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Yubiso Must Have Items for Girls!

Yubiso products are definitely a bang for the buck! Not only is the pricing very much affordable, the quality is not compromised in any way, making it a great choice to get many household items or just window shopping. Besides that, Yubiso also has a couple of makeup and skincare products on its shelves, suitable for those who are on a tighter budget or students who are just starting out. Here are 15 items you should get the next time you come across a Yubiso store!01 | LipsticksYubiso's lipsticks have a smooth texture, rich color rendering, is long lasting, and reasonably priced. It might feel a little dry at first so we suggest applying some lip balm before the lipstick. Those starting their makeup journey can definitely consider Yubiso's lipsticks as you can get a wide variety of colours without breaking the bank.02 | Lip GlossIf your lips are too dry or dull, you can consider Yubiso's lip gloss. It's moisturising, provides shine, and is non-sticky, all the things that make up a good lip gloss. The brush is relatively thin and small, making it easier to stick to the outline of your lips even up to the corners of your mouth. Of course, it is very budget-friendly too!03 | BlushYubiso's powder blush comes with its own cute brush, making it easy to apply on the cheeks after some foundation. The powder is very fine and blends evenly on the face. Color rendering is fair and provides a light shimmering radiant. Suitable for those new to makeup as the price and color choices are both attractive.04 | Skin EssenceFor an entire 500 ml skin essence at a cheap price point, look no further than Yubiso's Nicotinamide Ampoule. This product keeps your skin hydrated and you feeling refreshed! For only RM9, the bottle lasts for quite some time, making it absolutely worth it. We like using it as a wet beauty mask too as there are no worries about using too much of it.05 | Compressed Facial MaskComing in 20 adorable individual capsules, Yubiso's compressed facial mask can be applied almost instantly. Just a few drops of toner and serum and you're good to go. Weekly usage of face masks help your skin stay hydrated and moist. Besides that, using it before applying makeup will help improve its lasting effects.06 | Aloe Vera Foam CleanserThe aloe vera foam cleanser is soft and gentle to the skin, avoiding dry skin effects. Just apply a reasonable amount onto the built in silicon brush and gently massage your face. This will help clean your pores, getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. The aloe vera component helps preserve the moisture in your skin, making it feel much smoother after your routine.07 | Cosmetic PuffYubiso's cosmetic puffs and sound and firm, making them not prone to splitting or breaking easily. At the same time, it is soft enough to feel good on the skin. Compared to applying foundation with your bare hands, using a cosmetic puff will make the foundation stay on better. To keep it clean, just use a little bit of soap and warm water before patting it dry.08 | EyelinerThe thin and delicate tip allows you to smoothly and easily outline your eyes with the Yubiso Liquid Eyeliner. This brand of eyeliner does not bleed easily, even on hotter days. If you are still worried, apply a little powder on the right places to improve the eyeliner's lasting effects. Those looking to get a new eyeliner should definitely take a look!09 | Aloe Vera CreamNot only is Yubiso's aloe vera cream cheap, it is very moisturising, perfect for those with dry skin. After applying toner, you may put on the aloe vera cream to trap the moisture in your skin. The composition is not oily, making it suitable for ladies with oily and combination skin.10 | Cleansing LotionYubiso's cleansing lotion is gentle to the skin as it doesn't contain irritating chemicals, suitable for sensitive and dry skins. This product provides excellent hydrating effects, making the skin feel smoother after every use. Girls having a pimple breakout or whiteheads can consider this cleansing lotion over other products that contain more chemicals.11 | BB CreamWant to cover up any acne, freckles, dark circles or other flaws? Why not try Yubiso's Makeup Foundation BB. It has a smooth texture that will prevent any lumping on your face with moderate lasting ability. It is suggested to apply it onto a loose powder setting to control oil levels and to keep the foundation better in place. For those going for a lighter and more basic makeup, Yubiso's BB cream is worth a try!12 | Makeup BaseBefore applying any foundation, it helps to first apply some makeup base. This will help even up skin tones and cover up your pores. Yubiso's Isolation Makeup Base is quite nourishing and easy to apply evenly. It also helps any foundation and makeup stay longer.13 | Mud Pores CleanserYubiso's Mud Pores Cleansing Facial Cleanser does a great job at thoroughly cleaning blackheads and whiteheads. At the same time, it has great oil control effects, perfect for those with oily skins. Due to its strong cleansing characteristics, it might leave your skin feeling a little dry after use, so some lotion or toner will help.14 | Eye CreamIf you have more noticable dark circles or wrinkles, you may