【News】"I am sorry my kids, please take care of yourself..." . Last words from the COVID positive father.

"I am sorry my kids, please take care of yourself..." . Last words from the COVID positive father.


These hurtful last words are from a 58 years old father that stays in Ipoh. Ahmad Mohamad Talib the deceased used his last effort to write down such a painful message to his wife and children. His last moment of life ends in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun last Wednesday.

"Tolong doa dan terus solat hajat. Abah minta maaf. Jaga diri semua"

"Please keep praying. Dad apologises. Please take care, you all." These exact words were found on two papers and shared by his daughter Syafiqa Humairak on her Facebook. Syafiqa said that her father had a kidney disease when tested positive for Covid-19 and immediately send to the alleged hospital for treatment. 

He was asymptomatic even when he was at the hospital. His condition didn't improve yet worsened, thus, the doctor decided to inject him with sedative on Monday.

Sad things didn't end there

Before Ahmad Mohamad Talib went into a coma, his daughter managed to have a video call with his family despite he couldn't speak at the time. His precious last words were written before the coma. However, his family did not get to keep the papers that consisted his handwriting. She stressed that the hospital was worried about the two papers were contaminated. 

The aftermath.

Syafiqa Humairak, the daughter also said that all of her family members were tested positive for Covid-19. It included her one-month-old nephew as well. Most of them could not attend to her father's funeral, she was the only one that can attend the funeral. She was devasted as she could only see her father from afar, any close contact was prohibited. 

She urged Malaysian that takes the Coronavirus seriously and always comply with the SOP that provided by the MOH. As the Coronavirus killed her father within weeks. 

Syafiqa Humairak's post is to remind the public that Covid-19 is still viral and is fatal to people. Let's not take the effort of our front liners for granted and comply with MOH's SOP at all cost. 

*RIP to Mr. Ahmad Mohamad Talib

Cover image from FB Fika Maira.

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"She didn‘t report to the HR or at least to her husband about getting harassed by her boss. Because she can't risk to lose her job."

The above statement is from Reddit where a woman shared her story of getting harassed by her boss yet she couldn't do anything about as it involved her livelihood and her husband's job as well. Here is a snippet of her stories:"Her usual smile just fell off and she confessed that he's been doing that to her for a few years now. Demanding to meet at odd places, offering to give her a ride home (even though her husband work in the very same building), and worst of all, playfully dragging her into the walk-in chiller and leaving marks on her arms by gripping too hard. All she could do was struggle and run before things went bad."Why is this norm happening in Malaysia?The law is not protecting the victim enoughSome laws provide some outline of the scope of sexual harassment yet it's not comprehensive enough. The relevant sexual harassment law can be found in the Penal Code and Employment Act. Yet, both laws have great flaws. 1. Penal Code- It does not really punish the harasser as there would be only a fine to be imposed on them. It does not protect the victim if the harasser still works in the same company. The sad reality is victim usually the one gets the stigmatization and victim shaming after the tragic incident. Also, there isn't a right way to investigate sexual harassment case by the police. The authority did not have a proper guideline for the police officer to handle specifically to sexual harassment cases. Try to imagine a victim needs to tell her story in details over and over again during the investigation. For the police officer that unfamiliar with the procedure, it is akin to make the victim relive the horrible experience again. This process can be so hurtful and detrimental to the victim and cause them to drop the charge against the harasser. 2. Employment Act-It is not mandatory or compulsory for the employer to practice workplace sexual harassment code of practice. For instance, if the employer did not feel like the case is worth investigating, he or she could choose to let it go. As the law is voluntary, it doesn't compel the employer to do so. If you have a bad boss that doesn't care about your well being, essentially you will not be protected.Read the UM Legal Review and WAO article for more information.Men could be the victim as wellHere are some male victim's stories from Reddit for the reference:1. When my bf was 5, he was playing with his neighbour who was 16. Things were normal, until one day when they were in the lift and that dude took out his pants, spread his cheeks, and asked my bf to lick his asshole.2. An older guy flashed at my male friend when he was a kid.Whether or not these stories are real, we definitely do not want this to happen to any guy. But, it is important to know that, these incidents are definitely happening out there. Society is more likely to be oblivion to male victims as most of the harassment cases were from women. Also, there is this sickening mentality of the society that men are strong and it's impossible to harass a man. Because of this sickening mentality, it makes the male victim even more difficult to seek help and tell the truth. The truth is men can feel uncomfortable and get harassed by people as well. Here is what you could do1. Sign the petition created by AWAM Malaysia. You could either sign in person at their PJ office or sign this online petition. 2. Read more relevant articles or follow the relevant social media content to educate yourself. Follow WAO and AWAM Malaysia. Educate yourself on the right thing, such as what amount to sexual harassment instead of treating sexual harassment as unprofessional behaviour. Malaysian women's perception of sexual harassment is very different than what we imagined based on this article. 42% of women do not consider the act of stalking, to be a form of sexual harassment but classify it as unprofessional behaviour. Hence, it is important to know the right thing before you could protect yourself. You need to know that you are in danger before you could take any action.3. If you want to be heard, make a statement. Consistently. Start from telling to your family members about your incident, then report to the HR. If the HR didn't do something about it, discuss it with your colleagues. If the company/HR did not create a safe space for you, you create a safe space for your friends or colleagues. Let them realise that it is wrong to do to stay silent and encourage them to speak up. Speaking up might not guarantee that you will be heard, but not speaking up definitely let the harasser getaway. Speaking up or reporting to the HR is not making a big fuss. If you stay silent, your life is going to turn into a fuss. Cover Photo Source : China Briefing.com | Emplois specialises
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These magic lines brings great comfort to people. Make sure you learn how to say it.

