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Malaysia’s First Health Passport IMMUNITEE to Launch in March 2021

Harriet   |   Feb 16, 2021, 21:38   |   40

COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging in many parts of the world, including Malaysia. Humans are adapting to the new lifestyle due to the pandemic. For instance, compulsory mask-wearing at public spaces, contact tracing, constant sanitizing, work or study from home, and many others. Now, as the vaccine programmes started to roll out globally, there’s a new creation – health passport. Health passports are systems that store personal vaccine records and health status to ease an individual’s border clearance and further curb the spread of the pandemic. 


Malaysia’s first health passport, IMMUNITEE was just accepted by the Singapore authorities via Affinidi’s Unifier digital credential platform. It was expected to launch in March 2021. The IMMUNITEE Health Passport is a blockchain vaccine registry system designed to store personal immunisation records and vaccine data. It operates under the Unifier platform to ensure secure sharing of health check data during the users’ clearance at border health checkpoints. The data were secured under blockchain technology; thus, the authenticity of COVID-19 tests and vaccination history would not be altered. 


According to the CEO of IMMUNITEE, the app will be provided at no charge to governments and organisations through the open-source system. Besides, it will be free for users to download the app after it was launched. This will aid the countries’ effort in carrying out the mass vaccination programs. 

More details regarding Malaysia’s first health passport could be found on their official website


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