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Male Netizen: I Am Moving To Penang Now! Malaysian Girls Are More Fond Of Tubby Men.

Dear Malaysian girls, what kind of boy would attract you? Tubby type of man or muscular type of man? According to recent surveys, it turns out that most Malaysian women prefer tubby and elder guys. Boys, you didn't expect it, right?!   A survey from the "JustDating" dating mobile app revealed that 53% of interviewed Malaysian women prefer tubby and elder men. They think that guys with a little belly can give them a sense of security because they can hug them like a bear doll when they are lonely.It's worth noting that 70% of Penang women who love tubby and elder men are young girls aged 18 to 25.    Don't worry if you are a muscular guy because women in Selangor prefer muscular men! Women in Klang Valley who aged between 28 and 35 years old are more interested in boys who have strong thighs, strong biceps, and buttocks.    The survey also showed that women in Johor are different from women in Penang and Klang Valley. They like thin boys with long hair. 88% of women in Johor are biased towards men with artistic charm.In addition to body shape, women also said that they like to observe men's Adam's apple, especially when they drink water.Malaysian netizens say this survey is quite accurate. The male netizens (probably with a small belly) said that he is moving to Penang!Girls, what type of guy do you prefer? Guys, are you going to a new city to find your love?Source: RedChili21Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Special Way To Commemorate Your Love | 10 Super-Romantic And Simple Couple Tattoos

Couple selfies, couple outfits, and couple rings are too common to show cast the love between you and your partner! Here're the 10 couple tattoos for your reference. And, maybe you can find one that suits you and your partner. "If I'm The King, Then You Are My Only Queen."   "You Are The Key To My Heart."   "I'm Incomplete Without You."   "I'm Your Mr. Right, You Are My Mrs. Right."   "Infinite Love"   "The Sun And The Moon Are The Witness Of Our Love."    "You Are The Other Part Of Mine."   "We Are The Greatest Support To Each Other."   "Let's Fly Together."   "Our Hearts Beat For Each Other."   Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest
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Show Your Love | 4 Amazing OOTD Couple Outfit Styles

The most common couple outfits are couple T-shirts. Let's follow the following four marvelous OOTD couple outfit styles to show cast the love between you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend.1. Same Color Tones But Different Models         2. Same Style But Different Colors            3. Color/ Style Matching For Upper And Lower Part Of Body         4. 100% Identical Wear         It’s would be very nice to take photos with these OOTD couple outfits
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Are You The Lucky One? 18 Characteristics That A Girl Is Spoiled By Her Boyfriend

People who truly love you will inadvertently do some caring actions. Some girls are just unknowingly spoiled by their boyfriend. Below are the 18 sweet behaviors of a boyfriend. Let’s see if you are a lucky girlfriend~#1 Leave All Your Favorites To YouHe will give you the food that you like to eat because he will be happy to see you happy and satisfied.#2 Worry About Your Physical Condition/ BodyHe will take special care of you during your menstrual period because he understands that you must be suffering during that period of time!He will also concern about your health. For example, he might want you to wear more clothes or not to drink cold drinks during your menstrual period. It is just because he doesn't want to see you sick and suffering!   #3 Send You Home At NightIt's dangerous for a girl to go home alone! He will try to send you home at night. He will feel at ease when he sees you reach home. Even if he can't send you back, he will message you to make sure you get home safely!#4 Carry Heavy Things For You Your boyfriend can’t bear to see you carry heavy items, and he always takes the initiative to help carry heavy objects.   #5 Actively Report Whereabouts And Introduce His Friends To YouThe emotions of girls are inherently unstable. Hence, it is very important for the boyfriend to give his girlfriend enough sense of security.It is a bonus point if your boyfriend is willing to take the initiative to tell you where he is and introduce his friends to you. These show that you are important in his heart.#6 Remember All Anniversaries The boyfriend who loves you will always remember the anniversary or any special day of your dating.He will also plan carefully, hoping to create more wonderful memories for both of you!   #7 Do HouseworkHe is not willing to let you do all the housework alone because he knows that doing housework is a shared responsibility among both of you. #8 Appreciate Your Hard Work And Often Praise YouHe will compliment you when he sees you beautifully dressed or when you prepare a nice meal for him.#9 Tolerate Your Emotions And Always Stay With YouNo matter if you are angry, sad, or a little willful in front of him, he will try his best to tolerate you and calm you down.Even if he is busy, he still will accompany you by your side and listen to your complaints because does not want you to face negative emotions alone.  #11 Remind You Of All Kinds Of Things In Your LifeIf you are always very careless, he will always remind you and work hard to help you get through big and small things.#12 Remember What You Like And Care About Your WishesHe will observe and listen to your needs, and remember what you want!He always thinks of you and asks for your opinions when he makes important decisions because he wants to satisfy you as much as possible.   #14 Always Coax You Back After A FightThe person who truly loves you will be willing to suppress his anger because he is unwilling to destroy the relationship. Hence, he will choose to apologize to you and coax you back.#15 Always Be Grateful For YouHe will feel that it is lucky to meet you, and he will often be grateful for what you have done for him!   #16 Maintain Polite MannerEven after being together for a long time, he will still treat you like before, such as open the door for you and let you sit inside to avoid someone hitting you. These sweet actions can only be seen from the person who loves you from the heart.   #17 Always Support And Accompany You To Do What You LikeHe is willing to accompany you to do the things that you like, such as going shopping with you or staying at home to watch a show.He also will help you without hesitation in every difficult moment. He will let you know that you are not alone.#18 Make You SmileEvery day, he will share interesting things with you or pretend to be foolish to make you laugh.   Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Be As Charm As You Want | 10 Life Philosophies Of French Women

