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Manicure at Home | 8 Easy Steps to get Salon Quality Manicure at Home

To get your nails nicely fix, we would of course go to a nail salon. It is not only to beautify your hands and nails, but also a sort of distress activity. However, our busy and sudden schedule may prevent us from getting our nails done. So what can we do in this case? Home Manicure!   Here are 8 easy steps to follow for a good nail manicure at home...but before we start, make sure you have the following items ready :-Items to prepare :-- Nail colour remover- A manicure set : Nail cutter, Nail filer, Cuticle Pusher- Warm water with liquid soap- Brush- Towel- Hand lotion/moisturizer - Base Coat for nail polish- Top Coat for nail polish- Nail polishOnce you got all the items with you, then we can start our home manicure.Step 1__Remove any existing nail polishYou may look for a nail polish that contains Vitamin E, which is important for the overall health for your nails. Step 2__Shape your nailsUsing a nail clipper, trim your nails to desired length. Shape your nails with a nail filer. TIPS : Do not file your nails in a back and forth motion, as it might damage your nail bed. Follows only one swift motion using smooth strokes. And then, buff your nails to smooth out any ridges or rough patches. TIPS : 5 to 6 strokes of buffing is good enough. Do not over buff it, as it might damage your nails.   Step 3__Soak your handsDip your hands inside warm water with liquid soap. Use a brush to clean the dirt underneath your nails. This will also soften your cuticles and get it ready for the next step. Soak your hands for a few more minutes and then pat dry it with a towel.Step 4__Push back cuticlesPush back your now-softened cuticles using a cuticle pusher until it appears as a thin line on your nails. Be sure you do it gently so that you won't hurt your nail bed. TIPS : Do not cut the cuticles, as it prevents gems and bacteria from getting into the nails.    Step 5__Moisturize your handsApply moisturizer onto your hands and nails. Message it thoroughly. TIPS : Using a cotton pad, wipe off the moisturizer from your nails as nail polish could not stay on greasy nails. Step 6__Apply a Base CoatIt is important to apply a Base Coat before applying nail polish, as it prevents any damages that may caused from nail polish, like peeling and staining, and it helps hold nail polish in place. Step 7__Colour your nails!!Apply nail polish. (Like finally, LOL) Make sure to get the brush all the way from the cuticles and into the corners of your nails. Apply the first coat and let it sit dry for a while, then apply the second coat when the first coat is semi-dried. Wait for a few minutes until it is fully dried off.    Step 8__Finish off with a Top CoatA top coat prevents your nails from chipping and it add shines to your nails. And that's how you get your nails done, like Manicure Salon. Below is the tutorial video of the above steps. Cover Photo Design : Left | Middle | Right
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Check Out "2.25-Inch Rule" To See If Short Hair Is Suitable For You~

I believe that many girls have long hair, and they often want to cut short hair when they see other people's short hair is beautiful, but at the same time they fear that it will not suit for them after cutting it~In fact, girls who are suitable for short hair have a corresponding "golden ratio" on their faces, which makes them look beautiful when they cut their hair. It is called the " 2.25-Inch Rule", which is created by John Frieda.   Photo Source: PinterestThe process is so simple and you only need to prepare a mirror, ruler, and pen!1. Prepares a ruler, and then uses a pen to assist, and then looks at yourself in the mirror.2. Place the pen parallel to your chin and measure the distance from the earlobe to the pen with a ruler.   Photo Source: BritIf the distance is less than 2.25 inches (5.7CM), it means you are suitable for short hair.If the distance is greater than 2.25 inches (5.7CM), short hair may not fit your face shape.Of course, everyone has a different preference, face shape, and facial features, etc. And, this rule is only for your reference.Cover Photo: Brit | Pinterest
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Top 4 YSL Lipsticks Recommended by Austin Lee - The King of Lipsticks