Pandemic has forced people to change their life routine. Some people were isolated from their family members; some people lost their jobs. Many students had to stop their education until further notice. This is the time where all of us should stand together and support each other. Here is what you could say if anyone is sharing their worry to you.Did you have a bad day? Do you want to talk about it?Angry people are usually sad people. Most of the time they were actually sad but it’s difficult for them to embrace their sadness. As being sad is often equate to showing weakness which that is not true. So, they disguise their sadness into anger yet deep down they were upset. Is there anything I could do to make you feel better?Knowing what’s the right word to say could break the barrier between people. Saying this line is telling them that you are ready to help. It’s important to ask them more than once, they might need some time to sort out their thought. Despite, in the end, they didn’t utter any words. That’s okay, at least they know that there are people like you care deeply about them.I am sure you are doing the best you could.Anyone that approached you to talk about their problems it’s because they are worried, self-doubting, clueless, not sure whether they are doing the right things or just lost. It’s important to give them affirmation or assurance. Regardless of what they did, saying this line could be their great comfort. It’s not in our position tell them how well they did, as they are the exact person who went through their life process. Be attentive when talking to your friends or your family. Hold a safe space and judgmental free zone for them. If you don’t have something nice to say, just listen. If you know someone who is struggling, please ask them to seek professional advice. *The Mindfacultykl is offering to pay it forward session where you could claim a free therapy session. Follow them to keep up with the news. 
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Here‘s a Santa Claus certified gift list for Malaysian foodies from local bakery!

November has come to an end this year.  But... December is only one or two weeks away! Christmas is around the corner indeed and a lot of stores has started to launch their Christmas care package or gift set.The process of choosing a gift is always tough and tends to be repetitive. The fear of getting the wrong gift is terrifying. But, food will never disappoint people especially Malaysian! Let's check out what could you buy for Christmas gifting purpose!Firstly, we have COOKIES Let's be real, you can't have too many cookies. Thank god there is no legal limit of how much we could consume cookies. @Kamidesignerco is a Malaysian based company that thrive to design beautiful things. Be it a candle, wedding card, bridesmaid box, etc. They want to make sure that whoever receives it could feel the love from the sender. This time, they have launched a Christmas collection which is an assorted cookies box.From the baking till the packaging, everything is aesthetically designed. Editor especially loves the blue packaging paper which is known as 'Palm'.Make sure to check them out and get free customised gold calligraphy on a card with the personalised typewritten message at the back.More [email protected] formerly occupied as a laundry shop, they believe in heritage and legacy. This explains why they have such a special vibe. From outside, it looks like a vintage stationery shop in disguise because of that old school signboard. But, if you look closely it is a bakery that aims to provide daily baked goods. They sell a wide range of pastries, from sourdough to scone. They too launched their Christmas Cookies Box on 11.11   Contents: Cocoa Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Meringue Swirls, Earl Grey Shortbread, Raspberry Thumbprint, Meringue Kisses.Make sure you order it before 30/11/2020 to enjoy early bird price which is RM50! After the promotion, the price is RM59 for a box.Every purchase of this Cookie Box, 10% will be contributed to aid SHELTER who provide a safe space for neglected and underprivileged children. It is important to help each other during this pandemic and UniversalBakeHouse indeed is kind enough to contribute part of their profit to society.Next, not cookies again but we have BROOKIESWhat exactly is a brookie? It's actually a combination of brownie and cookies. This is a great option for people who have a dilemma to choose whether to get brownies or cookies. Just choose this, brookies will solve your sweet craving dilemma perfectly. @SeptemberBakes's forte is making brookie. The texture is absolutely satisfying, you get slight crisp like cookies when you bite into it. But you too will get a good chewy texture out it. @SeptemberBakes joins the Christmas season train as well to launch the Christmas Gift Box. The content is 5pc of brookies, 1 box of butter cookies and mocha cookies.   A basket of wonder is what you need [email protected] has the best looking gift box ever! They use a basket as a container to fill up with their delicious cookies and cakes. *You will know what I mean when you see it.Their packaging is indeed one of the kind and the receiver would definitely be so thrilled to open this box of wonder. This timeless packaging is good for any festival, that included Christmas as well.They offer different budget of gift boxes and the content range from cookies to madeleine. The good news about this gift box is all year round, unlike the above shops, their Christmas collection is only seasonal. Do check them out whenever your special day is near.Not a fan of cakes or cookies? Check this [email protected] has launched XMAS spiced nuts just for people like you! The content is a mix of Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds and pretzels, baked with cinnamon, cayenne pepper and fresh rosemary. It claimed that these nuts are fragrant, warm and hearty, just like an embrace on Christmas. In other words, it will make you go nuts after having these nuts! *pun intendedHowever, this will only available to purchase on 1/12/2020, so stay tune to purchase! Also, they are going to reveal their own version of Christmas box as well! Make sure you follow their Instagram to keep up with the update!Merry Christmas in advanced! Enjoy your shopping and make people around you happy!
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