【Hair & Nail】The best hairdryer - Dyson Supersonic has a NEW Copper edition!
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The best hairdryer - Dyson Supersonic has a NEW Copper edition!


If you haven't heard of Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, it is considerably the BEST hairdryer by far. It has 3 big really stunning benefits :-

1. It dries your hair extremely fast (the fastest yet)

2. It protects your hair from damage and reduces hair fall

3. It decrease frizz and increase shine in your hair


This is why girls are crazy over this RM1,799.00 hair dryer. It comes in 4 different colours, until the gift edition came... ...

Introducing the new Copper/Silver coloured Dyson Supersonic™ Gift Edition Hair Dryer. Classy to say the least. The colour is so flattering! No matter if you are a minimalist, or someone who enjoys majestic designs, or even someone who is always following the trend, this colour fits you all round!


Same as the default versions, the new gift edition comes with Smoothing nozzle, Styling Concentrator, Diffuser, Gentle air attachment, Non-slip heat-resistant mat, Storage bag and a Copper presentation case.


So if haven't get one yet, this is the one you should get! 

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