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8 Habits That Are Killing You Slowly


Habits define us. From our daily routines - exercising regularly, reading a book before we sleep, and having breakfast to weekly habits such as cleaning the house, outdoor hiking, or practicing drawing; Those are the tiny details that define our lifestyle. 

The way we spend our time and treat ourselves are the elements that make us attractive, interesting, and healthy. However, most of us do not realize that there are some unworthy habits that we practice unconsciously every day that are ruining our life and health.

What are the habits that are killing us slowly?

 1. Binge Watching Drama

How many hours have you spent watching your favorite drama? 

Often, we will binge-watch the entire series of Netflix in a single day as the “next episode” button is too tempting for us to resist. We will stay up late at night and it will disrupt our sleeping patterns. 

Besides, some of us constantly blaring at our screen by watching at least 3 hours of drama per day. Research has shown this group of people usually do not value their health, lifestyle, and diet.

2. You Overwork Yourself

Overworking might be a habit for some of us as we are used to the routines. Keep in mind that trying our best in the work that we do does not mean that we should work for 18 hours straight. 

Some of us overwork to try to impress our superior, to satisfy the demanding client, or to avoid future reprimanding from the manager that it has become an unhealthy habit. 

Please take care of yourself- physically and mentally. Take your meal at regular times and go for a vacation occasionally. If we need to work for the rest of our life, we should at least take a break in between.

3. Drinking Coffee (With Sugar)

If you are taking 3 cups of coffee every day with sugar, it is time for you to break the habit today. 

Excessive sugar intake can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. If it is too hard for you to curb your sweet tooth, consume your morning coffee with Stevia instead. However, it would be best to drink it without any additional toppings. 

Yes, black coffee is the best for you.

4. You Take Too Much Pain Killers

It might sound absurd but there are people who pop painkillers way too often subconsciously especially when they experience headaches. It might become a habit for them to take painkillers whenever they are suffering from pain as their temporary solution. 

Over time, excessive use of painkillers for example ibuprofen and aspirin will endanger your health with diseases such as ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

5. Skipping Breakfast

Facts: People who skipped breakfast tend to consume more calories throughout the day. 

It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, skipping breakfast is still the habit that we practice every day because we want to sleep for another 5 minutes. 

These habits will lead to poor eating choices with snacks or having a large portion of the meal for lunch. 

6. Binge Eating

Binge eating could be the consequence of skipping breakfast as you are starved and when the food arrives, you eat it with all your heart with lightning speed. As a result, you overeat. 

Besides, some people binge eats when they feel stress or they binge eating snacks especially during late-night, only feeling guilty afterwards. This is the habit that is we should put some serious effort to break it. 

Take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time to your satiety to prevent unnecessary binge eating.

7. Not Applying Sunblock

Feeling lazy for the small action to apply sunblock? This is a common habit that most of us practice. 

A vast majority of melanoma are caused by the UV rays from the sun, and applying some SPF on our skin is a very simple way to protect ourselves. Start small by applying sunblock with SPF 15 or higher after you cleanse your face every morning.

8. Smoking And Drinking

Undeniably, smoking, and drinking are the ultimate habits that are killing you slowly. 

Smoking damage your lungs and excessive drinking are harmful to your liver. You might not feel the effects of these habits in your life right now but you will eventually face the consequences of your choices. 

Therefore, make the right choice by avoiding smoking and drinking altogether starting from today.

Cover Photo: Ben Kolde || Nathan Dumlao || Kelly Sikkema

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