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Be As Charm As You Want | 10 Life Philosophies Of French Women


Recently, Netflix’s new romantic comedy "Emily in Paris" starring Lily Collins has become very popular. 

The story narrates the story of Emily, a girl from the United States. who has a stable job and a boyfriend.

 Later, she decided to go to Paris to pursue her dream job.

However, she soon needs to deal with the unfamiliar French workplace culture and the disagreement with her boyfriend due to the long-distance love relationship.

The series has been very popular since its beginning!

Many girls are fascinated by the French girls' seemingly effortless, innate, elegant, and intellectual charm. 

Maybe we can all refer to their 10 life philosophies of the French women!


Never Follow The So-Called "Trend"

French women will never define the value of people by luxury. 

They only wear clothes that they think look good and ignore the rise and fall of the trend of the times. 

They only wear comfortable, personalized clothes, coupled with exquisite fashion accessories.


There Will Never Be More Than 3 Colors On The Body

French women often choose clothes in neutral tones. 

Even if they try bright colors, they will guarantee that no more than 3 colors appear on their bodies!


Embrace Imperfections

Everyone cares about the imperfections in themselves and even tries to hide them. 

French women are grateful for their imperfections because this can make them unique. 

They used self-confidence to counterbalance for "flaws" in their appearance.


Wrinkles Are The Gift Of Time

French women pay attention to skincare, but they will not demand that they are young forever, because wrinkles are a testimony of life.

Laziness And Self-Discipline Coexist

Laziness means ignoring the materialistic and it does not mean giving up on themselves. 

As long as they have time, they would use their valuable time to improve their knowledge because they firmly believe that the inner charm would be long-lasting

Always Keep Their Back Straight

Your posture also determines who you are. No matter how lazy French women are, their backs are always straight.

Never Give Up To Pursue Love

Some girls may think that marriage is the ultimate goal of love. After they are married, they don't dare to have extra fantasies about love. 

However, French women don't mind chasing love all their lives, no matter how old they are. 

They are loyal to themselves and use love to prove that they have lived their life to the fullest.


Perfume Is Part Of The Body

Coco Chanel once said that "women who don't wear perfume have no future." 

French people love perfume very much. They think it is a part of taste. 

The intimate communication shared with others through perfume is more than a thousand words.

Always Have A Lipstick In Handbag

French women believe that makeup does not need to be exquisite and flawless, but lipstick is vital! 

Lipstick is like clothes, it can express personality and also show our inner passion!

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