting battery, accurate flash, rechargeable via USB, self timer mode, double exposure mode and a more clean and user-friendly design.   Auto focusJust point, shoot, sharper photos!! So easy! The Polaroid Now’s auto-focus 2-lens system will help you decide the best fit lens to give you sharper & beautiful portraits — with or without the flash. The most important is no more blurry failed films that wasted the film.    Double exposureYou can now get two frames in one Polaroid photography. The built-in double exposure feature captures two perspectives in the one Polaroid photograph to create a dreamy & artistic style.This feature also can be used to capture special effects, such as lights overlaid or combining shots of two people with movements.      Accurate FlashPolaroid Now Accurate Flash projects the more"human-friendly" flash to make everyone & everything look more natural.    Self timerThe self timer mode releases the shutter 9 seconds after the shutter button is pressed. In just one tap, you’ve got 9 seconds to get ready! Candid shot NO MORE!     Rechargeable batteryRechargeable battery with a built in microUSB port and charging cable for easier charging and longer battery life.    The Polaroid Now  will be available for a limited time in Polaroid's iconic rainbow colors, red, orange, yellow, green and blue, as well as black and white. as the core color.   Find out more at : https://us.polaroid.com/pages/polaroid-now
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Over 1000 Photography Lessons And Tutorials Are Free To Access For Limited Time Only

Love taking photos but don't know where to start?  I got good news for you! The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has offered free access to all the online photography classes for two weeks to facilitate the "at-home learning" and help those who are currently self-isolate due to COVID-19. Users can unlock more than 1,100+ online photography classes in these two weeks as long as you have created an account.To access to these classes, go to https://www.ppa.com/education-unlocked and register a free account.    Once the account is created,  you can choose whatever classes you want to join. There are a wide variety of classes you can select,  from Photography technique, Lighting, Equipment, Lightroom tutorial, Wedding Photography, Videography to Photography business-related. The classes are a range for beginners to advanced even to entrepreneurs, open to both individuals and small businesses.    Click here for more info: https://www.ppa.com/Cover photo: Photo by JACK REDGATE from Pexels || Photo by Gautam from Pexels
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Food Photography

Korean Minimal Cakes’ Design | Simple Yet Elegant

Happiness is knowing there is a cake in the oven. Yes, I totally agree that life is better with cakes!There are so many cake designs that sometimes make us have no idea what kind of style should we choose. Today, I would like to share these latest Korean minimalist style cake designs, the design is super simple but you just can't stop staring at it. 1. WhiteWhite has it all, it's the perfect harmony in everything. The all-white cake doesn't limit our design choices but can be perfectly crafted. Add on few wordings, it will be super classic and nice.   2. FloralA minimalist style cake can look elegant with flower decorations. Florals liven up the cake spirit despite its minimalist base.          3. Plain colourPlain colour has its own kind of beauty when it comes to decoration. It won't go wrong as it is plain and simply nice. If you are not into white colour, you can take a look at these few designs which in different plain colours.      4. FruityFruits are the easiest and the most delicious decorations in cake design.Usually strawberry is the highest in-demand fruits decor but there are still a lot of options for you to choose.      5. Cream nakedUsually, you will see this kind of cake at the wedding but I think it can be perfect for a birthday cake too. Naked cakes are always stunning in their minimalist yet natural aesthetic look.         6. Rough frostingI think this kind of rough frosting is quite unique for the cake design. You can see this Korean bakery shop is doing its own style of frosting and the crafting skill is brilliant.Remember, calories don't count when it comes to cakes!
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Food Photography

Nice food with Instagrammable Spots | 2020 Top 5 Most Recommended Cafes In Penang

Good food, good place, good times. Yes, spend your weekends in a cozy cafe or a chilling dessert shop make you feel better.I’ve collected a few latest nice cafes in Penang which are in unique interior design and provide good food all the time. Forget about the blue weekdays, and enjoy your rest days by visiting these 5 best cafes in Penang.1. Norm Micro RoasteryNorm Micro Roastery is the newest minimalist cafe in Penang. The cafe is in an industrial building style with minimalist interior design. The sunlight could shine through the skylights and windows, make the space looks comfortable with the natural lighting.It has a well-designed entrance door which becomes a bonus from the cafe. Besides their coffee and breakfast menu, their Tiramisu is a MUST-TRY dessert.      Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am – 11 pm2. The MakerThe Maker is also a new shop which just opened for a few months. This shop comes with a pleasing nature style. The shop served desserts like cakes, pavlova and some pastries.Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9 am – 6 pm (Monday off)3. Belle & CreamThe “Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake” is their specialty and it is the one and only cheesecake in Penang.If you haven’t tried yet, you've probably missed out on one of the best desserts in Penang. They also served other flavors of burnt cheesecake, like matcha, both flavors are worthy to try. The place is huge and ample of seating places.      Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am – 10 pm (Tuesday off)4. ChinaHouseIf you are a cake-lover and like to pair it with alcohol drinks, ChinaHouse will be the place for you.They have a wide range of choices of cakes, and the shop is full-house all the time. The cute idea of this shop is that they will provide a mahjong paper for the customers to draw on it while enjoying their cakes and drinks. It is also the longest cafe in Penang Island.Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am – 1 am5. Macallum ConnoisseursWith a spacious factory designed container, this cafe is the first warehouse cafe kind in Penang. They served with an all-day-long menu. Other than just a coffee shop, they served meals, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am – 12 amThere you have it! It's time to bring your friends and family and head down to these cafes to enjoy their food and take instagrammable photos.
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Photography Travel

