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Stay Cool Like Hollywood Stars | 3 Popular Ice-cream Stores At Malaysia

Ice cream seems to have become one of the "tools" for us to cool off the heat, and the people's requirements for ice cream are getting higher and higher. Hence, the creative taste is indispensable! Below are the 3 recommended ice cream stores in Malaysia.#1. Merry MeMerry Me from Penang is one of the locals' favorite ice cream shops. The store’s unique ice creams have always been popular. For example, red bean paste ice cream, kaya toast ice cream, salted egg Oreo ice cream and so on.The creamy texture of their tofu-flavored ice cream has no different from the real silky tau fu fah.  You will love their Malacca coconut sugar ice cream too!Pei Pa Koa Ice Cream!! Now you still can enjoy eating ice-cream while you having sore throat!#2. Piccoli LottiHave you tried the Pulut Tai Tai flavored ice cream? This ice cream is made by the boss using coconut milk flavored ice cream mixed with butterfly pea flowers and topped with glutinous rice. The special Pulut Tai Tai ice cream is paired with Kaya. They also have Cempedak ice cream, durian ice cream, Salted Butter Caramel gelato and other exclusive flavors for customers to choose!Their Gelato Mooncakes are sold in 3 options:- Complete Box of 4 (Houjicha, Black Sesame & Peanut, Durian and Dark Choc): RM108- Box of 2 (Houjicha and Black Sesame & Peanut): RM62- Box of 2 (Durian and Dark Choc): RM62#3. Pandan RepublicPandan Republic is located in Kwai Chai Hong. Its signatures include Hakka Lei Cha, handmade Nyonya pastries, Sambal Fried Eggs, Minced Pork Rice, and etc. However, many people even pay more attention to their Pandan flavoured ice cream. In addition to the famous Pandan ice cream, they also launched Kuih Kapit ice cream during the Chinese New Year this year!Which one would be your choice?
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"Surfing the Crimson Wave" | Food to Avoid When Aunt Flow Comes to Visit

Girls, let's be real. Menstrual cramps, or as we usually call it, period pain, can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Besides trying our best to relieve the pain using hot water bottles and rest, there are other ways to prevent it as well. Today, we will be discussing the food to avoid when we are "surfing the crimson wave".   Photo source: pwhc#1 Avoid Cold-Natured FruitsBest avoid eating cold-natured fruits a week before your period to save yourself from menstrual cramps. Some examples of this type of fruits include - watermelon, persimmon, loquat, mango, banana, cantaloupe, honeydew, orange, plum, kiwi, and pear. However, no need to worry as there are warm-natured fruits to choose from for your daily dose of vitamins too. These include - apple, peach, strawberry, cherry, red dates, dragonfruit, grape, and pineapple. #2 Avoid Cold-Natured Vegetables Same as cold-natured fruits, we should also prevent eating cold-natured vegetables as well. Common cold-natured vegetables include - cucumber, tomato, green beans, job's tears (Chinese pearl barley), radish, bamboo shoots, winter melon, kelp, eggplant, loofah/luffa gourd, chives, and sauerkraut. Both cold-natured fruits and vegetables can affect your period and can cause more uncomfortable cramps.   Photo source: CBS News#3 Avoid Fruits and Vegetables that Cause Stomach DiscomfortAlthough fruits and vegetables are said to be nutritious for our body, we still have to keep a lookout for some that can cause us more distress when Aunt Flow comes to visit. Common vegetables to avoid include - kimchi, pickles, onion, pepper, chilli, shallot, ginger, garlic, and Millet pepper. Common fruits to avoid include - lemon, hawthorn, sour apricots, sour plum, and carambola (star fruit),   Photo source: Everyday Health#4 Avoid Tea, Coffee and AlcoholTea that is too concentrated may contain caffeine that can affect our metabolism and period volume. Constant intake of coffee may disturb our period flow, and may also influence our emotions, leading to mood swings and anxiousness. Besides that, caffeine in the drinks above can cause sleep problems and dehydration as well. Intake of alcohol during our period may cause imbalanced hormones and emotional rollercoasters, thus it is best to be avoided.   Photo source: The Economic Times#5 Avoid Unhealthy Comfort Food Despite the temptation and cravings for junk food, it should be avoided if we want a less painful and more comfortable period. Any junk food should be avoided if possible, especially chocolate, ice cream, dairy products and fizzy drinks. Chocolate contains caffeine that can cause mood swings, while ice cream causes more uncomfortable cramps. Dairy products may disturb the absorption of magnesium into the body, thus causing painful cramps, whereas fizzy drinks may cause bloating and discomfort.   Photo source: Unilever Food Solutions#6 Avoid Seafood Most seafood is considered as cold-natured food and should be avoided during our period. These include - oysters, crabs, river snails, clams, jellyfish, sea shrimp, and squid. However, normal fish can still be eaten for protein, so there is no need to worry.   Photo source: healthupdateIn a nutshell, we should take good care of our own bodies with proper rest and nutrition during each menstrual cycle. Avoid eating cold-natured food and food that is rich with caffeine, and make sure to exercise regularly for a smoother flow.  
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Shantokki‘s Diet | Loose Weight Fast In 7 Days