consider Yubiso's eye cream to moisturise the areas around the eyes. This eye cream does not give off a sticky texture and is easy to apply evenly on the skin. The rice essense has anti-aging properties and help fight off wrinkling. It is definitely a buy for those looking for an eye cream that fits their budget.15 | Electric Facial Cleaning BrushYubiso's silicon electrical face cleaner provides deep cleaning of the pores. It removes the basic blackheads and acne, while going a step further to clean off dead skin and dirt from your skin. The tool does a better job at cleaning than without it and this is exceptionally true for those who frequently apply makeup, as this will remove any excess makeup particles from the face.Bonus! | Makeup BrushThe brushes on Yubiso's makeup brushes are soft, delicate and do not cause any prickly feelings on the face, making it a comfortable pick! While some prefer to use different types and sizes of brushes, Yubiso's collection allows you to do that without putting a whole in your purse.The 15 (and of course, plus 1 bonus) items from Yubiso are highly recommended for the next time you visit a Yubiso store near you. Most of the products in there are a bang for the buck, making it a popular choice for people of all ages.*Cover photo source: Sunway Pyramid (Left), Yubiso Malaysia Instagram (4 On Right)
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This 14 Days (Lazy-People-Friendly) Japanese Skin Fasting Will Make Your Skin Glow Brighter Than Ever!

These days, there has been a renewed focus on skincare and it is becoming an essential part of our lives, especially for those who put on makeup on a daily basis. Adding on to that, to prevent aging, wrinkles, spots or just to have our skin look younger, the amount of beauty and skincare products begin to stack up. More than ever, we are worried that not using a certain product or skipping a certain step will cause our faces to breakout into a wreck of wrinkles, acne and gigantic pores. However, our skin, just like any other part of our bodies, require sufficient rest. That's where Japanese doctor Ryuichi Utsuki's [Skin Fasting] idea comes in, promoting a skincare routine that minimizes the products we use. This concept is also perfect for those with a sensitive skin, those who stick to a strict routine everyday, and those who insist on applying layers upon layers of product on their faces.Note: The skin fasting routine primarily reduces the amount of external skincare products used and does not call for a complete avoidance of products. During the fasting period, it is essential to wash your face every day and night with just water. This of course is to keep the face cleansed while also allowing the face to restore its natural abilities to balance your skin's oil-water levels. Besides that, put a stop to using toners so as to reduce the skin's dependance on external producst to control and balance oil and pH levels. No other skincare products should be needed. For those with drier skin, the lack of products such as moisturisers and lotions might leave you feeling a little rough and tight. As such, a thin layer of Vaseline might do the trick. Vaseline contains natural minerals that help to reduce water evaporation, keeping your skin's moisture intact. During this time, it is also important to drink plenty of liquids and stay hydrated in order to improve the skin's metabolism and maintain it's glow. That's all it takes: simple steps without layers and layers of products to bring your skin back to its glory days.Another thing you might notice while skin fasting is that due to the lack of skincare products, your face might glow unnaturally. To overcome this, just use oil blotting paper or oil control films to remove the excess oil on your face. Not long after, you should start to notice a reduction in breakouts, acne, whiteheads, rashes and just enhanaced skin quality in general. After the 14 day regime, your skin's absorption abilities will have improved greatly for you to return to your normal skincare routine and products.   *Cover image source: (Left) (Right) (Center)
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Catcha Group backs new venture, Instahome - The New Way to Rent a Home

Instahome introduces The New Way to Rent a Home in Malaysia with the aim to transform the region’s home rental experience.  Instahome was founded in September 2020 by prolific internet entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia (SEA), Patrick Grove and Eric Tan. Grove is also the Group CEO and Co-Founder of Catcha Group, a leading SEA internet group, behind companies like iProperty, iflix, iCar Asia and Rev Asia. Prior to launching Instahome, Tan was Grove’s Chief of Staff in Catcha, where he led the group’s investment team. He was also formerly a founder of another Catcha-backed live-streaming app, VIP Live in Indonesia and previously, the Head of SEA at a London-based mobile app analytics startup, Reflection.io. Months of research and survey by the team has proven that renting a home could turn out a very frustrating process for renters across the country. Most renting experiences are plagued by fake and/or inaccurate listings, misleading photos and a cumbersome and overly-manual process.  