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Video: Wheelchair Moving By Itself After Owner Dies

A spooky CCTV footage of Udon Thani Hospital in Thailand showed a manual wheelchair rolling at the hospital’s front entrance on its own. After parked facing the road for a moment, the empty wheelchair wheeled backward towards a darker area and stayed there. As if this isn’t creepy enough, the hospital director said that the wheelchair was donated to the hospital after its previous owner died there. However, he felt that the incident happened probably because of the strong wind on that night. Do you dare to watch the eerie video? Here it is:Video source: ViralHogSource: Oriental DailyCover photo: ViralHog
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Boys Who Predicted Of COVID-19 | One Disappeared & One Predicted The End Date Of COVID-19

Other than the well-known deceased psychics, the following two boys also predicted the emergence of Covid-19. One of them also received great attention from the late famous scholar Hawking.Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in a small and remote place in Russia. He was able to speak when he was only 4 months old. He grew about two times faster than the average child. His parents were also surprised by him and they knew that their baby must be different from others. When Boriska was 3-4 years old, he began talking about major cosmic galaxy events, and he even painted planet symbols and pictures on the walls of his home.   Photo source: Daily MercuryThe planet he talked about is dominated by Mars, and he told his parents that he comes from the ancient civilization of earth, and he often travelled back and forth between Mars and the earth to do business. He also mentioned that most Martians were destroyed by a disaster, but they will return to Earth again. Not only that, but he can also talk about the culture and progress of Lemuria, a mysterious country 800,000 years ago. How did he know that as there is very little information about Lemuria? Boriska also mentioned that Mars has a close relationship with the sphinx in Egypt.    Photo Source: Space FactsBoriska predicted accurately the three disasters happened in 2011 such as the Japanese tsunami, the floods in Thailand, and the floods in New York. A critical prediction is a major disaster that occurs on the mainland in 2020, but the biggest disaster will occur in 2050. Such a mysterious boy aroused the great attention of British physicist Hawking who called on everyone not to ignore the boy's predictions and astronomical knowledge. It is a pity that Boriska disappeared silently and mysteriously, and no one has found him.   Photo Source: The AtlanticRecently, a prophecy video of an Indian boy, called Abighya Anand on the Internet has begun to spread wildly. In August 2019, he had predicted that starting in November, mankind would face an explosive pandemic, and rich countries would experience an unprecedented economic recession. Currently, he is known as the youngest prophet in the world. Video Source: YouTube channel of ConscienceIn March 2020, he updated another video, in which he mentioned that what human beings are facing now is the consequences of Karma. Human's cruelty to animals is the main reason for all scourges. Most importantly, he once again predicted that the virus will begin to disappear by the end of May, but there will not be much good news until the end of June. He also gave everyone a few points that can prevent the virus. The first is to have a religious belief. The second is to maintain hygiene at all times. The third is to be calm and have a healthy diet to boost the immune system. Video Source: YouTube channel of ConscienceCover photo: Daily Mercury | YouTube channel of Conscience
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Haunted Houses in Penang | The 99 Doors Mansion

When you talk about Penang, everyone thinks of food and many tourist attractions such as the murals.There are also many old buildings at Penang and this makes Penang be a cultural city that is intertwined with old and new elements.The Penang 99 Door Mansion is a very famous haunted house in Penang, which has also been included in one of the "Top Ten Haunted Houses in Malaysia". The History of The 99 Door MansionA wealthy and prestigious British family bought an estate in Byram, Penang. This is where the 99-door mansion was built. The downstairs of the mansion is used as the estate management centre, and the upstairs is the place to live.The owner of the mansion, as well as, the managing director of the Penang Rubber Estates at that time, John Ramsden was murdered while walking up the stairs. He had two shots in the head and died instantly, but the identity of the killer could not be verified.Besides, the Japanese army also occupied this area during the Second World War. A large number of people were killed by the Japanese army at this mansion. Some people said that after being occupied by the Japanese army, they can hear sounds of bugles, mourns, and the pace of military operations from the mansion. Another legend: Love StoryAnother legend is a sad love story. John Ramsden married a Malay woman, but they were always quarrelling. According to the residents of the older generation, his Malay wife finally could not bear the grievances and anger she suffered. She killed John Ramsden and committed suicide by hanging herself. Since then, the residents often heard crying sounds from the villas and this makes the people feel creepy.The Inner Design of The MansionThere are 10 rooms in the entire villa, but weirdly there are 99 doors without windows. The design of the villa is based on Dutch architecture. In addition to the rooms, there are balconies, dance halls, living rooms, kitchens, and horse stables. But why is there no window? That's because windows are replaced by doors. Many people who visited after World War II only counted 66 doors, probably because one-third of the villas have been destroyed after the war.  According to a Feng Shui master, the Feng Shui of the mansion was extremely problematic. Somewhere in the mansion was the entrance of the ghost door. There are also some images inside have already been spiritualized. The master also said that the place has been occupied by ghosts and is no longer suitable for human habitation, and it is best not to come to explore after sunset.After reselling for many times, this mansion was eventually abandoned, probably because of its legend.However, not many people could afford to purchase such a large mansion and the high cost to renovate the mansion. So, this may also be the reason for being abandoned. What do you think? 
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Creator of Ju-On Comes Back With A Horror Movie | Get Your Tickets On 26 March