Looking for a new method for losing weight? There is a famous “Shantokki’s Diet” which went viral because many people have succeeded in losing weight using her method in just one week! She successfully loses 2-3kg after 3 days of the diet. Who is Shantokki? Shantokki is a Korean YouTuber that is famous for her videos which features her diet routine. She has a slim figure and her short-term diet has attracted many people to try it and it worked for most of them. Shantokki’s DietIn short, Shantokki’s Diet is pretty simple with only 3 types of foods involved:Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 piece of toast and 1 coke zero Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 piece of toast and 1 coke zero Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, and 1 coke zeroIf you are really hungry during the diet, you are allowed to have tea to suppress your appetite. If you are craving for something sweet, help yourself with some white grapes which is a good source of antioxidants, keep in mind to eat them in moderation. For people who crave for something salty, dried seaweed will be a good choice for you.Besides, while you are on Shantokki’s diet, you should include at least 1 hour of exercise every day and do not forget to drink plenty of water for hydration. The toast (source of carbohydrates) is meant to give us the energy to work out and burn some calories. For a person who has a sweet tooth, coke zero is here to help you suppress your sugar cravings. Looks simple? Before you give it ago, it is important to note that Shantokki herself mentioned that this diet is not healthy for the long term. People should only do it for a week and never go longer than that duration. Therefore, keep in mind that we should always prioritize our health. If we feel sick during the diet, abort it, and have a proper meal instead. Short term diet is often not sustainable although it can be a quick solution for some people. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise yourself well to have the best version of yourself.Cover Photo: shantokki32
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MEWING | The Natural & Free Method To Look More Attractive Than Ever

Most people might thought that our looks are wholly determined by our genetics but that is just not true. When people think that their faces are not that good looking, they have only 2 options in mind. The first option is to accept how your face looks like and still unsatisfied while the second option is to have an expensive facial surgery. What people don't know is that there is a third option after all, which is "Mewing".Introduced and researched by Dr. Mike Mew, mewing is a do-it-yourself facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement in order to have a better facial posture. The tongue is a strong muscle that supports the cranium and it plays an imperative role in training your facial muscles to ensure that your face stays in place properly. Mewing has been scientifically proven effective and it was tried by many foreign Youtubers. The results of mewing are quite amazing!   Photo Source: ViceSo how do we do it? Basically, mewing is the action of pushing the tongue against your palate, which is the top of your mouth. The teeth has to rest on each other and the upper part of the tongue has to stick at the top then stay in place whenever your mouth is closed. It has to become a habit of yours and practiced all the time.Other general training has to be implemented to assist the mewing process as well, like eating tough foods that are hard to chew as this exercise helps to train the facial muscle. Also, mouth breather should also quit their bad habit and start breathing through their nose to make sure that your mouth is closed whenever possible.   Photo Source: AljabriThis technique is perfectly safe, natural and free but it would need time and consistency. It is not a quick fix as the results are only obvious after months or even years of practice. Mewing will help you in circumventing problems such as a potruding neck, cricket teeth or a droppy, saggy face so that you would have a better looking jawline, a healthier posture and look more attractive than ever! Try it now!Cover: More Plates More Dates 
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Do You Experience Emotional Hunger or Physical Hunger?