With these in mind, the idea of Instahome was born, looking to leverage on the use of design and technology to help renters dramatically improve home rental experience for tenants, agents and landlords.  In a 200-renters survey in Klang Valley conducted by the Instahome team before the launch, a staggering 60% of the renters complained that the quality of listing on existing property websites as their biggest frustration when looking for a rental home.  “As a team of frustrated renters, we asked ourselves ‘What is the dream renting experience?’ and we realised that the world of renting has not caught up with the times,” says Eric Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Instahome. “We set out to create a better and new way to rent a home. On Instahome, we personally visit and check all of our homes before listing them on our platform – no more filtering through hundreds of fake, inaccurate and poor-quality listings.”Additional key features of Instahome include:-3D virtual tours, HD photos and videos of every listed homes-Scheduling home visits on the platform-Renting online, without the hassle of paperwork-Discovering and arranging for maintenance services-Paying rent on time for rewards redemption and the building of a credit profile Another major problem on existing property websites is the duplication of listings. This is because landlords normally work with a few agents to look for tenants for the same rental properties and these agents would subsequently list the same units on major classifieds. This results in a horrible search experience for a would-be renter, as one has to spend hours, unknowingly enquiring the same units. “In the past, some of our team members have visited the same property twice (some even thrice!) with different real estate agents when they were looking for a place to rent as the exact property address is not disclosed at the point of viewing. It’s a huge waste of time and effort for all parties involved. Therefore, we make sure all the listings on Instahome are unique. Once a property is listed by our partner agent, we will reject all future requests by other agents to list the same unit. For agents, it only takes 1 minute to list their property with Instahome – all we ask for is the property address, rent, and deposit requirement, we then take care of the rest. We want to make sure that agents find tenants in the most efficient manner. We are very fortunate to have signed up more than 100 agents across Klang Valley to partner with us officially at launch, and we look forward to many more agents who have already expressed interest to work together once our platform is live. We want to make renting a home as easy as buying a T-shirt online,” Tan added.  Patrick Grove, Co-Founder and Investor of Instahome, is no stranger to the online property marketplace scene. He was the Chairman and Co-Founder of iProperty Group, SEA’s largest property website. iProperty Group was acquired by Rupert Murdoch’s REA Group for US$532m in 2015, as one of the region’s largest tech exit. “I am extremely excited to launch Instahome with an extremely passionate and talented founding team. Except for online property classifieds, the real estate industry has largely remained the same in the last 20 years. With our operating experience in iProperty, extensive industry network and personal frustration on the problem, we are very convinced that Instahome is the future of home rental,” Grove commented.
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Dark Circles Even After Getting Enough Sleep? Here's Why They Happen and How To Treat Them!

Let's face it: dark circles are annoying! Besides giving us an unwanted fragile outlook, it is much more difficult to have the perfect makeup with them around. The usual suspect for having dark circles would of course be a lack of sleep, but there are also a few other causes. What's more, differing colors of dark circles happen for different reasons and each asks for specific remedies. So, which kind do you have?Blueish Dark CirclesBlueish dark circles, also known as vascular dark circles, happen due to the slow microcirculation of blood and lymphatic fluid around the eyes. Lack of sleep is usually the cause of the blood being less oxygenated and accumulated underneath the eyes. However, this is the least worrying type as it is easiest to overcome. People with blueish dark eye circles can apply warm and cold towels alternately around the eyes to promote blood flow. Repeat this for 10 minutes, exchanging between the two about 5 times every minute. Besides that, massaging around the eyes such as in the corners, the temples and the center of the eyebrows also helps improve blood circulation.Brownish Dark CirclesBrownish dark circles happen due to excess pigmentation, hence it is also known as pigmented dark circles. This can happen for a number of reasons, from sun damage, to improper or incomplete makeup removal, to just rubbing your eyes too often. All these causes an overproduction of melanin which results in a dark brown coloring around the eyes. To treat and prevent this, be sure to pay attention to sun exposure and practice sun protection such as applying sunblock more often. Taking in more Vitamin C or using skincare products that contain such active ingredients also help fight