The Perfect Beach Photo | Here’re Six Ways To Take A Nice Beach Photo

Island is always a great place to relax and escape from our busy life. Islands like Maldives, Bali, and Phuket are among the popular islands that would appear on the tourists' bucket list. If you have a chance to visit an island, other than having a beautiful swimsuit, how could you not take a beach photo? In this article, you would see how to take a beach photo!1. Take Photos With The Water And The Blue SkyIt's a waste not to take a few pictures of the blue sky and blue water! Make a note of the following posts, and try this method when you go to the beach next time!      2. Take A Photo That Could Reveal The Sea Bottom And The Sea SurfaceGet your Go-Pro or waterproof camera ready to take a picture that reveals both the sea and the sky. This is a good way to record your journey and is guaranteed to be like a burst!        3. Beach OOTDIn addition to bikinis to the beach, of course, you need a beautiful beach outfit too. Straw hats, sunglasses, and elegant dresses are a must-have item.       4. Sunbath PoseHow can you go to the beach without sunbathing?Just lie down and arch your body a little to show your body curve.If you don't want to show your face, you can use your hat to cover your face.    5. Shadow projectionWant to be unique? Then use the beach scenery to do a little trick! For example, using the coconut leaves as props to project shadows on your beautiful back.Although it is a test of skills, the photos taken are really beautiful!      6. Take Photo With A Coconut TreeTaking photos with towering coconut trees, you would look petite and slim!      Hopefully, you could try all the above methods when you have a vacation on the beach next time!
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Photo-Edit | 5 Must-Have Apps To Level Up Your Photo editing Skills

Nowadays, photography is inevitable in most of our lives. From daily OOTDs to food photography to travel photography, you name it. But how is it sometimes the photo quality of others can be much better than ours? The secret to that is photo-editing.Here are 5 apps that can take your photo-editing skills up to a whole new level.1. VSCO   Photo source: alternative.meVSCO Camera is well-known for its classic-look filters. Similar to Instagram, VSCO combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. This app provides a set of gorgeous vintage filters that make your photos look like they were taken from an analog film camera. Compared to Instagram, the filters are softer and more subtle which adds a touch of class to your photos. The filters are also easily adjustable by using a simple slider.This app is available on both Andriod and IOS.  Photo source: Fun Life Crisis2. Prisma Photo Editor  Prisma Photo Editor is an amazing app that turns your photos into works of art. This app uses artificial neural networks that turns your photos into paintings by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali.Similar to Instagram and VSCO, Prisma has its own online community. Once you are happy with your work, you can share it with your Prisma feed, save it to your phone gallery or share it online with any social media app.This app is available on both Andriod and IOS.   Photo source: iclarified.com3. Foodie  Photo source: AppAdvice.comAs the name suggests, Foodie is commonly used for food photography. The filters provided in this app really take your food photos to an entirely new level. It gives another perspective on food photography and makes the colors pop.This app is available on both Andriod and IOS.  Photo source: Branding in Asia4. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor  Photo source: Google PlayAdobe Lightroom is usually used by professionals and also those who wanted to make quick pro adjustments to their photos. This app is not only available on Android or iOS, but there is also a desktop app available for Windows.Adobe Lightroom provides a set of professional editing tools that are easily adjustable by using simple sliders. These allow you to adjust the light, detail, color, distortion, and grain of your photo. On the plus side, this app works with RAW files - a high-quality image format popular among photographers.   Photo source: MacRumors5. Afterlight    Photo source: WikipediaAfterlight is useful for all-around editing and artsy overlays. It has it all, including the basic features you would expect in a photo-editing app. The tools to adjust the exposure, hue/saturation, contrast, and tone are available, and the options to add and customize texts are vast. More to that, there are more than 128 frames to choose from and tons of great filters that you can customize to your preference.Best of all, there’s a set of textures, including prism effects, real film light leaks, and dusty film overlays. These allow you to create unique images that stand out and capture people’s attention. Similar to Adobe Lightroom, Afterlight also works with RAW files.This app is available on the desktop, Andriod, and iOS.   Photo source: iPhone photography schoolCover photo: Inspirational De La Vie
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Travel Photography