Hunger comes with the desired to eat. To eat or not to eat, that is a difficult question for most of the girls. Nevertheless, we do not always eat just to satisfy our hunger. Some of us use food to satisfy our feelings instead. What is food having to do with feelings? Well, it might sound crazy but some of us are actually experiencing emotional hunger without even realizing it ourselves. Eating can give a sense of temporary comfort. Do you ever wonder what type of hunger you are experiencing? There are two types of hunger - emotional hunger and physical hunger. Physical hunger is defined as the hunger that we experienced when our bodies need fuel to provide energy to our body. For physical hunger, we are in control of our eating and we can refrain from overeating when we are full. This is because we eat based on our sensations. Examples of situations where you are experiencing physical hunger:- You can hear your stomach growls- You have a low energy level or feel weak- You feel dizzyWe encounter emotional hunger when we use food to satisfy emotional cravings rather than the stomach. Try asking yourselves, are you eating because you feel lonely, sad, or bored? Are you trying to suppress your feelings? Do you still crave for food even though you are not hungry and end up stuffing yourself? Is food a form of reward for you? Do you feel like the food is taking control over you and not the other way round? In short, for emotional hunger, we eat to avoid uncomfortable feelings and turn the feelings into a form of pleasure. However, emotional hunger cannot be solved with food alone. Some of us even feel extremely guilty after we overeat with the extra calories in our tummy. Here are some characteristics of emotional hunger:Emotional hunger often attacks you out of the blue You feel hungry unexpectedly and instantly. You sense the urgency to eat immediately to resolve the feelings. On the other hand, for physical hunger, the feeling of hungry comes gradually. Thus we are in control of our eating and hunger doesn’t seem like an instant demand for us.You Crave For Specific FoodYou only want to have the delicious chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, potato chips, mouth-watering pizzas-mostly high calories snacks, and desserts to satisfy your need. If you are hungry physically, vegetables and fruits should be acceptable to you too, since you are really hungry that you can consume any food (not just the delicious one). You OvereatBefore you realize it, that bowl of ice cream or that bar of chocolates has been finished eating and the taste- well, you do not exactly remember it as you did not enjoy it fully. You are in a mindless eating mode that makes you unaware of what you are doing.You Feel Guilty After EatingTruth to be told, emotional hunger often leads to binge eating and what comes next is the feeling of guilt, regret, and shame on what we have done to ourselves. If you are hungry physically, you will not feel guilty after having your proper meal. What Can We Do If We Are Experiencing Emotional Hunger?It is hard to completely get rid of emotional eating, but there are some tips for us to alleviate the condition.Listen to our bodies. Do we really feel hungry when we want to eat? Are we feeling down at the point we crave for some food? You should start by putting off eating for 5 minutes and take a big breath. Walk around, try to relax. After 5 minutes, check with your feelings. Are you feeling better? While you might still eat in the end, these 5 minutes can help you to understand yourself more, and maybe next time you can try to hold it for 10 minutes instead!Exercise. Yes, exercise does wonders for your body and your mind. Not only it helps to keep us healthy, but the endorphins that are released after a workout can also lighten our mood and relieve our stress miraculously.Sleep. We should get sufficient rest every night by sleeping 8 hours per day. Proper rest helps to control our appetite and reduce unnecessary cravings.Relax. Take a break from work and let your hair down for 10 minutes once a while. Go to the toilet if you need or get yourself a cup of black coffee. Chat with your colleagues and connect with them. Who knows, you might forget about your cravings after a few laughs with them!In a nutshell, it is crucial for us to identify whether we are experiencing emotional hunger or physical hunger. Never let food control our emotions. Knowing the types of hunger allows us to control ourselves and avoid the cycle of overeating simultaneously. Over time, we will be capable to determine our eating portion and stop ourselves from eating before we are stuffed or when we are not actually hungry. Let us create a healthy relationship with food from now onwards.Cover Photo: gracegurlx || pulpbyppp || daun.kl
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Do You Drink Coffee Healthily? Probably Not | 6 Ways To Drink Coffee Heathily