pigmented dark circles.Blackish Dark CirclesBlackish dark circles or structured dark circles comes with old age, weakened muscles or fatigue. This affects the elasticity of the skin, causing it to thin and sag. The thinning of skin around the eyes causes blood vessels to be more visible while the sagging forms grooves and shadows, completing the dark eye circles. Those suffering from this form of dark circles can try doing facial exercises, especially around the eyes to prevent continued degradation of the muscles. Some massaging of the scalp also improves facial blood circulation and helps repair muscle elasticity. Although structured dark circles are generally found in older men and women, young people should also work to prevent or delay its effects.One last thing...how do you tell which type you have?Blueish Dark Circles: Pull down on your bottom eyelids, the dark circles will look faded.Blackish Dark Circles: Put your head up towards light, the dark circles will look faded.Brownish Dark Circles: Neither of the above methods causes dark circles to look faded.Remember, it's not just about skincare products, keeping the right diet with vegetables and fruits full of vitamins is equally important to keep your skin bright and glowing!*Cover image source: Left, Right, Center
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Free And Feel Hungry At Home? 3 Different Delicious and Simple Dishes Made With Bread

Bread can be cooked with a variety of different ingredients to become another delicious food! Let’s see how ordinary bread can turn into delicious food!#1. PizzaIt is very troublesome to use an oven and prepare the dough when making pizza. The good news is that you can make pizza in a normal pan.Materials: Bread, tomato sauce, eggs, sausage, crab sticks, cheeseSteps:a. Cut the bread and ingredients into small pieces.b. Beat the eggs and dip the cut bread into the egg.c. Add oil and fry the sausage and crab sticks for later use.d. Fry both sides of the bread for 1 minute.e. Add the ingredients and cheese to the bread.f. Cover the lid and wait for the cheese to melt.     #2 Cheese Ham ToastMaterials: 2 slices of toast, 2 slices of cheese, 3 slices of ham, 2 eggs, milk, salta. Beat the eggs into a bowl. Add a little salt and milk. Then, stir it. b. Fry half of the beaten egg for later use;c. Spread the cheese, ham and fried egg on a toast. Then, cover with another piece of toast;d. Add a little oil to the pan. Soak the toast in the egg liquid on the pan. Fry it on low heat until it becomes golden on both sides. e. Take it out and cut it in half. It is ready for eating!   #3 Sausage Bread RollsFriends who like to eat sausage must not miss this. Materials:  2 slices of bread, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 slices of cheeseSteps:a. Beat the eggs and squash the bread.b. Put two slices of cheese on the  bread, and spread a layer of egg liquid on the sides.c. Roll up the bread with a sausage in it.d. Dip the bread in the egg liquid again and fry it with medium heat until it becomes golden.e. It will be even better if you add some mayonnaise to it!   Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest 
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10 Important Life Lessons you need to learn before turning 30

Life ain't always unicorn and rainbows. One minute we are laughing out loud, another we cry like a baby. One moment we are feeling all good and confidence, and next we feel miserable. As we grow up, we acquires knowledge, skills and wisdom, to improves ourselves, making ourselves tough and strong in face of those hardships. So here are 10 important life lessons, for everyone to learn from. #Lesson 1 - Money will never solves your REAL problemsYes, money can solve tons of problems, like your bills, a nice house and cars, a hot date, etc. But let's be real. There are a whole long lists of things that money can't help you with. Like health, time, regrets and mistakes, and happiness. At the end of the day, money is just a tool, for you to get your necessities and also some of your "wants". It is still important to work hard and earn money, but keep in mind of those things that matters to you and can never be helped by money. Those are your priorities. #Lesson 2 - Don't rush it, pace itWhen we were young, we feel like we need to get everything done at once. We feel the need of deciding everything on our own, experience everything in the shortest time, and for some, finding a true love, figure out how we gonna live our live, and have it all done in a very short time.Here's an advice to you : Slow down. Pace yourself in this fast paced world, and let life unfold itself. I'm not encouraging you to sit in sofa all day long and let the life unfold, but try not to rush things over. Although it is good to have plans and take actions to achieve your goals, but moving too fast might actually burnout all your energy before you even achieves it. Enjoy a little bit more of your life, take a good look at the things around you, and not just kept thinking of the need accomplish everything soonest possible.    #Lesson 3 - You can't please everyoneBill Cosby once said,  “I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone.” It is true that we all want to feel belonged, to be liked, respected and valued. This is human nature. But you shouldn't be sacrificing all your integrity and happiness, just for someone's acceptance. The validation that you are seeking for, has to come from inside, not from an outsider. Learn to listen to your inner voice, take care of your feelings and needs, not others. It is absolutely OKAY to stand up for yourself.#Lesson 4 - Health is the most valuable assetI guessed the 2020 pandemic has pretty much taught us this. Health is very often taken for granted. We waste our body, thinking that we are still young and healthy, and we could care less about it. And before you know it, sickness are onto us. I am not cursing anyone here, but this is the truth. Many young adults today are with sickness, just to name a few, gastric, heart disease, stroke, cancers, etc. So if you do not take care of your own body now, your body will make you do so, with great cost and terms implied.    #Lesson 5 - You don't always get what you wantImagine you were in a supermarket, a kid is rolling on the floor, crying and shouting at his/her parents because they wouldn't get him/her the toy he/she wanted. That's us there, that little kid, and the parents is just like life. Just that as we grew up, we learn to act cool. However, deep down in our heart, we feel the same, unhappy, angry, annoyed. We want things in life or we expect something to happens in a way we want it to, and that is normal. Yet, life does not always turn out exactly how we want it to be. Therefore, it is important to know that you do not always get what you want, even if you have planned it and have worked very very hard. Learn to make peace with the unintended outcome, accept it, and be alright with it. #Lesson 6 - It’s not all about YOUYou, are not gravity of the mother earth. And even if you were, there are still things that aren't affected by you. It is good to be aware of your feelings and thoughts, but do not make everything about you. Not sure if you have this thought. Here's some example lines : - My manager did not accept my calls, is he still mad at me for making a mistake earlier? - My mum is not happy, did I do something wrong? - My boyfriend still not proposing to me after 10 years of relationships, am I not good enough for him?If you are able to link everything to yourself, then my friend, you need to snap out of that thinking. Try get a different perspective and look at things in a different way, you will find that there are many possibilities that these might not be even about you.     #Lesson 7 - It's OKAY to say " I don't know"Many people think that saying "I don't know" is a sign of foolishness, weakness, and not cool. Well in fact, we all have our limitations and there are things that we do not know. We are not GOD after all. So what is the big deal of saying that? It is way cooler if you are honest with yourself and others, by telling them you do not understand or know something, and that you are willing to learn. If they laugh at you, then you know who are your real friends. #Lesson 8 - Love is not just a feeling. It is a choice. Love does not comes easy. You may start loving someone with a fire burning passion and strong feelings towards that person, but then, it may not lasts forever. Therefore, you need not only feelings, but also making choices that helps you both to progress in love. We have to choose what is the best for both of you, whether to be kind, respectful, supportive or faithful to each other. These are the choices we made, not by feeling, but by rationality. Relationship takes works. A feeling may start the thing, but what we decide determine how the relationship gonna lasts.    #Lesson 9 - Perspective is handsomeWhen you are able to look at things from many different angle, you will find that most of the happenings in our lives that seems so huge and important, is often means nothing at all. We got emotional when things does not turn out the way we wanted it to be because we've lost perspective. For a moment, we think that this event is everything we need, but years later we will realise that it hardly matters anymore. Try use different perspectives to look at the things that are happening in our lives. Your perception, decides your reality. Remember that. #Lesson 10 - Do not take anything in life for grantedOne may ask, what is take for granted? How does it feels? Or what should I do to not do that? To put it in a simple way, most of the things that we regret, are the things we taken granted for. Like your health, your family, your friends, your job, your wealth, your love ones. These are the things we think it might stay with us forever or for a long time. And once you have that thought, slowly you won't be taking care of it anymore. Until one day when these things have left you, you realised how you should have done things in a different way. You regretted. Which is why it is important to identify, to take note, of all the things you have now and take effort to maintain them. Nothing is lifelong guaranteed after all.   The only thing about life that is forever constant, is that it constantly changes. One second you are up there, the next you are at the opposite side, or vice versa. Life is full of lessons, and you can never learn them all at once. So, live and learn, always.    