If you haven't heard of Austin Lee, you are OUT OUT OUT!!!! This guy is one of the most representative make-up icon in China. He is named The King of Lipstick by the Chinese and he has worked with all the mega make-up brands from around the world, YSL, Dior, Guerlain, Tom Ford, etc etc, you name it. He's online live selling session is one of the most view and most purchased in China. Why do people love him so much? Because he give fair reviews and he always able to pick out the best colour for Asian girls.    So, here are the Top 4 lipsticks from YSL that was recommended by Austin Lee. |  1  |  #80 Chili Tunique - YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Kinda like Tomato-Juice-red. You can either go full or thinner application, both will makes you look as young and lady like. No matter if you have a fairer skin tone, or a darker ones, or even dark lips, this will suits you just fine.       | 2 |  #85 Burgundy Love - YSL Rouge Volupté ShineJust like a crystal, sparkling all way round. It's a wine colour with a slight purple tone. This is best for darker skin tones ladies as it will brightened up your look.       | 3 |  #86 Mauve Cuir - YSL Rouge Volupté ShineEffortlessly tone up your look with this super light red-bean-paste-red. You can use it daily without feeling outdated or looking too common.       | 4 |  #21 Rouge Paradoxe - YSL Rouge Pur Couture The SlimNostalgically elegant, with matte finishing. If you like to look strong, independent and majestic, this is definitely the colour for you.       Cover Photo Source : Right | Left 
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Looking Cute! | Cute & Easy Heatless Hairstyles You Can Wear on Any Occasion

Tired of your boring old hairstyle? Looking for fresh new ones to try out? Here are quick and easy heatless hairstyles for a change. 1. The Classic Pony When "ponytails" are mentioned, most people would think of the classic high ponytail that is combed to the crown of the head. But there are actually many different variations according to individual preferences. The ponytail can be classified into a low pony or high pony.   Photo source: Pinterest Photo source: Pinterest 2. Half Up-dos Half up-dos are suitable for you if you are looking for a more flattering and girly look. It keeps the hair in front out of your face thus you can fuss less about your baby hair getting in the way. Same as the ponytail, there are also many ways to wear a half up-do.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest3. Bun Hairstyles Buns are another amazing way to keep your hair out of your face. There are many styles of buns but people would normally go for the messy bun or the classic slick bun. It can also be worn with braids for a more elegant look.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 4. Pigtails Pigtails are an adorable way to style for a casual day. This gives out a fun and cute look.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 5. Braids galore!With so many classic hairstyles discussed, how can I leave out braids? Although learning to braid takes time and effort, it is seriously a skill worth learning.   Photo source: Pinterest  Photo source: Pinterest6. Mix and Match All of the classic styles above can be mixed and matched in different ways to express your personality. Besides having your own style in clothes, your style in hair also says a lot about you as a person. Thus it would be nice to find a style that you can call your own.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 7. Accessorise!Besides doing things the basic way, you can take it up a notch with cute accessories. Some trendy hair accessories include hair clips, bobby pins, headscarves, hairbands and hats. Accessories will really make the look stand out.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 
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Comeback Of Hair Clip | 3 Recommended Types Of Hair Clips!

Girls will have a different temperament and feeling when they change a hairstyle. Today, I would like to introduce you to different hair clips that are suitable for head decoration. 1. Nostalgia Classic Retro Style - Pearl Hair ClipsThe classic nostalgic style has been loved by many people for many eras. In addition to the hair clip with small gems, hair clips with pearls are also considered as retro-style hair clips. The retro trend element would not make you look old fashioned but it would make you look gorgeous and noble! It is definitely the most unique and charming style in the fashion trend.   Photo Source: Pinterest   Photo Source: Pinterest2. Lively And Cute Witty Style – Colored Hair ClipColorful colors give a lively and cheerful feeling to people. Generally, several colored hair clips are arranged neatly or crosswise on the hair.  With these colorful hair clips, you would instantly look more charming no matter you have long or short hair.   Photo Source: Pinterest   Photo Source: Pinterest3, Fashion And Independent Style - Hair Clip With Large English Word Many would wear a hair clip with a famous brand logo or hair clip with a large letter on their head. Putting this type of hair clip would definitely help you to attract people's attention and upgrade your trendy taste.    Photo Source: Pinterest   Photo Source: PinterestSo, which one of these hair clips do you prefer?Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest
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3 Beautiful Shawl Hairstyles, Instantly Enhance Your Appearance | Say goodbye to Immutable Ponytail!