Recently, Netflix’s new romantic comedy "Emily in Paris" starring Lily Collins has become very popular. The story narrates the story of Emily, a girl from the United States. who has a stable job and a boyfriend. Later, she decided to go to Paris to pursue her dream job.However, she soon needs to deal with the unfamiliar French workplace culture and the disagreement with her boyfriend due to the long-distance love relationship.   The series has been very popular since its beginning!Many girls are fascinated by the French girls' seemingly effortless, innate, elegant, and intellectual charm. Maybe we can all refer to their 10 life philosophies of the French women!   Never Follow The So-Called "Trend"French women will never define the value of people by luxury. They only wear clothes that they think look good and ignore the rise and fall of the trend of the times. They only wear comfortable, personalized clothes, coupled with exquisite fashion accessories.  There Will Never Be More Than 3 Colors On The BodyFrench women often choose clothes in neutral tones. Even if they try bright colors, they will guarantee that no more than 3 colors appear on their bodies!   Embrace ImperfectionsEveryone cares about the imperfections in themselves and even tries to hide them. French women are grateful for their imperfections because this can make them unique. They used self-confidence to counterbalance for "flaws" in their appearance.   Wrinkles Are The Gift Of TimeFrench women pay attention to skincare, but they will not demand that they are young forever, because wrinkles are a testimony of life.   Laziness And Self-Discipline CoexistLaziness means ignoring the materialistic and it does not mean giving up on themselves. As long as they have time, they would use their valuable time to improve their knowledge because they firmly believe that the inner charm would be long-lasting   Always Keep Their Back StraightYour posture also determines who you are. No matter how lazy French women are, their backs are always straight.Never Give Up To Pursue LoveSome girls may think that marriage is the ultimate goal of love. After they are married, they don't dare to have extra fantasies about love. However, French women don't mind chasing love all their lives, no matter how old they are. They are loyal to themselves and use love to prove that they have lived their life to the fullest.   Perfume Is Part Of The BodyCoco Chanel once said that "women who don't wear perfume have no future." French people love perfume very much. They think it is a part of taste. The intimate communication shared with others through perfume is more than a thousand words.   Always Have A Lipstick In HandbagFrench women believe that makeup does not need to be exquisite and flawless, but lipstick is vital! Lipstick is like clothes, it can express personality and also show our inner passion!   Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Have No Romantic Genes But Is 200% Sincere | 4 Good Boyfriends Based On Constellation

The girls always say that boys need to know how to create romance. However, men with the following 4 constellations have no romantic genes but they are 200% sincere and are willing to spend more time with their partners.1. Taurus ManTaurus men are independent and he’ll have a long-term vision once he starts dating. He will plan the future of both of you. He will silently turn the expression of loving you into actual actions. As soon as a Taurus man conveys affection, his love would hardly be charged.   Photo Source: Pinterest2. Cancer ManCancers are naturally gentle all the time. Although they don't have many love words, they know how to take care of their partners. He always put his partner's needs in a more important place than himself, and try to satisfy them. Cancer doesn't just love his partner, but he will be kind to his partner's family, friends, and the people his partner values. 3. Scorpio ManHe looks indifferent and cool. In fact, there is a fire of love in his heart. Once he believes that you are his partner, the Scorpio man will hold you tightly and surround you with love.4. Capricorn ManCapricorn man pursues a stable and practical love. When his partner has goals, he will give his full support even he is busy with his work. Capricorn man is really a 100% good boyfriend! Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Be A Brand New YOU! 9 Things That You Have To Throw Away To Live A Better Life~

