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The hidden GEM in Europe!! The friendliest country in world~

Creativemind   |   Sep 30, 2020, 20:14   |   72

Speaking about travelling to European country, most people will think of places like London, Paris, Italy, Switzerland etc.
Well undeniably these places are awesome but today let's talk about a country that is not so popular but worth visiting- IRELAND. Ireland is known to be the friendliest in country and it is one of the few European countries that speak English. Well, they do have their own language known as Irish but generally they do not speak the language. This article will be introducing you to funny facts about this amazing country. 

The "Irish-English"
You must be wondering "what do you mean by Irish-English?" or "what is the difference with normal English?". Of course there is huge difference! Don't be surprise when you hear greeting like "What's the craic?". It means how are you doing or how is it going on. Anyone who has came across Irish-accent, you would have doubts like "Is this English?" "OMG what are they talking about?" "I am confused with the language.". Yes Irish has a very distinctive accent and they speak very fast that you can barely catch their sentences. If you are curious about it, watch "Derry Girls" on Netflix. Irish English is hard to understand but it is also challenging in a good way. 

The Drinking Culture
If you have heard of Ireland, you know what they are famous for except being the friendliest country. Yes it is the drinking culture! Irish seems to love drinking very much. During the night, most of the shops with lights on are pubs and bars. Also, if you ever go to Ireland, try the Ireland's famous beer-Guinness.

The Crazy Weather
When I say crazy, I mean it. The crazy level is you get to experience three season in a few minutes, from snow to wind to sunny day. It rains 360 days in a year but mostly drizzles. Ireland is also known as the country with no summer because it is always cold and windy even in summer. Only people who have lived in Ireland get the meme. 

The Separated Hot and Cold Tap
This is the one thing even Irish could not understand, that is the structure of their basin. The basin is built with two separated taps, one for hot water and one for cold water just like British tap. If you only use the hot water tap, it is boiling hot that you could burn yourself. If you only use the cold water tap, the water is freezing cold that you could "burn" yourself too. Neither of them is at perfect temperature so it is a struggle to use the basin. The reason of using two separate taps is the cold water is safe to drink so they do not want to cross contaminate the hot water and cold water as the source of hot water is not for drinking. 

Apart from the interesting facts about Ireland, its scenic view is breathtaking. Never expect tall buildings but cliffs and greenery. It is a great place to spend time with your family and loved ones, to escape from the urban city. Your eyes will be so occupied by the nature that you will no longer be staring at your phone. 
Dingle Peninsula
Ha'penny Bridge Dublin
Ring of Kerry
A great country to add on the bucket list- IRELAND! 


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