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British vs Americans Christmas traditions: Here comes part 2


Have you ever wonder if everyone celebrates Christmas the same? The answer is no, there are a lot of differences in terms of Christmas traditions between countries. Here comes more Christmas fun facts between United Kingdom vs United States:

# Letter to Santa

In the US, kids will write letters to Santa and drop them in the mailbox whilst in the UK, kids toss the letter straight in the fire. British believes that burning the letters will send them directly to Santa and he can read the Christmas wishes in the smoke. Yes, the British way seems more magical.

# Christmas Cracker

To the Americans, Christmas crackers like a kind of snack however to the British, Christmas crackers are cardboard tubes which has a present inside it and the tube wrapped in colorful paper. When two people pulled it apart, it will make a loud sound. On Christmas day, family members open their crackers together and the person holding the larger end gets to keep the present inside.

# Christmas Hat

After opening the Christmas cracker, you are expected to find colourful paper crown inside it and it is absolutely mandatory to wear them in the UK. While in the US, they have no idea about the Christmas cracker nor paper crown and would just stick to the pointy red hat. 


# Stock Hanging

In the US, kids traditionally hang their stockings around the fireplace for Santa to fill the stockings with presents after climbing down from the chimney whereas in the UK, kids were told to hang their stockings around their bed. 

# Christmas Tree

So after celebrating Christmas, how much time do we have to remove the Christmas decorations? There is no set time for the Americans to take down their Christmas decorations however for the British, they believe the Christmas tree and the decorations should be taken down within twelve days after Christmas Day to avoid bad luck for the rest of the year. 

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Have you ever wonder if everyone celebrates Christmas the same? British vs Americans Christmas traditions

Do you think you know everything about Christmas? Well, guess again, here are 6 British vs Americans Christmas traditions which you might not even realize it until you read this.# Happy Christmas vs Merry ChristmasIf you’re living in the United Kingdom (UK), Happy Christmas is pretty much the standard greeting used around the Christmas season. On the other hand, in the United States (US), people often greet each other by saying Merry Christmas.  # Father Christmas vs Santa ClausIn the UK, people used to recognize the jolly giver of presents as “Father Christmas” whilst in the US, they would refer to him as “Santa Claus” or just simply “Santa.”# Chrimbo vs ChristmasAs you might start to get confuse with heart O/S: Wait, what? Chrimbo? What’s that? "Chrimbo" also sometimes spelled "Crimbo," is the shortening of Christmas known in the UK. While in the US, they did not create any other fancy name and just stick to Christmas.  # Lapland vs North PoleIf you ask the British where does Santa Clause lives and works? The answer would definitely be Lapland. It’s an area that includes the far northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. However, this is not true to the Americans. To them, Santa’s true home is the North Pole.# Turkey vs Roast BeefIn the UK, the main dish for traditional Christmas dinner is turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables whereas in the US, people often prefer to have ham or roast beef on Christmas Day. For many Americans, turkeys are reserved to celebrate Thanksgiving.# Christmas Pudding vs Pumpkin PiesSo what about Christmas dessert? British will have Christmas pudding as dessert on Christmas Day. This is a dense cake flavored with dried fruit and spices. It’s then soaked in alcohol and set alight before serving. While for the Americans, they opt to have pumpkin pies or all other types of pie such as apple pie, pecan pie etc. for Christmas dessert. Cover Photo (LEFT: RIGHT)
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What should you get for him/her during Christmas? Lovely Christmas gift idea for LDR couples

As Christmas is approaching, are you scratching your head looking for Christmas gift for your loved one? The task has become harder this year for LDR couples as they are unable to celebrate together during this festive season. Fear not, we are here to help you. I have listed some cute Christmas gift ideas for you to make reference:# Long Distance Touch LampI think this gift is the coolest and trendiest among all and I personally find that the long distance touch lamps are meant for LDR couples. There are various types long distance touch lamp in the market which features different size and design to meet your preference. Once you connected the lamp over internet and linked to each other’s lamp, it will light up the other when tapping one of the lamps. You loved one would know you’re thinking of him/her when they see the lamp has been lighted up.  # Scratch Off World MapIf both of you enjoy travelling and had promise to travel the world together, this scratch off map might suit you the best. Your loved one can scratch off the places where you both been together and recalled all the sweet memories that you both have been through. Besides, he/she can also start to decide or plan for next place to be scratched off (to visit together). # Couple Matching ItemsThis might be the most popular gift ideas among all, ranging from matching outfit to matching phone cover. Even though you’re not able to be by their side all the time, these matching items would remind them of you every time they see it. Also, you may get your loved one to put on the matching outfit when you are having Facetime or Video Call to create the atmosphere.  # Temperature Control MugIf he/she is a coffee lover, this might be the best gift to make them think of you. Once he/she sets the desired temperature, the mug will maintain the same temperature for the whole day. Your loved one would never have to worry that the coffee will turns cold. Every sip of hot coffee would make them feel grateful to have you as their loved one. 
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Christmas is around the corner, how do celebrate if you're in LDR? 6 cute ideas for LDR couples to celebrate Christmas

When you’re in a long distance relationship (LDR), we all know that it is a challenge to make time and do things together with your loved one. It becomes tougher when the pandemic is in the way where most of the country borders will remain closed for the rest of 2020. Anyway, here are some ideas for you to spend a romantic Christmas with your LDR partner. You can make this Christmas as unforgettable as anyone else’s with some little extra efforts. 1. FIX A VIRTUAL DATEFind the best time and set up the mood with some wine or even candles and have dinner together over Skype/Facetime. You can try to recreate the atmosphere as if you both are together.2. CHRISTMAS GIFT EXCHANGE You can put together a care package or get them the gift they have been wishing for so long and send in advance through mail. There is nothing like the joy that comes with unwrapping a gift from your LDR partner and finding out how they remembered getting you the gift that you have spoken to them about. With the advance of technology and online shopping platform, you can create surprise for your loved one with your fingertips. 3. COUPLE MATCHING OUTFITSAlthough you can’t share the same room but you can try sharing the same outfits and make the moment unforgettable. You can also send the matching outfits as Christmas gift and ask them to put it on together after unwrapping it.4. WATCH MOVIES TOGETHERYou can come up with a Christmas movie list together and watch them together online. There is a lot of Apps or services for you to watch movie simultaneously while you are physically apart. For instance, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can use Netflix Party and invite your partner to get the party started. Otherwise, you can also use Rabbit or Together Tube to create a private room for just the two of you.5. GO OUT, HAVE FUN AND SHAREAs you can’t look at Christmas lights and decorations together, you can take photos and share with your partner. It’s always lovely to share something magical and your loved one will be pleased to know you are thinking of them. Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean living your life isolated from the real world. Go out and spend time with your friend and family. Do remember to snap pictures and share it with your partner so both of you can enjoy but at the same time feeling connected with each other.Cover Photo (LEFT: RIGHT)
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