The busy life prevents us from tidying up our own rooms. Unknowingly, we accumulate a lot of useless things~ In fact, the living environment also has a significant impact on your mentality. If it is dense and messy, your mood will be affected and you will feel very depressed! Let’s learn to let go of these 10 things together today and learn to live a smoother life!#1 Used/Old Clothes SocksBasically, as long as you haven’t touched them for more than three months, you can throw away or donate them! If it’s seasonal clothing, you can think about whether you will wear this clothing last year. If not, let’s throw it away~ In addition to clothing, you also need to sort out those loose socks in the closet!#2 DollI believe girls would buy a lot of cute puppets or furry dolls as room decorations~ In fact, furry dolls accumulate a lot of dust, which can affect your respiratory system! #3 Useless DocumentsDo you realize that your wallet is occupied by a large number of useless receipts, movie ticket stubs, or coupons? It will be very troublesome and sometimes delay the people in the line when you want to find cash or card to pay. So, hurry up and clean up the useless documents!#4 Shopping BagNowadays, many people stay environmentally friendly and use paper bags instead of plastic bags when going shopping. They keep paper bags for a chance to be reused in the future. As a result, paper bags become more and more. It's better to keep a few good-looking ones, and then take the others to recycle~#5 Expired Cosmetics and Skincare Products Or Trial PackBeauty-loving girls always have many different brands of skincare products and cosmetics in their homes~ Some of these products or the trial sets are rarely opened for use.So, start checking out and throw away any expired cosmetics and skincare products or trial packs, to avoid accidentally applying them on your face!#6 Expired MedicineThis is very important to throw away expired medicine and buy new ones. Otherwise, you will find all of the medicine expire when you need to take medicine. #7 Childhood Sundries There is no problem with keeping commemorative items, but leaving all the childhood items will cause a hoard of ruins. So leave a few worthy items and throw away the others!#8 Broken Mobile Phone CableIf you don’t throw away the broken mobile phone cable immediately, those mobile phone cables are going to occupy a space in your room.#9 Books/ Magazines That You Haven't Read For A Long TimeIn the age when mobile phones are not yet popular, everyone likes to read physical books and magazines, and will keep them with the mentality that they will read them again one day~ If you haven’t read a book for a long time, why not put it on sale? So that the other people enjoy the fun of reading!Cover Photo: IG Of dUCk Cosmetics | IG Of HOOGA
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Don’t Let HIM Go If He Has All 9 Traits~ "Good Boyfriend Checklist" To Check If HE Is Ideal Life Partner!

A wise girl must learn to distinguish whether her boyfriend could become her lifelong partner. Although it’s hard to have a perfect man, girls can have the following references to check whether she got a perfect man. If the partner has all the following 9 traits, remember not to let him go~1. He Supports And Respects Your ChoicesYour boyfriend never makes fun of your dreams and he has always been by your side to support you silently. He even encourages you to bravely pursue your dreams and wish you to enjoy a happy life.2. He Makes You A Better PersonA good partner is like a mirror, in which you can see your own deficiencies and make improvements. If your partner loves music, sports, reading books, or others, you will gradually be affected by him, unconsciously progress, and become excellent people.3. He Loves You As A Whole PersonA good lifelong partner will be willing to spend time and patience to get to know and respect your friends and family members. 4 He Is Willing To Give In For YouWhen you encounter disagreements, your life partner will be willing to communicate with you and value your opinions. They are even willing to give in and compromise for you because people who truly love you will care about your feelings.5. He Accompanies You To Experience The Ups And DownEven if his personality is different, he will accompany you and you will never feel unnatural or embarrassed. You can show your childish side unreservedly in front of your partner. You can spend the day naturally and quietly with each other.6. He Loves Your Strengths And Accepts Your WeaknessesAn ideal lifelong partner will appreciate your good side and accept your negative side.7. You Feel At Ease To Express Your EmotionsThere are ups and downs in life. When emotions strike, your life-long partner will be willing to listen to your worries and understand your true emotions. You will not feel restricted or scared away, because he will always stay by your side.8. He Gives You Freedom And SpaceAn ideal lifelong partner will not try to interfere with your circle of friends. He would not ask you to spend all your time on him because he knows you need to balance your career, family, friends, and love.9. You Can Trust Him As The Whole PersonEvery girl needs a sense of security. An ideal lifelong partner will understand your needs and give you a sense of security that allows you to rely on the other person with a peace of mind. 
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Are You A Perfect Lover In The Eyes Of Your Boyfriend? 7 Traits of Perfect Girlfriend