What is your favorite hairstyle? In addition to the ponytail, you may incorporate the shawl hair, then you will find that the whole person will become immortal and beautiful, and your appearance will instantly improve.Today, let me introduce you on how to create 3 unique hairstyles in 3 simple steps! Without further ado, start now~STYLE 1: Ball Shawl HairStep 1: Draw a bunch of hair strands in the direction parallel to the ear tips and wrap them inward with your index finger.Step 2: Then you can wrap it around the center of your hair as you normally would.Step 3: Wind it up to avoid the ball from falling out, and then fix it with a hair loop.STYLE 2: Forest Style Shawl HairStep 1: Separate the hair bundles on both sides of the hair first, and then pull out the hair bundles.Step 2: Tie it up with a hair tie. Step 3: Finally, turn the hair bundles on both sides of the hair inward, and put the hair loops across each other.STYLE 3: Fairy Style Shawl HairStep 1: Tie a bundle of hair in the upward direction from the tip of the ear, then turn this bunch of hair inward and tighten.Step 2: Then you can repeat the same action and tie it twice to form a super layered princess hairstyle.Step 3: Finally, just loosen the hair to create a fluffy feeling.A beautiful hairstyle can be done in 3 simple steps~ Get rid of the ponytail and be a sweet little princess!Cover Photo: Instagram
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How To Cut Your Own Bangs Perfectly At Home

Most girls love their bangs as bangs make us look younger and more youthful than we actually are. xDYep, bangs are great, until it reaches a certain length that it covers — or worse, poke—your eyes. And since we still can’t get a haircut to get rid of the excessive length, and putting up with the tingling feeling is just not an option, guess we just have to do it ourselves, eh?So, here’s how.Step 1   Photo source: faxingzhanSection out your bangs with a comb and make a triangular shape in the center.Step 2   Photo source: faxingzhanPull the triangular section straight out and position your fingers at where you want to trim. Step 3   Photo source: faxingzhanKeep your bangs between 2 fingers, lightly trim across at an angle with scissors.Finally, you gotta check yourself out. Drop down the bangs and see how you did.It is unlikely to fail, but keep in mind that you really need to cut in caution. Good luck trimming!
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Clavicut Hairstyle | The Different Styles That Can Go With This Hairstyle

They said a bad haircut ruin your life, I agree with it.The right hairstyle reflects your physical look directly and makes you look prettier and nicer. Getting a suitable hairstyle, knowing the trend of the year and allowing yourself to become a fashion woman all the time! Today, it’s not about long wavy nor short bob but a new hair trend – Clavicut.Clavicut or collarbone-length haircut is the new hairstyle that you must try in 2020. You may never hear of it, you’ve definitely seen it before as there are many celebrities are rocking with this trending haircut. You can be cute, sexy, cool and even sophisticated.1. Simple yet ElegantThinking about wavy or straight? How about make it natural to enhance your facial appearances. With simple makeup, red lips and natural clavicut, you look just nice.    2. Cute and SweetIf you're at a young age, the cute and fun hairstyle should be in your options. Curve in your hair right at the collarbone or make it wavy with the trendy air bangs.         3. Sexy and SophisticatedDo a messy wavy haircut that could catch people's attention. It looks mature and feminine even you don't have long curly hair.      4. Cool and SwagIf you're itching to go for hair dye, I have some cool hairstyles for you to try. Even girls can look cool and swag without chopping their hair. Go for blonde or highlight, and do a super messy wave on your hair, you'll definitely look attractive.      5. Smart and CasualGo to your office with a sharp haircut! With a suit or blazer and high heels, the long curly fringe will boost up your confidence and maturity. This hairstyle is unique in its fringe which is curved from the hairy root and curved it out at the ends. This will make your face look smaller and younger.  I hope these collections can inspire you to change your hairstyle and transform into a fashionable woman in 2020. Try this low-maintenance hairstyle that actually works on everyone and see it for yourself!
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Your Hair is Part of Your Style | Here’re the Benefits of Changing Hair Regimen