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5 things to do after SEX | Sex is great when it is safe

Yes, you just had an amazing sex with your love ones (or maybe just someone, anyway, no judgement). You may be thinking that cuddling up and just get to bed right after would be the best closure of the night. It is not wrong to have that thought, and it is true that the cuddles after sex is so comforting. But girl you need to be more cautious than that. What I am trying to say is, before you go into hours of sticky sweat cuddling or sleep, there are 5 things that you need to do, in order to make sure there is no "messy end". [ 1 ] Once you are done, take a pissUrinating after sex is very important as it can prevent women from developing urinary tract infections (UTI). According to New York City urologist David Kaufman, MD, when women urinate after having sex, it can removes any bacteria that may have entered their vaginas. Drink up a large amount of water after sex is highly recommended as well, according to Kaufman.      [ 2 ] Cleanse yourself gentlyA quick, gentle wash works magic. Try use warm water and a mild frangrance-free soap to gently cleanses your vulva. Avoid using a fragrant soap or vaginal washes in this case, as it may cause irritation. Another thing to avoid is, vaginal douching, which may lead to vaginal itching, swelling and painful sex among other things. Once you are done washing up, pat it dry before you head back to bed.    [ 3 ] Double check for signs of bleeding or painDo not take these minor signs for granted. According to Dr Sheeva Talebin, a fertility expert, any abnormal bleeding or discharge after having sex, "could be a sign of infection or a lesion of your reproductive tract." If you found out any of these signs, quickly speak with your gyneacologist.    [ 4 ] Cranberry juice is your best friendYou've heard it right. Try drinking Cranberry juice after you finished having sex as it can reduce the risks of UTI. It was proven that Cranberry juice helps to fight against bacteria and since it does not get broken down by your digestive system, it can reach to your urinary tract to help prevent any bacteria from staying on the wall of your bladder.    [ 5 ] Spot check the condomYou might find this disgusting, to check the used-condom. But it is important to see if it is broken. If it broke, the chances of you contracting a STD (sexually transmitted disease) would be increased, as well as the chances of you getting pregnant. Unless you don't mind having those. Also, there are times where vagina for stuck inside the vagina. This is very dangerous as it may cause bacterial infections.    All in all, be sure you are really well prep and protected before your cuddling session. Source : rediff.comCover Photo Source : Left | Right
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8 Habits That Are Killing You Slowly

Habits define us. From our daily routines - exercising regularly, reading a book before we sleep, and having breakfast to weekly habits such as cleaning the house, outdoor hiking, or practicing drawing; Those are the tiny details that define our lifestyle. The way we spend our time and treat ourselves are the elements that make us attractive, interesting, and healthy. However, most of us do not realize that there are some unworthy habits that we practice unconsciously every day that are ruining our life and health.What are the habits that are killing us slowly? 1. Binge Watching DramaHow many hours have you spent watching your favorite drama? Often, we will binge-watch the entire series of Netflix in a single day as the “next episode” button is too tempting for us to resist. We will stay up late at night and it will disrupt our sleeping patterns. Besides, some of us constantly blaring at our screen by watching at least 3 hours of drama per day. Research has shown this group of people usually do not value their health, lifestyle, and diet.2. You Overwork YourselfOverworking might be a habit for some of us as we are used to the routines. Keep in mind that trying our best in the work that we do does not mean that we should work for 18 hours straight. Some of us overwork to try to impress our superior, to satisfy the demanding client, or to avoid future reprimanding from the manager that it has become an unhealthy habit. Please take care of yourself- physically and mentally. Take your meal at regular times and go for a vacation occasionally. If we need to work for the rest of our life, we should at least take a break in between.3. Drinking Coffee (With Sugar)If you are taking 3 cups of coffee every day with sugar, it is time for you to break the habit today. Excessive sugar intake can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. If it is too hard for you to curb your sweet tooth, consume your morning coffee with Stevia instead. However, it would be best to drink it without any additional toppings. Yes, black coffee is the best for you.4. You Take