Budget Travel | 8 Destinations That Take Your Breath Away

Everyone loves a good getaway. But all of us are worried about how costly travelling can be. Not to worry! Here are 8 budget-friendly travel destinations for those travel lovers out there.  1. ThailandThailand is one of the most obvious choices for budget travelling among travellers. Not only the country has both nature and concrete jungle, but the local food is also extremely mouth-watering.Furthermore, the cost for travel accommodations such as air tickets, transportation and hotels are usually below RM1000. What attracts travellers most are the local natural scenery, the temples and the local's unique culture.Make sure not to miss any of those out in your travel itinerary!2. IndonesiaHaving a similar national language, Malaysian travellers have no problem communicating with the locals. Indonesia has a lot to offer as it is also a country rich in culture and nature. The Indonesian islands attract most visitors throughout the year, especially the well-known Bali Island. Not to mention the cost of travel is about the same as in Malaysia. So there is no need to worry about overspending.3. PhilippinesHaving tropical weather all year, the Philippines has low travel costs and a slow-paced livelihood. This makes it the perfect destination for holiday relief. Famous for having tons of islands, this country offers many extreme water sports activities as well. With beautiful breathtaking sceneries and long beaches, the Philippines is a great place to recharge. 4. CambodiaCambodia is an ancient civilisation with a great deal of history. You can easily enjoy a great trip with just an RM2000 travel plan at your fingertips!  5. NepalLocated between Tibet and India, Nepal will be highly loved by mountain climbing enthusiasts as the country has the Himalayas as the main attraction. A single apartment here only costs about 90USD per month, and the Internet only needs 20USD per month, which is definitely one of the most popular attractions as well.6. MyanmarPreviously known as Burma, Myanmar is well-known to have awe-inspiring sunsets. The best view can be seen in Bagan. Having over 25 square kilometres of land which are crowded with more than 2,000 stupas, Bagan is also a really cultural place for a vacation. Furthermore, during the hot-air-balloon season, the rise of hot air balloons will give visitors an extraordinary sunset experience of a lifetime. 7. IndiaAlthough India’s public security and health problems may cause travellers some trouble, the charm of the ancient “Ganga civilization” is irresistible. It still attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. Besides that, renting a small room for one is only about 200USD per month. What more is that you only spend very little when travelling in India, even on food and travel expenses. So what are you waiting for? Grap your backpack and bring along your friends on an epic trip! 8. MalaysiaIf the above destinations are still too burdensome for you, why not have a local holiday with "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia"? Malaysia is known for its cheap travel expenses. Roti canai, nasi lemak and a lot of local food can be found just under RM5. To say our country is big, it is not big at all, and to say our country is small, it is not small either. Let's all finish exploring our own country first before venturing overseas. There's still plenty of sights to see in Malaysia! 
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Photography Tips | Tips On Posing Or Shooting Like A Supermodel

Wondering why some girls look so nice in the photos even just in a casual outfit and random posing? Then you started to complain about your boyfriend's and BFF's photography skills for taking a photo that you don't like! No worries, with these 5 tips, you can pose like an influencer! 1. Make sure your legs are placed at the bottom line of the screenYes! If you like to snap OOTD and full-body photos, this tip helps a lot! It makes your legs look slimmer and taller. It doesn't matter whether are you sitting or standing. Remember, don't fit the person in a screen, keep a 1/3 space at the top of the screen.      2. Landscape photo for half bodyAlways keep 1/3 of space above your head, and try to snap with your side face, it looks more natural! Photo source: xiaohongshu @ShushuA   3. The power of handYour hand is super powerful! Do a hand covering face picture makes you look cuter! Don't think it's hard, just do any hand posing on your face will do! Photo source: xiaohongshu @103369570 Photo source: xiaohongshu @9539668524. 1/3 Random ShotSwitch on your gridline, use this composition and just random posing, surely you can get your ideal photo!   5. Show your backI know a lot of people feel awkward when they try to pose. If so, just turn around and show your back. I'll suggest taking the photo with the scenery. Or, maybe you can touch your head if you have no idea where to put your hand. And, snap half of your body will do!     Learn all these tips and start posing or taking Insta-worthy photos!
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