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Stay Cool Like Hollywood Stars | 3 Popular Ice-cream Stores At Malaysia

Jada   |   Sep 28, 2020, 22:46   |   131

Ice cream seems to have become one of the "tools" for us to cool off the heat, and the people's requirements for ice cream are getting higher and higher. 

Hence, the creative taste is indispensable! Below are the 3 recommended ice cream stores in Malaysia.

#1. Merry Me

Merry Me from Penang is one of the locals' favorite ice cream shops. The store’s unique ice creams have always been popular. For example, red bean paste ice cream, kaya toast ice cream, salted egg Oreo ice cream and so on.

The creamy texture of their tofu-flavored ice cream has no different from the real silky tau fu fah.  

You will love their Malacca coconut sugar ice cream too!

Pei Pa Koa Ice Cream!! Now you still can enjoy eating ice-cream while you having sore throat!

#2. Piccoli Lotti

Have you tried the Pulut Tai Tai flavored ice cream? This ice cream is made by the boss using coconut milk flavored ice cream mixed with butterfly pea flowers and topped with glutinous rice. The special Pulut Tai Tai ice cream is paired with Kaya. 

They also have Cempedak ice cream, durian ice cream, Salted Butter Caramel gelato and other exclusive flavors for customers to choose!

Their Gelato Mooncakes are sold in 3 options:

- Complete Box of 4 (Houjicha, Black Sesame & Peanut, Durian and Dark Choc): RM108

- Box of 2 (Houjicha and Black Sesame & Peanut): RM62

- Box of 2 (Durian and Dark Choc): RM62

#3. Pandan Republic

Pandan Republic is located in Kwai Chai Hong. Its signatures include Hakka Lei Cha, handmade Nyonya pastries, Sambal Fried Eggs, Minced Pork Rice, and etc. 

However, many people even pay more attention to their Pandan flavoured ice cream. In addition to the famous Pandan ice cream, they also launched Kuih Kapit ice cream during the Chinese New Year this year!

Which one would be your choice?


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