Too Much Pain KillersIt might sound absurd but there are people who pop painkillers way too often subconsciously especially when they experience headaches. It might become a habit for them to take painkillers whenever they are suffering from pain as their temporary solution. Over time, excessive use of painkillers for example ibuprofen and aspirin will endanger your health with diseases such as ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.5. Skipping BreakfastFacts: People who skipped breakfast tend to consume more calories throughout the day. It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, skipping breakfast is still the habit that we practice every day because we want to sleep for another 5 minutes. These habits will lead to poor eating choices with snacks or having a large portion of the meal for lunch. 6. Binge EatingBinge eating could be the consequence of skipping breakfast as you are starved and when the food arrives, you eat it with all your heart with lightning speed. As a result, you overeat. Besides, some people binge eats when they feel stress or they binge eating snacks especially during late-night, only feeling guilty afterwards. This is the habit that is we should put some serious effort to break it. Take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time to your satiety to prevent unnecessary binge eating.7. Not Applying SunblockFeeling lazy for the small action to apply sunblock? This is a common habit that most of us practice. A vast majority of melanoma are caused by the UV rays from the sun, and applying some SPF on our skin is a very simple way to protect ourselves. Start small by applying sunblock with SPF 15 or higher after you cleanse your face every morning.8. Smoking And DrinkingUndeniably, smoking, and drinking are the ultimate habits that are killing you slowly. Smoking damage your lungs and excessive drinking are harmful to your liver. You might not feel the effects of these habits in your life right now but you will eventually face the consequences of your choices. Therefore, make the right choice by avoiding smoking and drinking altogether starting from today.Cover Photo: Ben Kolde || Nathan Dumlao || Kelly Sikkema
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Some wallpaper ideas just for you | iPhone wallpapers | iOS14

Hey, October is ending soon and the month of November is just around the corner now! Wanna change your mood and get ready for it? As an iPhone user, the frequent for me to change my wallpaper on my phone is really high! I will always scroll to those nice aesthetic websites and looking at their nice design. And sometimes, you just can't stop yourself from changing the wallpaper so many times. /laughs/ If you are an iPhone user, I believe you did update your iOS to the latest iOS 14 version already! So I would like to suggest some of my favorite wallpapers for you~ Le' go!!Category 1: Morandi Style WallpaperDo you know: This Morandi style is recognized by many people now, do you know that this style is actually by a famous Italian artist name Giorgio Morandi? He uses calming colors instead of bright colors. He mainly uses simple sketch on kitchen utilities such as plates and cups and creating the most calming vibes in his painting.1. Inspiration with beautiful colorsThe title of this picture is 'inspiration with beautiful colors'. It includes some irregular strokes which beautify the whole art piece with some touch of brown stains kinda paint on it.2. Window ViewThe Moranda style filter window view photography piece.3. The flowersThis is also a similar painting in the Moranda style.4. The sunset with rosesCategory 2: Only wordsSometimes words could give us strong power on the beliefs.1. Motivation for everydayThe quote from Walt Disney. Every ladies' dream. This quote also encourages us to dare to dream and we can do it in one day! A motivational kinda quote wallpaper.2. Never give up3. EXO song lyricsIf you are in the fandom, you could also find something similar which could make your day~Category 3: Street views1. Rainy City View Outside Window Glass Street View2. New York Bridge City Building Architecture StreetCategory 4: The iPhone default wallpapersSo the last category that I will be sharing with you will be the iPhone default wallpapers. Sometimes, classic is always the best. It will never go wrong. ---That's all from me! hope you like all the wallpapers shared by me! ---All credits to the ownerImage/wallpaper source:1. Inspiration with beautiful colors from archzine.net2. Window View from medium.com3. The flowers from medium.com4. The sunset with roses from archzine.net5. Motivation for every day from archzine.net6. Never Give Up from archzine.net7. EXO song lyrics wallpaper from tumblr.com8. Rainy City View Outside Window Glass Street View from ilikewallpaper.net9. New York Bridge City Building Architecture Street from ilikewallpaper.netCover picture designed by Canva. Some sources are the same as above.