Coffee is one of the daily essentials for may people. A cup of coffee in the morning can give us an energy boost to kick start our day. As the richest natural source of caffeine, coffee has many benefits that can improve our health. For example, it can help us to burn extra fats by increasing our metabolism rate. However, drinking coffee in a certain way is not going to benefit our health if we add plenty amount of sugar or if we overdrink it.  So, are you drinking your cup of coffee in a healthy way? What are the tips for good coffee drinking habits? 1. Stop Drinking Coffee after 3 p.m.Having coffee late in the day might interfere with your sleep quality due to the caffeine. As such, you might have trouble falling asleep at night. For coffee lovers, you can choose to have a decaf coffee or a cup of tea instead of better sleep quality. 2. Do Not Overdrink CoffeeEven though everyone’s sensitivity to caffeine is different, we should abstain from drinking 10 cups per day. Excessive intake of coffee can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Health professionals recommend us to drink around 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day with a maximum intake of 400mg of caffeine. Another tip will be choosing a small cup of coffee instead of going for the Venti size. This will help you in preventing the excessive intake of coffee.3. Have Your Cup of Coffee Without SugarMost of the 3 in 1 coffee in the market contain a high dose of sugar. We should opt for black coffee powder or coffee beans instead. Of course, avoid adding sugar into your black coffee as the health benefits will be eliminated if you turn your coffee drink into a sugary treat. If you really need some sweet taste, try adding a natural sweetener like stevia instead. To counter the bitterness, you can add some low-fat milk and cream.4. Choose an Organic and High-Quality Coffee BeansFor those who grind your own coffee bean at home, it is best if you can buy coffee beans which are organic and with high quality for maximum health benefits. The quality of the coffee beans very much depends on the processing method and the place where the coffee beans originated. Organic coffee beans will ensure the minimum amount of pesticides being used on the plant.5. Add Some Cocoa PowderMocha, which is made of espresso, hot milk, sugar, and cocoa powder is the favorite for many of us. However, many of the cafes serve it with a lot of sugar for the best taste. To drink it in a healthier way, try to add just cocoa powder into your black coffee. You can be surprised by the new taste. By adding cocoa powder into your coffee, you can include the benefits of dark chocolate into your drink too! 6. Drink Coffee After a MealMost of us drink coffee in the morning as our breakfast with an empty stomach. However, it is actually better to eat some proper food before we enjoy our first cup of coffee for the day. Besides, drinking coffee after a meal helps in suppressing our appetite and further avoid us from snacking which will increase our calories intake.Drinking coffee should be part of our everyday healthy lifestyle. Other than eating a balanced diet and exercising, drinking coffee should be an additional factor that helps us to stay strong, stay healthy, and stay energetic. Therefore, let us start to drink coffee healthily today.Cover Photo: #pulpbyppp
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Has A Slow Metabolism? | 7 Simple Tips To Boost Metabolism Effortlessly In Your Lifestyle

Metabolism or metabolic rate is defined as the rate in which our body burns calories for energy to sustain our body in daily lives. To put it in simple terms, the higher your metabolism is, the easier for you to maintain your weight as your body burns more calories and vice versa.While we can control our metabolism directly, there are ways for us to improve them. Check out the tips below.1. Consume More ProteinEating a meal will increase our metabolism temporarily because calories are required to digest the meal. So how does protein helps in our metabolism? Surprisingly our body needs more calories to digest protein compared to carbohydrates and fats. Cut down your carbs and fatty food today and incorporate more protein-rich foods to your meals. For example, beef, fish, chicken breast, tofu, eggs, and beans. 2. Drink More WaterBelieve it or not, most people do not drink enough water. Drinking water is important because our body could not perform at its best state when it is dehydrated. To speed up metabolism, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Studies have shown that drinking 500ml of water can temporarily boost metabolism by 10-30% for an hour. Besides, water can help to control our desire to snack and achieve satiety for a longer period of time.    Photo Source:Guillaume Bolduc3. Perform a HIIT WorkoutAlthough we could not control our metabolic rate, we can increase the calories that we burn via exercising. Undeniably, HIIT is popular for its “afterburn” effect that helps to increase our metabolism even after the workout. Generally, the recommended frequency for a HIIT workout should be at least 20 minutes per day for at least 3 days per week or 75 minutes per week. Of course, another form of exercise is equally great in helping us to stay in shape and burn some extra calories. So, get started today and make exercising as your lifestyle. 4. Build MusclesEvery pound of muscles needs 6 calories to sustain itself while fats need only 2 calories. If we have higher muscle mass, we can burn more calories even when we are at rest. Thus, by increasing muscle mass, we can increase metabolism as our body needs more calories to supply to our body.5. Drink Tea and CoffeeTea and Coffee contain caffeine which helps in boosting metabolic rate. Tea has catechins that increase the speed of fat break down while coffee helps to control your hunger. Both of them are low in calories and a perfect drink for a healthy lifestyle (provided that you do not add sugar to them). 6. Eat Spicy FoodsRest assured, you can enjoy your curry noodles and Tomyam hot pot without feeling too guilty. Chilies and peppers contain capsaicin that helps in metabolism. Spice up your dishes today with chili and red pepper flakes.7. Getting Enough SleepA good night’s sleep is as important as drinking water. Without having proper rest, you will increase the stress of your body to keep its balance and ready for the rest of the day. Besides, studies have shown that it will increase your hunger hormone and decrease the hormone level that makes you feel full. Thus, you tend to eat more which brings unwanted extra calories to your body.Do some people have a better metabolic rate? Yes, various factors such as age, gender, genes, and body size play a key factor. Studies have shown that men tend to burn more calories than women because they have higher muscle mass. In addition, our metabolism will begin to slow down as we approach age 40. Let us improve our metabolism today by making some changes to our diet and lifestyle.Cover Photo: Yannic Läderach || Brooke Lark
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New Simple, Healthy & Trendy Breakfast Ideas