Other than facial care, hair care is also important because it would affect the impression people would have about us. So, how could we improve the look of our hair? Changing the hair regimen is the solution. This method is particularly if you’ve done something radical with your hair, like color-treated it, cut it all off, or chemically changed it. Here are five benefits of changing your hair regimen.1. Fewer Tangles to Brush Out  If you’re not using formulas based on natural oils for your hair, you’re missing out. Natural oils will make your hair look shinier and feel softer to the touch. You can use natural oils in a number of ways — as a leave-in conditioner, pre-shampoo conditioning treatment or a detangler.2. Healthy Looking Hair  Are you always using heated tools to style or wash your hair every single day? Both heat and frequent washes would ultimately lead to hair breakage because the hair becomes dull and brittle over time. If you baby your hair, it can grow to longer lengths so try to set your hair under less stress.3. Hair Looks Shiny and Bouncy 24/7   If your hair is damaged, restore the softness of hair with a nourishing hair mask. Some have a higher density of oils and humectants, which enhance the look of shine, bounce for healthier looking hair.4. Less Frizz Than Usual  Putting constant stress on hair such as wearing hair in a ponytail may damage the area where the band is tightly woven around your hair. Hence, it is better to change it up for your hair. Pulling your ponytail back can even damage the hairs that frame your face, causing extra frizz. Wear it loose more often than not to avoid hair breakage.There you have it, ladies! Your hair is also part of your style, so take good care of your hair and style it confidentially!
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The good way to use Eucalyptus Oil that will make your life more eco-friendly

For centuries, eucalyptus oil has been know to be beneficial oil, it is widely use against respiratory illness and coughs. You may find most of the cough medications' active ingredients have eucalyptus oil in it. However, others than being useful in relieving coughing, eucalyptus oil are so much more useful than it. If you have eucalyptus oil at your home, you may find the below article useful and if you do not have one, i suggest you to definitely get one. Toilet disinfectant: Mix 25ml of eucalyptus oil with 500ml of water.  Sprinkle the sides of the toilet bowl to use it as toilet disinfectant.Floor cleaner: Add about 25 drops of eucalyptus oil to a bucket of hot water, and use them to mop the floor. Extra: you may also add some white vinegar. Room air freshener: Mix about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil with half tablespoon of vodka, put it in a spray bottle and add waters. Spray it around you room to make a decent air freshener for your room. Pest deterrent: Use eucalyptus oil to wipe place that prone to appear insects like ants and cockroaches. You may also put 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball and place it at the areas where the insects usually appear. Soon, you will see them move out quickly. Adhesive remover: If you have problem with removing sticker or decal residue from glass ( like those car registration stickers that never came off completely), eucalyptus oil can be used undiluted to remove them. Anti-dust mites: Add about 20 drops of eucalyptus oil to your washing cycle when washing linen, towels, blankets or pillows to remove those annoying dust mites that affect your sleeping quality as well as worsen your skin condition.   Prevent or remove mould: Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil with a cup of hot water, then use it to wipe down the area that are prone to mould. As you can see, eucalyptus is a surprisingly versatile essential oil, it can be so useful in so many way and it also work like a charm in a eco-friendly way. Let's make some move to the environment and do some D.I.Y this weekend? 
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