【Food】Boba In Instant Noodle?! MAMEE x Tealive: Spicy Mi Boba Was Launched On October 3
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Boba In Instant Noodle?! MAMEE x Tealive: Spicy Mi Boba Was Launched On October 3


Good news to Boba and instant noodles lovers! Tealive collaborated with MAMEE to launch out Spicy Mi Boba. 

It is like a great "BANG" to our imagination. We usually have instant noodles and boba milk tea separately, but now we have both of them in one single cup

Can you guys imagine the flavor? How exciting is that!


Photo Souce: Linkedin Of Bryan Loo 

This new Spicy Mi Boba is gonna bring MAMEE Instant Noodle and Tealive milk tea to another whole new level. 

As Spicy Mi Boba could either be cooked in hot or cold water, it brings us two sentiments although there’s only one flavor.

Photo Souce: Linkedin Of Bryan Loo

As the seasoning powder contains sugar, spices, creamer (contains milk), and black tea powder, the soup base is gonna be spicy and sweet at the same time. 

Photo Souce: Linkedin Of Bryan Loo

Spicy Mi Boba is sold at RM15.90 for 3 cups, and RM29.90 for 6 cups

You can get up to 24 cups for RM109.90

They’re sold exclusively on Tealive’s webpage for now.

How to eat:

1. Open the cup lid partially.

2. Pour the seasoning powder & creamer into the cup.

3. Add boiling water up to the waterline marking (approx. 250ml) then stir well.

4. Close the lid and simmer for 3 minutes.

5. Stir well, and add in boba. Finally, it is ready to serve!

*Add in ice cubes if you like it cold.     

Photo Souce: Linkedin Of Bryan Loo

Dare yourself to taste the Spicy Mi Boba today! 

You’d find spicy noodles from MAMEE Noodles, which are weirdly but wonderfully combined with Tealive pearl milk tea! Grab it now!

Cover Photo: Linkedin Of Bryan Loo | Linkedin Of Bryan Loo

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