Admit it, breakfast can be the main reason for us to wake up early. A satisfying breakfast lightens our mood of the day and prepare us to face our day ahead with full energy. Wondering what are the simple, healthy and trendy breakfast nowadays? Let’s prepare some good coffee and start cooking!    Photo Source: FeelGoodFoodie1. Avocado Toast with EggLooking for breakfast that is simple, healthy, and delicious breakfast? Avocado Toast with Egg is just too simple to be true. In 5 minutes, you can enjoy breakfast with ease. Firstly, toast your bread and top it with smashed avocado with some salt and pepper. Then, cook the eggs according to your preference- fried, scrambled, and poached. Lastly, layer the eggs on the avocado toast. Try out this “fancy toast” tomorrow and eat to your heart’s content. At the same time, save some money for the same meal at a fancy cafe!   Photo Source: House of Yumm2. Breakfast TacosNeed some new breakfast ideas? Tacos might be your new favourite. Prepare your Tacos with nutritious ingredients such as scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes in a tortilla. In addition, you can add some potatoes and crispy bacon and eat to your satiety. Try it today and it might be your new favourite instead of eating the same plain white bread with jams every day!   Photo Source: Love and Lemons3. Healthy Breakfast OatmealStart your day with healthy breakfast oatmeal! With the glory of healthiest grain on the earth, they are a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. It helps us to stay healthy by lowering blood sugar level and cholesterol, as well as relieve constipation. Oatmeal does not need to be plain and boring, top it up with honey, peanut butter, nuts, granola, fruits, seeds and jam- according to your taste buds! Diversify the toppings every day with a different flavour. For those who want an extra dose of protein, add in protein powder which also comes with a different flavour. If you crave for matcha flavour, just add in matcha powder and satisfy your desire. In short, you are free to use your creativity and change your oatmeal at your own will.      Photo Source: João Marcelo MartinsFinally, roast your coffee and enjoy your breakfast with peace. Use this time to focus on yourself. May the breakfast brings out the sunshine in you throughout the day.Cover Photo: Joseph Gonzalez || Joseph Gonzalez 
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Study Shows Spicy Food Lovers May Have HIGHER Risk Of Getting Dementia

While there is no doubt that adding some spiciness to our food makes it taste better, the heat that we enjoyed during the meal might increase our chances of developing dementia.Seriously???Researchers from Qatar University and University of South Australia studied 4582 Chinese adults aged 55 and above for 15 years, and found that those who consumed over 50 grams of chili a day “had almost double the risk of memory decline and poor cognition.”They also discovered that the decline in memory was more significant in slimmer people.   Photo source: Zee NewsHowever, the link is not yet been confirmed and further researches are needed to explain the link.Anyway, as a spicy food lover, will this study make you think twice before adding the kick to your meal next time? *wink*Source: Daily Mirror, Alzheimer’s SocietyCover photo: HuffPost Australia || The Health Site
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Is Eating Dinner Late Cause Obesity Or Other Health Problems?

 A study of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine had recruited 10 healthy men and 10 healthy women and asked them to eat dinner at 6 pm and 10 pm respectively before they go to bed in the lab at 11 pm.The participants consumed the same amount of calories in both meals, and the researchers documented the levels of glucose, insulin, triglycerides, cortisol and other markers of the participants in the evening and the next morning.The findings suggested that the participants who ate dinner at 10 pm had higher blood sugar levels (18 percent higher) and the lower fat burned (10 percent lower).  Photo Source: Cleveland Clinic  The past studies also showed that eating later may be associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome, including higher waist circumference, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, that can increase the risk of other severe diseases. A 2018 Spanish study also discovered that eating dinner earlier or at least two hours before going to bed, seems to be linked with a lower risk of breast and prostate cancer.Source: Malay MailCover photo: Taste of Home | National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
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