What type of girls do boys like? What is their ideal type? Some boys like gentle girlfriends, some love girlfriends with pure temperament, and some even look for independent and strong women. But if you have the following 7 recognized qualities of perfect girlfriends, I believe that boys will see you as the perfect lover!1. Simple And Love To LaughI believe that no man will like girls who are full of negative energy and negative thoughts. In fact, the ideal girlfriends in the minds of boys do not necessarily need to look good. A girl who often smiles on her face owns some extra point. No wonder people often say that a smile is infectious and can make everyone around you happy!2. Hearty And Not PretentiousBoys are most afraid of trouble. Instead of choosing a pretentious girl, it is better to choose a girl who is hearty and easy to get along with! They most hate girls who don't directly express their feelings. Therefore, girls who are open and unpretentious are the most attractive. 3. Generous And DecentIf a girl can be generous and decent in dealing with others, and will not lose her temper about trivial matters. If you think your boyfriend is a bit too much, don't get angry in front of a group of friends or on the street to make him feel shameless.It is better to tell him privately and express your thoughts to him.4. Be Considerate And CaringEveryone has their own interests or hobbies, you can accommodate each other by giving encouragement and support at the right time. 5. Appreciate BoyfriendBoth the man and the woman will like to be praised by others. A girlfriend who knows how to appreciate her boyfriend, and give compliments at an appropriate time will make the boys more confident. When your boyfriend encounters a setback, as a girlfriend, you can try to give him a hug and encourage him.6. Have Your Own IdeasWomen with independent thinking are quite attractive. As a girl, you should understand different kind of affairs, and it is best to have your own ideas. Don't rely on your boyfriend for everything. It is recommended to find a solution first. Otherwise it will only make your boyfriend feel troublesome!7. Don't Worship MoneyIn this modern society, boys do not necessarily pay for meals. In fact, girls have their own financial capabilities. Girls can occasionally invite boys to eat.Girls who often ask her boyfriends to buy famous brands, send flowers, and go to high-end restaurants will soon scare her boyfriends away!Do you have these traits?Cover Photo: IG Of Kelly Cheung | IG Of Natalie Tong
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3 Reasons Why Girls Ditch Love For Work | This is the Independent Women‘s Era

Years ago you might hear girls say how much they want to find a guy to date and get married, especially the older generations. Looking back into the 21st centuries, we can see many girls, mostly 90's, prefers to stay single or unmarried. What they want, is a job that pays well, while relationship is just a side dish. Many parents could not understand why their daughters refused to get married or even get a boyfriend. So here's what we, girls from 21st centuries, have to say about why we ditch love for work.#1  -  Looking for a good job is harder than getting a boyfriend. It is not hard to get a job, but a GOOD JOB with promising career path and uplifting working environment, that's a whole new story. And we are not talking about the female group only, even male employees struggle with the same issue. We are all living in a tough time, economy is not as good and cost of living is always going up. And therefore, this is the time where looking a good job is not just harder, but more important to us.    #2  -  Once you feel good about yourself, you can get what (who) you want. Women nowadays strive for career success. They want to make something on their own. Some might argue that women does not have to work that hard, cause they gonna get married someday, and they will start paying more attention to the family. Others might say girls shouldn't be more successful than guys, as this will make the guys feel unconfident in the relationship. These are toxic noises, built from the opinion and perceptions of the older gen on how they stereotype a gender. But don't let them get to you. Cause if you are not happy with yourself, you will not be happy in any relationship. On the other hand, once you get to where you want to be, you will feel good about yourself and then, you will know who or what you want to have in your life. Not just that you have better options with your ability, but just by the Law of Attraction, believe it or not, you will attracts one that compliments you the best.    #3  -  Compared to Love, a comfortable life is more important. As mentioned above, we know how hard it is for everyone, boys and girls, to sustain in the market as an employee. To dive back into the conservative concept of getting a man and in directly, getting support solely from a man, will only make the relationships tougher. We have to depend on ourselves more, make a living on our own. And we might have family and things that we ourselves have to support, mentally and physically. Therefore, finding a man to love is no longer our priority, but a living, is more important, and to have that, we gotta work on ourselves. Which is why we choose to be in this status.    Everyone has their own story, and we have the equal rights to write them. Don't let those noises get into your way. Remember, Love is not everything, but YOU are. 
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