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Rethinking Internet Safety for Kids in the Digital Age

  Parents today face a tricky question: at what age should children have access to a smartphone? Even if you are the world’s best multitasker, it is difficult to compete against the internet’s ability to churn out content designed to grab your child’s attention. From new apps to websites to social media platforms, it truly is a formidable task to keep track of every new product your child might encounter. Today, keeping them safe includes making sure they are protected, whether in the analog or digital worlds. However, it is also undeniable that a lot of learning and education can be enhanced with the use of smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, being attuned to the digital world and the Internet can be beneficial for their growth and learning. It is up to parents to educate their children on safely navigating the Internet and creating a child-friendly environment for them. While challenging, it is possible to become a savvier parent. Whether it is tapping into a comprehensive service like Samsung Kids that can protect your child in a dedicated safe smartphone environment, or taking an active role in educating and monitoring your child’s online habits, informed and prepared parents are empowered as positive role models for their children spending time online. Dangers of the Internet and the Need to Defend Against Cyber ThreatsSmartphones, while being the key to unfettered access to the Internet and its many benefits, can also be dangerous when activity is left unmanaged. Parents not only need to assess the areas of the Internet your children are active on, they also need to worry about strangers and bullies reaching out to their child, whether they’re using the Internet responsibly, and if they are under threat by websites they may click into. It is no doubt that children can be especially vulnerable online. Online hazards – cyber predators, websites with explicit and mature content, or even the dangers of oversharing on social media – can have severe, costly, or even tragic consequences. Cyber criminals can be convincing in their approach, and the threat may not appear immediate. Nevertheless, they take advantage of a child’s potential lack of caution online, gaining their trust before launching an attack. In the case of children discovering the Internet and its contents, parents can also look towards devices and applications that allow them to monitor and set limit to usage. This then provides them with a unique insight on their child’s activity online, allowing healthy conversations between parent and child on cyber health and wellness. Through Samsung Kids’ parental control feature, this is as easy as tweaking settings to ensure play time can be limited but meaningful, age-appropriate apps can be activated and allowed, and a usage report will highlight the child’s activity. Understanding and Building a Strong Culture around the Online ExperienceDespite the dangers on the Internet, it is important to understand that you can fight back even when it seems helpless. Today, there are many resources that provide parents with the tools to learn about online safety and foster a safer internet environment for their child. On top of raising awareness, parents wanting to curate the right online environment for their children while instilling good habits can provide enhanced protection for their children with services similar to Samsung Kids, all without needing to hover over them as they explore their first adventures online.    Additionally, parents play an important role in fostering a safer internet environment for their child and help them develop good digital habits, educating themselves and teaching their kids about the unseen dangers online. After all, the Internet sees a lot of persuasive designs and algorithms to maximise engagement, and that is where dangerous manipulation can thrive in. As such, parents can engage in several steps to manage this: • Teach Them to be Responsible: Instead of removing your child from the Internet, take the time to explain why it is important to consider the threats and help them develop a healthy scepticism of the Internet. • Adapt Their Screen Time: Tracking your child’s activity online maybe a futile task, but parents should still review their children’s media (apps, games, YouTube channels, etc.) to ensure they are age-appropriate and have educational value. Utilising a service like Samsung Kids can also help provide parents a peace-of-mind that their child remains in a safe environment curated with fun apps that are both fun and educational.• Allow Healthy Entertainment: Let your child explore their inner curiosity and wonder through playing games designed to help them think critically. Without necessarily needing to vet all the games your child may have access to on the online store, simply allow their imaginations to run wild with Samsung Kids’ built-in games like Croco’s Adventure, which helps push their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills further. • Creating Healthy Boundaries: Make use of resources that can help children understand the dangers that lurk online by learning through play, such as with CyberSecurity Malaysia’s CyberSafe program . • Become a Good Role Model: Other than reviewing and restricting access, parents should also reflect on their own screen time choices, as children will often mimic their parents. It is important to practice safe online habits even personally before enforcing it on your child. When confronted with these overwhelming possibilities and requirements, many parents understandably become lax with trying to steer their children toward the safest online experience. On the other hand, parents that are too strict and assume that time spent online is inherently toxic can also negate a lot of potential learning the child can obtain, and miss out on conversations that can lead to stronger bonds as well as opportunities to help a child rethink online safety. Knowing this, Samsung Kids is designed to be quick and easy for parents, with a secure environment available at the push of a button, helping parents with keeping a firm hand on their children’s online activity without completely denying access to the Internet.   As the analog and digital worlds continue to mesh with the progression of technology, parents must look towards ensuring children have good habits and values, whether offline or online. When pondering the question on smartphone access for children, perhaps the consideration lies less with when they are ready, but rather on how parents can adapt their methods to ensure children can develop safe practices online. With the right tools, strategies, and devices, that is a challenge parents can absolutely overcome. 
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