Howling Village (Inunaki Village), the latest Japanese horror film by Takashi Shimizu gets the biggest box office hits in Japan’s movie history.Takashi Shimizu is best known as the creator of the Ju-On franchise and The Grudge. And the latest masterpiece by the best horror movie director never disappoints his movie fans. It has been released in Japan less than 1 month but hits 1 billion box office hits now!      The plotIn Inunaki Village, the only way to enter is to go through the horror tide in Japan. The story is mainly about the main character, the clinical psychologist, Kanae Morita, who can see spirits. Many strange things are happening around her.These things are related to the well-known Japanese horror town, Inunaki Tunnel. One day, her brother, Yuna, and his girlfriend went on an expedition to "Inu Village" because of curiosity. They almost died but escaped successfully. However, the girlfriend committed suicide after some days and left a note: "After passing through the tunnel, there will be a village, and I saw..."   To find out the truth, Yuna returned to town together with his sister and a few friends, but he eventually disappeared and his friends were killed one by one! When Kanae realized that she could turn to a mysterious person, she was in a very dangerous situation. The terrible curse of Inunaki Village had just begun, they said once you step into this place, you can't leave even if u want! And this haunted town, which can't be found on the Japanese map, actually exists in Fukuoka, Japan, and many strange deaths happened up till today.   The actual placeIt is said that there was a small village with more than 100 people living near the tunnel in Inu Village before. But the government decided to build a dam in that area, and all the villagers were forced to move. But they forgot to move the graves and left them there alone. The bodies were forced to be buried under the water, and weird things started to happen! According to legend, people often heard mysterious sounds as soon as it entered night, but when someone went to check, they never found anything and some never return.   Since then, rumors were spread and many people who are depressed went there to commit suicide. The tunnel becomes a popular suicide spot so the tunnel and the town were abandoned by the Japanese government for unclear reasons. It has disappeared completely on the map! However, the true story that made the Inu Tunnel became Japan's most fierce ghost site was the murders in 1988.   The murder case of the villageOn December 7th, 1988, a burned body was found at Inunaki. The body belongs to a filial young man, Umeyama Kouichi. It was believed that a group of youths poured gasoline on him and set him on fire because Umeyama refused to borrow them the car. They bullied and attacked him until they decided to kill him.After this horrible incident, a lot of horrible things started to happen since then. And this made the Inunaki Village become one of the most terrifying places in Japan.   The movie will be released on the 26 of March in Malaysia, get your ticket and grab tight to your popcorn!
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Sleep Paralysis Or Haunted By Ghost? | Things You Need To Know

Sometimes, when you are half awake from your sleep, you noticed that you cannot move your body or make any sound. Thus you begin to recall something about being haunted by a ghost, thinking that there is a ghost lying on top of you causing you to be immobilized. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon has nothing to do with ghosts. Experts call this phenomenon as sleep paralysis. So what is it all about and why does it happen?How can sleep paralysis happen?This phenomenon usually occurs during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. At this time, in order to prevent our bodies from taking actions that would hurt ourselves or respond to dreams, our Voluntary Muscles will be in a "paralyzed" state. This is why we cannot move.Sleep paralysis happens when our brains are awake during the REM stage, but our bodies are still immobile. When people experience sleep paralysis, they will have hallucinations due to fear. This also explains why some people said that they saw "ghosts" and "demons" appearing in the room, and heard footsteps slowly approaching.Why do you experience sleep paralysis?There is no absolute cause of sleep paralysis. But, people with stress, irregular schedules, insufficient sleep, anxiety or depression would have a higher chance of having sleep paralysis. If you have experienced sleep paralysis, don't feel scared because each sleep paralysis normally lasts only a few seconds to several minutes. Don't worry about whether you will experience this phenomenon again before going to bed because excessive anxiety will most probably increase the chance of it happening again.It is normal to experience one or two times of sleep paralysis for a long time, but if this phenomenon continues to occur repeatedly, you must adjust your sleeping state, rest schedule, and mental state.
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Do you know any of these Chinese New Year's superstitions? Practice them this year!

"What you do during the Spring Festival will affect your luck in the coming year." This is the belief of Chinese people because the Spring Festival is the start of a new year.  Let's have a look at this list of Chinese New Year's superstitions and taboos.1. Avoid taking medicine  It is believed that a person will get ill for the whole year if he or she takes medicine on the first day of the lunar year. Some ill people would break their medicine pots in the belief that it will drive the illness away in the coming year.2. Don't sweep the floor or take out the garbage  Sweeping the floor is considered as removing wealth away from your house while taking out garbage symbolizes dumping out the good fortune from the house.3. Don't eat porridge and meat for breakfast  Porridge is considered as breakfast for poor people. You wouldn't want to start off your year "poor" as this is a bad omen, so porridge should not be eaten as breakfast. Besides, meat should not be eaten as breakfast too because Buddhists are against the killing of animals.4. Don't wash clothes and hair  On the first and second day, you must not wash your clothes and hair because these two days is the birthday of the Water God. Besides, in the Chinese language, hair (发) has the same character as fa in facai (发财), which means 'to become rich’. Therefore, it is not good to “wash one’s fortune away” at the beginning of the New Year.5. Needlework should not be done  The use of knives and scissors is to be avoided for any accident, whether harming a person or as a tool, it is thought to lead to unfavorable things and the depletion of wealth in the coming year.6. A married daughter is not allowed to visit the house of her parents  A married daughter normally visits the house of her parents on the second day of the Chinese New Year. A married daughter usually will not visit the house of her parents on the first day of Chinese New Year because this is believed that this would bring bad luck and economic hardship to the family. 7. Try to stop a baby from crying  The parents would try their best to stop babies from crying because a crying baby is believed that it would bring bad luck to the family.8. Avoid breaking things  Breaking things during Chinese New Year is associated with a loss of wealth for the coming year; therefore many people take great precautions to prevent it.Try practicing these cultural norms during this Chinese New Year! There's a reason why our ancestors followed them, right? 
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